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G in which Monty gets the King of Cups reversed The reader gives both the straight interpretation and the reversed interpretation the former describes Percy the later Monty The primary female character is the intelligent independent feminist Felicity The Lady s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy the next book in the series is hers and looks just as intriguing Together the three characters work spectacularly well they are diverse and will all appeal to different peopleAs for the story well the idea of a grand tour appeals to me I m going to be honest I didn t see the ending coming I guess the signs were there but they aren t screaming at ou It is a tremendous amount of fun conveying all the enjoyment that could be had by a Sami et Julie CE1 Sami et Julie font des crpes young adult on their grand tour The writing is witty and paced well never falling into a rut It is also uotable because t is so funny and relatable Monty and Percy have a conversation fairly early on that deals with Monty s abuse his father and the impact it is having on him that 3 page conversation is possibly one of my favourite passages in the book It is honest and brutal and the core of their whole deal It is fantastic writing The sectioning by location was a very clever way to break the book up at over 500 pages it isn t small but the sections make targeted reading easy The inclusion of brief notes on the grand tour politics epilepsy race relations in eighteenth century Europe and ueer culture was intelligent helpfulI m going to refer to this in public as my purple pride or team purple book from now on Purple is the colour of epilepsy awareness and has extremely strong meaning in the bisexual community Gentleman s Guide flies the flag for both camps without fear and tells aoung audience it is okay Deliciously Ella entre amis you aren t broken there are othersIt is so easy to see why The Gentleman s Guide to Vice and Virtue has had so much praise it is well written historical fiction foroung adults dealing with a medical condition and diverse sexuality This is one for the epileptics to read and enjoy La vie sexuelle de Tintin you will see something ofourself and for anyone who wants to try to understand There is definitely something here for historical fiction fans too Ms Lee has done a wonderful job with her research while making it so readable I felt this book didn t start well and I wondered if I d made a bad choice but it uickly improved into an action packed adventure Set in the early 1700 s this novel follows two highborn The Spinster and the Rake (Never a Wallflower, young men best friends I think of about 18 20ears of age and the Not You Its Me (Boston Love, younger sister of one of them on a Grand Tour of Europe as they did in that period Very enjoyable reading though the first couple of pages almost put me off The seuel to this book is next on my reading list This book was everything that I hoped it would be and I read it alongside listening to the audiobook and let me tellou Christian Coulson can talk to me with that gorgeous voice of his all day and I will never grow tired of itThe story itself was amazing An adventure A romance It had pirates It made me so happy to see such a wonderful bi character in Monty There was also gay rep and I m certain there was a sexual rep which I hope will be made clear in The Lady s Guide to Petticoats #and Piracy There was a strong female a character with epilepsy one #Piracy There was a strong female a character with epilepsy one the main trio was a POC and I don t think this book took a single wrong step It s tied with Strange The Dreamer as my favourite book of 2017I ve got so much praise for this book I might even read it again soon I cannot wait for the next adventure Let s be honest this is very much my kind of book I d been excited for this book to come out for months and I was absolutely terrified that the reality would end up a disappointment I couldn t have been wrong if anything this book exceeded even my impossibly high expectations I gotta admit that I m a complete sucker for fun historical fiction featuring an LGBT protagonist and frankly there s just not enough of it But this novel is many things it s fun but it s serious it s wild but it s thoughtful it s sweet but it s dangerous Monty our protagonist is at times a bit of an idiot but never does he stop being utterly endearing even without seeing the dimples one can almost sense their presence The established relationship with Percy and the developments it makes throughout the book are kicky heel good and the discussion of racial and sexuality issues at the times shows Lee s background in history and affinity for research And despite the male centric cast the strong and

Smart Felicity Is A Wonderfully 
Felicity is a wonderfully female character to come out of a book set in the 18th century Reading this I often found myself turning pages far too late into the night unaware of the time passing as I was so engrossed in it I would say the only issue I had with it was the fact that Monty s complete ignorance of the stigmas Percy faced as a person of colour was never really dealt with or resolved but perhaps that was the point to highlight their differences despite coming from the same elite class Unsure In short this is now one of my absolute favourite books and I think I m going to go and read it again Like right no. One last hedonistic hurrah and flirt with Percy from Paris to Rome But when one of Montys reckless decisions turns their trip abroad into a harrowing manhunt it calls into uestion everything he knows including his relationship with the boy he adoresWitty dazzling and intriguing at every turn The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue is an irresistible romp that explores the undeniably fine lines between friendship and loveDon't miss Felicity's adventures in The Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy the highly anticipated seuel. ,

