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I m of two minds about satires of America written by non American authors On the one hand it would seem presumptuous for a foreigner to understand American life enough to mock it but on the other hand it s satire so who cares America is as ood a target as any Torsten Krol a mysterious writer even his publisher apparently knows next to nothing about him has created a uniue protagonist in Odell Deefus who is on his way to enlist in the Army when he walks into some very unlucky circumstances which are exacerbated by Odell s unbelievable idiocy The satire is such that not a sin Can t remember when I last enjoyed a read this much A seeming simpleton is driving through Kansas to enlist when his car breaks down In seeking help thus begins a cascade of events that are by turns hilarious sly and leave you teetering on just how much smarts the protagonist has Armed with a working knowledge of how to cover up your trail through watching CSI this is still a man who has only ever read one book The Yearling sixteen times It s a delightful study in plotting as the author fiendishly manipulates the clues that by turns will betray the crimes committed and then deftly cover them up from discovery And there s a reat study in how the main character allows his thinking process to be swayed by the love of a not so ood woman A delightful criminal romp which ets a bit serious in the last uarter and changes tone accordingly where it also becomes rooted in a serious contemporary issue But by that point I was utterly carried along and charmed I m on the fence with this book Personally I didn t like it The main character #was irritating and made the most simple and stupid mistakes that ended up #irritating and made the most simple and stupid mistakes that ended up into chaos Though I m aware he is supposed to be this way it still irked meHowever it had some amusing and comical moments If this is your kind of book then I recommend it as you may enjoy it Darn it UmmmmSo why is this not famous here

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the US Every should read this dark US Satire I know I did and I loved itI didn t know what to expect but I loved it and if you read my reviews I don t love books very often I loved the idiotic Forest Gump innocent protagonist Very reat portrayal and very believableHe was ignorant and endearing and very charming in a saddening sort of way This book I was wondering why isn t it famous in the US That drove me crazy I found it at a library and I laughed out loud at the very first sentence Very funny hook That s why I checked it out Odell Deefus won my heart over He ll win yours over as well The novel is written with a strong first person narration very stylized but readable I found it hilarious but very dark Some parts of it had me holding my breath this author Running from Strangers got every part of the US down from the racism to the politics of some very igno. Callisto è l'America periferica delle roulotte e delle case prefabbricate degli uomini senza storia e delle voci dei tg della Fox Gli americani di Callisto non riconoscono l'Europa sulla cartaeografica e credono che Osama bin Laden in realtà si chiami Sammy bin La. .

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CallistoL stereotypes but they are remarkably well #Written And Developed Stereotypes The Main Character #and developed stereotypes The main character Deefus as noted on the back cover is the best depiction of a reat American innocent since Forrest Gump For some reason I uess it s because of his manner of speech I kept picturing him as the Kenneth character from TV s 30 Rock even though he is described as very tall and broad sholdered He is just that innocent and literalWhat this is is really a cautionary tale about the dangers of ethnocentric fanatical reactionaries and the nightmare they could turn our
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into or perhaps turned our country into Odell has the misfortune to have car trouble in the middle of Kansas right at the end of a If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai: A Conducted Tour of India gravel driveway which he follows to an isolated house where he seeks help He has no idea how his troubles will increase from that moment on Once he meets the resident of the house Dean Lowry his life uickly descends down a path paved with mistaken identity drug running murder and manslaughter terrorism andeneral confusion He finds himself becoming the personal acuaintance of agents from both the FBI and Homeland SecurityAlternately hilarious and horrifying this story is in the Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects genre of one of my favorite types of movie which I call the downward spiral films Think Fargo or Things to Do in Denver When You re Dead OK not UITE as dark as either of these but once things start spiraling hang on Many surprises and twists and rather a scathing send up of theeneral post 911 paranoia that ripped the US during the previous administration s reign I liked this a lot and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys satire I loved this book Odell is such "A Lovable Relatable Narrator We "lovable relatable narrator We know someone like Odell The plot moves along seamlessly and Odell s descriptions of and reactions to the events unfurling in his life are hilarious and heartbreaking The underlying theme post 911 hysteria and its implications is so incendiary and this novel satirizes the situation so perfectly Odell s story as told by Odell himself is so drenched in his own naivete and kindheartedness that it makes the biting satire seem palatable if you have a problem with biting satire which I don tThe only problem I have is that Odell is meant to be a big dumb hick according to the author However he speaks in metaphors a bit too often for someone of his supposed mental acumen And honestly the author s pseudonym and self created mystery surrounding hisher true identity is irritating and boring Strange book or was it a strange character The two correspond because the first person narrative being one you don t feel you can trust spending a lot of time trying to read between the lines I enjoyed the way the ending tied everything together reasonably simply considering the sometimes outlandish plot lin. Ragitto verso il centro di arruolamento diventa un viaggio allucinante un intrico di omicidi misteri traffici di droga cospirazioni e terrorismo Callisto è una rande invenzione letteraria un thriller apocalittico e divertente che vi terrà davvero con il fiato sospe. Rant peopleIt was an amazing novel It rabbed me from start to finish Torsten Krol did an amazing job Odell was loveable and uirky from his infatuation with Condelezza Rice to his adoration obsession for that awful novel Let me tell you this #Much If You Are A Republican Or #if you are a Republican or here in the US you may not find this book interesting you may hate it but b there s a message but you can t deny it But suck it up That s the beauty of it The War on Terror paranoia sweeping the political heads Wonderful uirky book A little dark in some parts but very true It s happening right now and it isn t fiction Pick this book up you ll be lad you did I didn t know what to expect when I picked up Callisto but this turned out to be the best book I ve read this yearO dell Deefus is not exactly what one would call a enius but he is patriotic and determined to help protect his country from Muslim extremists So with his favorite book in hand he decides to travel to Callisto Kansas to sign up at the recruitment office there O dell s problems start however when his car breaks down and he s forced to stay at the house of Dean Lowry Before he knows it he s embroiled in a murder suspected terrorism plot and is being followed by the FBI not to mention many other unscrupulous charactersOn the surface Callisto is just a comedy that picks fun at the stereotype of the American innocent but Odell is a surprisingly engaging and sympathetic character Despite laughing at his misadventures you
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are rooting for and some of his moments of insight are so simple and clear that they re heartbreaking At the end of the day Odell really does have a heart of old Most importantly for all of the knee slapping hijinks there is a serious and dark undercurrent to Odell s story When he is taken to Guantanamo Bay we et a pointed and scary commentary on Government sanctioned tortureThis is all in all a fantastic read and I strongly recommend it You ll on Government sanctioned tortureThis is all in all a fantastic read and I strongly recommend it You ll you ll cry and at the very least you ll et to read about probably one of the only men to have a crush on Condoleeza Rice Style reminding that of Holsten CaulfieldBook is sheer fun I m on a hot streak with Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow good books and Callisto keeps up myood stretch I read Krol s The Dolphin People in March and enjoyed it Callisto is eually as ood Krol is someone to pay attention to in the future although I wish he wasn t using a fake name for his books That s kind of annoying for some reason Callisto is set mostly in small town Kansas as a simple wit s car breaks down All he wants is to et some water and a ride into town but soon he s drawn into a case and the police FBI media all want to Norte: A Novel get him as he sot murder and terrorism hanging over his head Calli What a reat hilarious dark thought provoking novel Sure the characters are pretty much all tota. DenOdell Deefus è il ventunenne protagonista di Callisto un eroe bifolco che parla un inglese elementare stupido perché nessuno li ha chiesto di non esserlo Folgorato dall'immagine televisiva di Condoleezza Rice decide di unirsi all'esercito americano ma il breve
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