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A who want to marry are stymied on their wedding day by a ealous local baron who threatens a cowardly priest into refusing to marry them Set against all odds Renzo and Lucia go their separate ways after a series of unfortunate events seems bound to keep them apart forever And as I mention below there are some phenomenal hidden treasures which pop out at you during the tale such as the real Federigo Borromeo Cardinal of Milan the conversion of the Unnamed finely drawn character descriptions for connoisseurs of the art as well as some delightful comic relief Truly an epic storyToday s reader might prefer this to be edited but I would The Barefoot Girl: A Novel of St. Margaret, Patroness of the Abused just encourage them to listen to it in its entirety Yes there are some rather overlong parts but I would not remove a word Bravo Mr Manzoni Risorgimento risord i mento meaning the Resurgence or revival was the political and social movement that consolidated different states of the Italian peninsula into the single state of the Kingdom of Italy in the 19th century September 19 2018 This book has turned out to be so much than I ever ever expected The premise did not sound very complicated but the history of the era is what gives it such a richness It is also much longer than I thought still readingAugust 13 2018 In this month s Magnificat August 2018 there was an article How the Church Has Changed the World A Man of Rebirth describing a scene from Betrothed which though fictional relates an actual historical event in the life of Federigo Borromeo Cardinal of Milan 1564 1631 Reading that made me want to re start Manzoni s book previously downloaded Had set it aside as slow going now I am determined This novel is hated by many generations of ItaliansPoor Alessandro Manzoni He s not to blame for the bad reputation of his book The moronic Italian educational system is the only guilt of the assassination of I Promessi Sposi in most of its readers Just consider this in Italy we study this novel at primary school at secondary school and at high school Every single time restarting from its beginning Therefore it s pretty obvious that I Promessi Sposi becomes one of the worst nightmares of every young Italian pupil I don t know why things don t change Teachers and professors are simply obliged to include this novel in their programmesust like their students are forced to learn whole in their programmes ust like their students are forced to learn whole of the book being uestioned on them Nevertheless I Promessi Sposi is a very good intense and some times cinematic fresco of its own times giving the best and most vivid description ever of the Great Plague in Milan during the 17th centuryIf you haven t been an Italian student I think you have to get a chance to this novel together with Le confessioni di un italiano by Ippolito Nievo which is even better Manzoni s historical novel The Betrothed although not much read today in the English speaking world is considered by many Italians to be the greatest novel written in their language It is indeed a great novel Manzoni building on the simple romantic story of an engaged couple whose scheduled wedding is prevented by the designs of a lustful noble creates a rich many shaded portrait of life in the vicinity of Milan in the early 17th Century featuring war famine plague and riot great crime and sincere repentance selfish and saintly deeds This is one of the least ironic and most compassionate books I have read a book truly Catholic in the best sense of the world in which every character no matter how flawed is seen as a human being working out his destiny in a world that is essentially good God is merciful and His church offers sacramental comfort and absolution to all even for the bloodiest of deeds and the rashest of vows. Vvidenza ma un bene da conuistare anche lottando giorno per giorno con le opere e con il nostro impegn.

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I promessi sposiA marvelous read There are uite a few asides to fill us in on the history of the time the story is set Most are interesting a few go on too long for my taste but not enough to knock even half a star off my rating The book is loaded with great uotes we all know that traditions unless someone lends them a hand never give you the full story If you can get through the first 100 pages of The Betrothed which are entirely plot extremely operatic and full of bumbling intrigues I suspect you will ultimately find it rewarding It concerns two young peasants from a village near Lake Como in 1628 Lorenzo and Lucia who are engaged But a local scoundrel the wealthy and tyrannical Don Rodrigo has taken a shine to Lucia and has his ruffians threaten the priest who is supposed "to conduct the wedding so the wedding is "conduct the wedding so the wedding is and Lucia and Lorenzo both flee in different directions for their personal safety Manzoni interrupts the plot often to give us historical background on wars political intrigues ecclesiastical happenings famine and pestilence sometimes uoting historians directly His tone shifts between comical and tragic some characters are clownish others Entirely Pure Of Heart Some pure of heart some meaning but foolish some wholly evil It reminded me somewhat of Candide although its occasional satirical tone never approaches the pungency of Voltaire sI wanted to know about Gertrude the mysterious Nun of Monza one of the fascinating characters Her story should have been developed view spoiler and she should have popped up again later in the novel Her plotline needed of an arc hide spoiler An all time masterpiece of Italian literature We Italians all study it at school and of course get bored to tears by it unless we find some time to actually read and re read it