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Acter development a treasure hunt pirates gay and bi characters diverse characters and a strong willed hellcat of a womanThe entire novel is a couettish rogue that seduces Traces et indices d'oiseaux. Pistes, nids, plumes, crnes... you from the momentou begin readingI adore the history in this book that sets the scene without being at all stilted or boring I love particularly that we get to see what is probably an extremely realistic account of hormonal ass drunk teens during the period and all the amazingly fun and misadventures that followThe characters are wonderful Monty is an arrogant privileged rogue but it s all part of his lovable charm He has trials and torments that he needs to face he misses the signs that are right in front of him and in his own innocent ignorance his mouth gets him into all sorts of trouble But it s Monty s witty rambling very heartfelt and at times naive narrative that really won me overLucky for me as well or else we might never have met and then what would have been the point of my lifeI love that Monty isn t ashamed of who he is or who he fancies but that it s others who have the problem He isn t actually afraid to express himself and I love that about himI ve always been of the mind that subtlety is a waste of time Fortune favors the flirtatious And by now if Percy doesn t know how I feel it s his own damn fault for being thickIn case ou hadn t guessed by now this is a story with many themes It s a love story a coming of age story a story of friendship of loyalty of overcoming fears and oppressionRather it is simply the tale of how two people can be important to each other their whole lives and then one morning uite without meaning to one of them wakes to find that importance has been magnified into a sudden and intense desire to put his tongue in the other s mouthI can t stop uoting this bookPercy is Monty s best friend and he s the epitome of sweetness He s loyal steadfast and I want him to be my best friendPercy had avenged me when no one else would look me in the eyesThen there s Felicity An amazing heroine who I was so excited to find out has a book of her very own coming out later this ear YAY Felicity is sassy intelligent sharp and unafraid to be herself She also incidentally delivers one of my favourite lines in this entire book Ladies haven t the luxury of being sueamish about blood she replies and Percy and I go fantastically red in unisonNo they do notThe adventure that these three unlikely heroes undertake is packed full of hilarious moments like this Which is how I come to be running through the gardens of the Palace of Versailles dressed only as Nature intendedI really need help I told ou I couldn t stop uoting this bookAlongside fight scenes lots of almosts lingering touches longing glances near misses and near kisses and through it all Monty s beautiful touching narrative that takes this story to new heights and depthsWe are not broken things neither of us We are cracked pottery mended with lacuer and flakes of gold whole as we are complete unto each other Complete and lacuer and flakes of gold whole as we are complete unto each other Complete and and so very lovedIf No Major Plot Spoilers But I Do Discuss So Character Traits That Are Not Included In The Blurb Read On At Own PerilWhat do ou want me to say Yes I m ill I m an epileptic that s my lotIt isn t easy and it isn t very enjoyable but this is what I ve got to live with This is who I am and I don t think I m insane I don t think I should be locked up and I don t think I need to be cured of it for my life to be good Percy NewtonFirst off I need to say I am epileptic and what convinced me to add this to my theoretical I must read this asap like esterday list was one of the characters epileptic status I have never read a book with epilepsy featuring as anything other than a throwaway thing or a strict hurdle to be overcome never read it as a key plot point This is an accurate representation of life with epilepsy the feelings the emotions the hiding in my reading because lord knows not much has changed since the 1700s no cure and we can still be social pariahs It is so important for all people to have some sort of mirror a way to see themselves in fiction when needed While The Gentleman s Guide to Vice and Virtue isn t perfect as a representation of how an epileptic feels even now it is a masterclass For that alone it deserves and gets 5 starsMoving on to brilliance I m all for bisexuality in fiction and the problematic protagonist and narrator is bisexual with his main interest being male The whole story is his redemptive arc But his starting point the insulting sexist rake is a bit much Though very much of the time I guess His shining lights are his devotion to his loved ones his humour the goblin and honestly his abused past His past is a huge part of who he is why he is the way he is and sadly something that people might relate to and see another way Percy is also relatable a half caste what is the correct term for that epileptic orphan though to an entirely different #Set Of People And He #of people and he as a reminder to be ourself than be better Monty and Percy are two sides of the same coin or tarot card as is the case During the course of the book there is a tarot readin. Rous Thingauthor Mackenzi LeeSimon vs the Homo Sapiens Agendameets the 1700sHenry Monty Montague doesnt care that his roguish passions are far from suitable for the gentleman he was born to be But as Monty embarks on his grand tour of Europe his uests for pleasure and vice are in danger of coming to an end Not only does his father expect him to take over the familys estate upon his return but Monty is also nursing an impossible crush on his best friend and traveling companion PercySo Monty vows to make this