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O Sweden We hear about his involvement in the Manhattan Project and his failed fforts towards international control over nuclear weapons *My sense is that the author is much too deferential to these fforts In her *sense is that the author is much too deferential to these fforts In her Bohr was the wise sage Churchill an old reactionary and if only roosevelt would have lived the cold war might would have lived the Cold War might have happened But the possibility of nuclear cooperation with the Russians is one where Churchill not Bohr was the Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival expert The historical record available since this book was written seems to confirm the hawks here There was no possibility of a deal that Stalin would agree to that would have preserved the liberty of Western EuropeOverall I consider this a good biography of a fascinating subject I would havenjoyed a longer book there was a great deal that could have been covered and wasn t I might also have enjoyed a recent book niels son aage bohr a recent book Niels son Aage Bohr the Nobel Prize for physics in 1975 after this biography was written I imagine a recent writer would have talked about the father son relationship Having a child win a Nobel Prize is perhaps not uite as impressive as inventing uantum mechanics but it s a considerable achievement and it would be nice to hear about what Niels was like as a father. K to participate in the anti Nazi movement; and at war's nd when he worked toward a vision of a world free from the dangers of nuclear warRuth Moore is a science feature writer for the Chicago Sunday Times She is the author of several popular science books including Man Time and Fossils The Story of Evolution and Charles Darwin A Great Life in Bri.

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Ple at the Solvay conferences Bohr was able to refute Einstein s clever thought xperiments in near real time at least once Einstein had a clever proposal that seemed to defy the uncertainty principle and Bohr was able to use Einstein s own General Relativity to refute him the next dayUnlike Einstein Bohr had a dominant social influence on physics Bohr made Copenhagen into the place for physics Just about verybody who was anybody in theoretical physics between 1925 and 1940
spent time at 
time at Institute for Physics in Copenhagen He was an inspired administrator a wise gentle and pleasant leader and a superb research advisor Just about verybody knew Bohr and he was a key node in the informal network that disseminated discoveries He knew or less verything that was happening and was in a position to valuate compare and synthesize This book is a general one volume biography of Bohr The author clearly approves of her subject BUT JUST ABOUT EVERYBODY IN PHYSICS APPROVED OF BOHR just about Desire in Seven Voices everybody in physics approved of Bohr technical details are sufficient that I learned things but the particularmphasis is on Bohr s involvement in politics We hear a lot about Bohr s decision to stay in Denmark in the run up to the war and the occupation and his later decision to flee Odern picture of the atom in 1913 for which he won the Nobel Prize in 1922 the book covers his creation of one of the most productive research institutes of the modern period It also describes his less well known political work before and during World War II when Bohr first helped colleagues scape from Italy and Germany and then returned to Denmar.
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Niels Bohr The Man His Science and the World They Changed