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S on how to get Rob to get over his boss But anyone can tell that is not going to work haha I wish I had to say about this book It didnt have anything that really grabbed my attention either uintin did come off as a great dad who even though he was a young If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song father stood up and raised Rob as a single dad holding off on his wants and needs to ensure his son had everything AudioBook ReviewStars Overall 4 Narration 4 Story 4I love improbable andantastical premises in romance the ability to dive into another person s life and experiences with situations that I would never encounter in my uiet Little Life Even Interesting And life Even interesting and or me are the stories that take an almost credible situation and spin it into a story that is engaging well told and has moments of laugh out loud humor Elaine Raco Chase has managed to check off all those little boxes in this story cleverly narrated by Sheila Book Stephanie Stevie is a woman who worked diligently to make it in the boy s club world of Nashville Music producing A mailroom intern lost in the throes of his Ready for Summer first major crush has brought hisather to confronting her about her lascivious intentions While Stevie is understandably distraught at the negative attention she also is aware that this is a phase Cyberselfish A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture Of High Tech for the boy if only theather will see aware that this is a phase A coerência textual for the boy if only theather will see A cockeyed plan is hatched to break the teen s crushyet all is never uite that simple More suited to the Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller father than the teen son Stevie s thoughts and attraction is turned to theather electricity is clearly defined and the steam rampant in the latter half of the story Sheila Book is the narrative voice in this story and she manages to incorporate small tempo and pacing changes with minor pitch inflections to narrate the story Additionally interior monologues are treated with an open room echo effect that distinguishes the perspective I m slightly torn about the techniue it took several instances Dogs Behaving Badly for it not to become a jarring change in the listen but once acclimated the distinction was clear andelt natural I ve repeatedly asserted that Chase writes a First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There fabulous dialogue that is loaded with witty repartee clever comebacks andeels completely natural There is no lack of that skill in this story with dialogue that ping pomgs back and orth between the speakers incorporating snarky and smart responses double entendre and several moments or processing April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers for both parties These are purelyun and light romances that are heavy on description and scene establishment solid char. She president of one of Nashville's most prestigious talent management irms inspired a teenage employee's mad crush then yielded to his devastating ather with such abandon Rashly she agreed to uintin. ,

Acter building and sexual tension and engagement that adds steam and substance to a very enjoyable listenI received an AudioBook Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome from the authoror purpose of honest review I was not compensated or this review all conclusions are my own responsibility Really great book I loved it Just goes to show you that you need to listen before you cause a scene in public Did not inish Just couldn t stand itWARNING SpoilerThe H is both a tough guy and a softy softie In one moment he couldn t stand itWARNING SpoilerThe H is both a tough guy and a softy softie In one moment he shouting and yelling not willing to listen to the h and in the next he is running to her door almost crying about something is teenage son said to him still angry at her or what she supposedly did at the same time but thinking she is the only one who can help him BIIIIIG They come up with these plans to make the son all out of love with Stevie but they don t work The h can t go through with one particular plan and instead of telling the H so she goes into hiding not answering her phone mobile or the door just sitting in a rocking chair behaving like a lunatic Total logical I do this all the time The H barges in asking Space Kid for an explanation they argue and then end up declaring their loveor each other andwell at this time I decided to not waste my time any even though there was a love scene coming up Me putting down a book right before a love scene says pretty much how bad this book isAnother thing The author is obsessed with colours I ve never ever read a book with so many colours I mean if you describe a person or a room or a landscape of course you Would Expect Colours With The Description Or If An Emotion expect colours with the description Or if an emotion the eye colour you would mention that But this here Every second time the h s eyes came up they re described as hazel After the Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town fourth time I was like OK I get it she has hazel eyes The same with her auburn hair Next mauve lips mauve nail polish Red or pink ok But mauve That colour is so exotic to me it put me out of thelow of the story But we are not inished taupe shadowed eyelids ivory tinted makeup base I had to look up what taupe looks like finished taupe shadowed eyelids ivory tinted makeup base I had to look up what taupe looks like again a break Bisue colored polish I m sorry what Are you sure that is a colourI ve read about half of the story and counted 35 in my opinion different colours Right 35 You don t believe me Amber auburn beige bisue black blue bronze brown burgundy camel chestnut cinnamon copper gold gray green hazel ivory magenta mauve navy peach pink plum poppy red red red gold rose rust sprangled red sand taupe tawny titian yellow white. 's desperate plan to encourage Rob hoping he'd soon grow bored But their dangerous charade soon backfired when she ound herself trapped between them wanting them both one as a son the other as a lover. Calculated RiskLet me preface this by saying that I LOVE anything that deals with music This is the Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water first book that I have read that deals with the producingmanagement side of it This book was HOT I absolutely loved the plot of it being tied up between a 17 year old boy and hisather I loved the ear the sadness the love the compassion that this book showed Elaine Raco Chase is such an amazing author and comes up with the best stories ever I love how this book has The Steamy Scenes In steamy scenes in that do not go too Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse far over the top Such an amazing read Again Elaine Raco Chase has out done herself I just loved this book I was hooked at the situation between uintin Rob and Stephanie The ways to try and sort out this situation never seem to work I laughed so much the love story was just complicated but beautifulI highly recommend this book to all AwesomeLoved itGreatunny read Awesome Story Loved this bookIt will make you laugh You will love it Troubled Waters fromront to backBut it read it This was unny and entertaining uintin accuses Stevie of having a relationship with his son a teenage employee that she barely knows Rob the teen in uestion has "a huge crush on his boss and Dad hatches a plot to make his son "huge crush on his boss and Dad hatches a plot to make his son of her Of course Dad and the boss end up alling in love in the process Neither wants to hurt Rob They both have visions of teen suicide and runaways and are afraid their relationship will push him over the edge so they sneak around behind his back Sort of a silly plot but it is unny Stevie s dates with Rob are hilarious The narrator does a great job with it Very enjoyable I don t really choose a book rom reviews and A Good Job To Otherwise good job to otherwise would never had read this booki loved this book by Elaine Raco Chase i loved the the characters Stevie stephanie and uint uintin it all starts when uint has strong words with stevie thinking she was seeing his 17 yr old son Rob will i won t spoil the story or you i ll just say OMG it get very HOT and STEAMY i really enjoyed this book and will be looking out or books by this Author Great Book I am so glad I have been picking up Elaine Raco Chase books they are all so great She definitely knows how to write a page turnerThis book is sexy unny and ast paced This book was pretty weird Owls: Birds of the Night for me I havent read any books where there is a teenager who is in love with an adult woman And then that woman ends up in love with hisather Like what It just didnt seem like a traditional romance book Stephanie and uintin come up with the worst idea. SONS AND LOVERSShortly after uintin Ward Formed into her office to accuse her of leading his teenage son astray an overwhelming attraction drove Stephanie Brandt into the brash stranger's arms How had. .