Kojiki yearlong escapade. A beautiful romp through 18th century Europe Simultaneously hilarious heartbreaking it thankfully all comes together happily by the end The moral notes do come across a little strong at times a black man a gay man a woman walk into a bar it sounds like the beginning of a horrible non joke but I d rather have an author who includes these characters than be stuck readinget another story about perfect privileged white peopleOnly complaint is around the main character s lack of agency There were a bunch of times when I really wanted Monty to sit up and act But I can understand how that didn t really fit into his characterAll up a solid 4 stars solid recommendation uick witted sweet funny one moment and heart wrenching the next One of the best books I ve read this The Ultimate EU Test Book Administrators 2020 year I loved this book so much First up the humour is wicked I laughed out loud so many times I lost count I adored the relationship between Monty and Percy SO MUCH So much I have a hangover and wish I could see what happened to them next Their characters were well developed and I thought the arcs were well executed and I felt for all the characters The sister was brilliant as a secondary character tooThe reason this is 4 stars instead of 5 is for a couple of reasons I think it was a little slow in places I also thought the ending was rushed and would have liked a bit of an epilogue The climax of the main relationship while resolved doesn t feel 100% satisfactory because it s resolved and then the book ends abruptly There s not enough closure for meI love the world building and historical setting I thought some of the political and racial issues in the book were well done though they made me slightly uncomfortable because of how they played out Though these would be true to that eraI thought the exploration of the character s sexuality was brilliant Particularly brilliant given the era and setting of the novelThis book is so close to 5 stars I adored it and would highly recommend this to anyone after a good uality story This was a fun rollicking story that had the potential to be great Unfortunately it just fell short which I believe was due in large part to the editing Things like tense changes sentence fragments and jarring word choices eg water scraping a thread of hair etc prevented me from immersing myself in the story The pacing was a bit one note too so the final showdown was no tense than the first It was also obvious that the author was from the US the proper British dialogue was peppered with American slang which stuck out a mileDespite these complaints it was an enjoyable read overall I wish the editor had been thorough but it s worth a read ifou enjoy the genre Well written adventure story with some captivating themes Monty was possibly a bit too flawed for too long for my personal taste His only draw card was that I was supposed to feel sorry for him and I did but I wanted from him I guess Felicity w It s never a good sign when a few days after finishing a book I m struggling to remember what it was about in order to do it justice in a review The Gentleman s Guide to Vice and Virtue is one of those books unfortunately It s entertaining enough and I enjoyed reading it but it also suffered from a main character who is to me anyway usually annoying than charming and a tendency to throw everything but the kitchen sink in to the plot just in caseThe basic premise is that our main character Monty is about to depart on his Grand
Tour In The Way That 
in the way that well heeled oung men of the Regency period were wont to do in his case accompanied by his best friend and unreuited love interest Percy They ve also been given the task of depositing Monty s sister at a finishing school on the way and given strict instructions about what they can and can t do Likewise at the end of their time together Percy is supposed to be going off to university in Holland and Monty is already bemoaning that separationAfter Monty follows his dick into trouble in Paris as well as proving himself to be than a little light fingered trouble starts to follow them The trio end up separated from their chaperone and on the run as well as a few things about Percy coming into the open This is where for me the plot starts to go off the rails a bit and the author really should have considered not throwing twelve plot ideas into the book just in caseI almost gave this book 3 stars instead of 4 because of Monty who is pretty much insufferable most of the time It s rescued By The Character Of Felicity Who Has the character of Felicity who has the common sense her brother lacks while Percy still remains a bit two dimensional at times Anyway apparently there s another book which follows on from this one but from Felicity s point of view The Lady s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy due out later in 2018 By Jove this book was goodI had no idea what to expect from The Gentleman s Guide to Vice and Virtue except #That I D Seen #I d seen many people raving about how great it wasThis book uite literally has everything in it I could ask for grand adventure love friendship sibling rivalries sass wit mystery deception intrigue slow burn romance beautiful British humour char. A Kirkus Prizenominee and Stonewall Honor winner with 5 starred reviewsA New York Times bestseller Named one of the best books of 2017 by NPR and the New York Public LibraryThe ueer teen historical ou didnt know was missing from Islamic Dynasties A Chronological and Genealogical Handbook Islamic Surveys your lifeTeen VogueA stunning powerhouse of a storySchool Library JournalA gleeful romp through historyALA BooklistAoung bisexual British lord embarks on an unforgettable Grand Tour of Europe with his best friendsecret crush An 18th century romantic adventure for the modern age written byThis Monst.

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