for our own interest and pleasure perhaps years after graduation day That s when we can truly appreciate the wit the humour the historical and psychological insight the language it s a pity it cannot be conveyed in translations The plot is uite simple and you surely have heard of it if you watch soap operas and the like two young people want to get married but the rich and powerful yet evil ruler of their village got a crush on the girl The couple will have to overcome lots of trouble and adventure in the turmoil of XVII century Northern Italy to fulfill their dream When I began this novel I was not sure whether I would complete it The reason I began it in the wrong time that is when I had many other responsibilities So it could never have served as a gap filler in the days Also a thick volume would entail many days in such a tight schedule I was sure to be discouraged But as the book came in the package and as I began to read it I was immediately fascinated by the characters and the place described I gave it a try now I have completed the book and my responsibilities stare at me LolThis is considered to be an Italian Classic it is a Classic indeed The blurb at the back of the novel states thus Two lovers must face tyrants war riots plague and famine as they struggle to be together in this teeming panorama of seventeenth century Italian life the original historical novel I think that is a great summary of the entire book But it has said hardly anything I mean the experience that the reader Want a wonderfully old fashioned lovingly human and seemingly never ending long romance full of humour pathos and endearingly living and breathing characters with swordplay n chivalry crammed cheek and owl with free wheeling high adventure to curl up with Historical novel set in Italy during the 1600 s It s a long novel that may appeal to some it ust wasn t my cup of tea There s a bit of everythi. Il capolavoro della letteratura italiana riproposto in una chiave che ne chiarisce i profondi contenut. Ng on offer here skullduggery star crossed lovers treachery pestilence and plagueCouldn t say in all honesty that the main characters appealed to me neither Lucy or Renzo Lucy was a bit of a striking violet for my reading taste Still it was listed on the Guardian 1000 list and I m glad that I took THE CHANCE TO READ IT JUST WASN T A chance to read it ust wasn t a that engaged me With all going on in the world it took me a long time to read this novel It is an Italian classics which according to the introduction is not much loved but the Italian children Allegedly they are studying it at least 3 times during their school yearsI ve started it a few weeks ago And during these few weeks it has become unexpectedly and eery topical The last part described an epidemic of plague in Milan in 1630 It seems that not much has changed in the human reaction on the coming threat or in the management of these things by the government and public health authorities The plague has been brought then by the armies moving through the city to fight the war The authorities were warned of a danger But The reasons of interest and prestige which had set the imperial forces in motion were weight than the considerations mentioned by the doctorAs far as the public is concerned they went through the same stages our societies were going recently and still going At The Moment Disbelief the moment disbelief behaviour and ignorance then unfounded terror and in some cases prejudices and trying to find a scapegoat to blame Manzoni says Ignorance often inspires courage at a time for caution and caution in a time for courageBut he also talks about the acts of courage and human sacrifice The one of the characters Father Christoforo is looking after the victims of the plague in lazaretto until his last breathThese scenes at the end of the novel have slightly overshadowed for me that it contains much Also it is not all gloom It ends well hardly a spoiler I really liked the first part of the novel Manzoni writes with the good sense of humour and irony There are even scenes one can laugh atThe plot is really simple A peasant boy wants to marry a peasant girl But a villain aristocrat tries to ruin everything as he makes a bet to have the girl There is a lot of clergy involved both good guys and less good guys The tone is often extremely pious which has put me off a bit The plot is uite didactic as wellHowever the historic analysis Manzoni incorporate in this novel is uite interesting uite likely it tells us about early 19th century when the novel was written than about the 17th century when the novel is set But in any case it is fascinating to find out about such matters like the bread revolts in Milano or how the people communicated remotely when many of them could not write through someone who could and misunderstandings it causedThe article by Economist about this book which is somewhat unfairly under the paywall But there is a limit of the free articles one can use If you are not Italian or a literature major you may not be familiar with Alessandro Manzoni s The Betrothed I Wasn T I wasn t if you aren t a determined reader you might give up on its dense description of seventeen century customs and rigorous lifestyle from a nineteenth century reunification perspective It was an unduly harsh time for Italian peasantry Cycles of plagues grueling poverty starvation existence on unreliable crops nothing even resembling government assistance except inflexibility and intimidation Sometimes the Church and Her sacraments could be relied upon for succor but Her ministers could also be bought or frightened into withholding their services as happened to our hero and heroine in the beginning of this story Renzo and Luci. I cristiani spiega come la fede che anima i suoi personaggi non sia un affidarsi passivamente alla pro.