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S tribute to Milan Khundera "s novel The unbearable Lightness of Being When I inished Kundera s novel I had "novel The unbearable Lightness of Being When I inished Kundera s novel I had Apple-Picking Day! feeling of jubilant joy andreshness as if I stood beside a waterfall with patchy greenery surrounding it I never ully understood the reason behind the light eeling I had then Ajax is All About Attack for the novel is an excruciatingly painful one to read But Calvino explains beautifully His novel shows how everything we choose and value in lifeor its lightness soon reveals its true unbearable weight Perhaps only the liveliness and mobility of the intelligence escape this sentence the very ualities with which this novel is written and which belong to a world uite different America the Philosophical from the one we live in With uickness as his second lecture he brings open the secret of a story which is its economy theorm and structure rhythm and underlying logic His love The Northmans Bride (Sons of the North forairytales and olklore and his varied reading of classics have peppered the whole book and he uotes them laboriously to show the agility of thought and expression Like a tangent that strikes an arc and low on its own he touches Galileo Leopardi and mythology and he turns himself into a thread that connects the parallels He also predicts the sure raise of mass media and social media and had the The Northman's Bride foresight to suggest that Conciseness will be the virtue of the new millennia I will confine myself to telling you that I dream of immense cosmologies sagas and epics all reduced to the dimensions of an epigram In Exactitude and Visibility Calvino explores the calculated and well defined symmetry of a work and the beauty and nature of visual imagination respectively Julian Barnes has said Everything you invent is true you can be sure of that Poetry is a subject as precise as geometry It is the same kind of obsession which Calvino exudes His search is to create an art as perfect as a mathematical euation or a geometry To create an orderliness using literature as his medium Literature and I mean the literature that matches up these reuirements is the Promised Land in which language becomes what it really ought to beA work of literature is one of these minimal portions in which the existent crystallizes into aorm acuires a meaning not ixed not definitive not hardened into a mineral immobility but alive as an organism Poetry is the great enemy of chance in spite of also being a daughter of chance and knowing that in the last resort chance will win the battle Both Exactitude and Visibility are also the values which could easily be expected in other arts and most importantly in painting drawing etc Perhaps is it because of the act that Calvino himself was trained in the art of drawing when he was an adolescent and his extraordinary love or movies as a youngster that must have led HIM TO THE LOVE OF FORMS AND COLORSNEXT TO to the love of orms and colorsNext to and uickness my Leading the Way favorite lecture is on Multiplicity No wonder Calvino is inspired by technical engineer background writers like Gadda and Musil and he is also enad by their capacity of excruciating detail He uotes Gadda Musil and Proust all of those authors who never had an endingor their works as a denouement or struggled to have a one something a game which Calvino would like to play in his literary works Isn t it ironic and looks like a divine comedy that this book which stands as his inal legacy must itself remain unfinished although each of the chapters is surrealistically complete and conclusive on its own But perhaps the answer that stands closest to my heart is something else Think what it would be to have a work conceived rom outside the selfa work that would let us escape the limited perspective of the individual ego not only to enter into selves like our own but to give speech to that which has no language to the bird perching on the edge of the gutterTo the tree in spring and the tree in The Single Girl's Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, and His Ex-Wife: Becoming a Stepmother with Humor and Grace fall to stone to cement to place Somewhere else Calvino wrote almost emphatically the less one understands the posterity will appreciate my profundity of thought Inact let me say POSTERITY IS STUPID Think how annoyed they ll be when they read thatPerhaps Calvino might have treated Posterity with less glory and empathy But time the sure hands of which determines the best will always treasure Calvino as an original writer with a voice which movingly spoke When Red Cried Wolf for all that is wonderful in human beingsor all the ages to come and even beyond eternityReferences1 Italo Calvino given the meticulousness and conceptual cohesion of his storytelling is an unsurprisingly lucid theorist as well Among his inal works these ive essays were drawn The World in the Curl: An Unconventional History of Surfing from lectures he he was preventedrom delivering by his death in 1985 each covering a different literary trait he most valued A 6th was never written down Eually ordered and discursive each offers insight into Calvino s writing though much of it this is self evident in the writing as well commentary on literary history and useful notes on areas of consideration that should really be on any writer s mind when beginning a new work Actually Song of the Forest following that prior comment I should say these traits are SO self evident in Calvino s writing that the direct explication of them is almost unneccessary Not that there isn t much to value here but only after you ve already considered works like Invisible Cities and If on a Winter s Night a Traveleror yourself The examples outshine their analysis or any specific analysis or that matte. ?птемри 1985 г точно преди гостуването си в Харвард и преди да е написал шестата лекция Съдържателност Италианското заглавие на книгата е избрано от жена му Естер Калвино а петте готови лекции Лекота Бързина Точност Нагледност и Множественост събрани в това томче са издадени посмъртно през 1988 а и представляват една от най талантливите прочувствени и аргументирани защити на художествената литератур. ,

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Ry nimble he leaped over it and landing on the other side made off and rid himself of them I could write a never ending poem about why this translation which by the way is not mine but taken rom the original English text of Calvino s memos is several light years away A Constellation of Vital Phenomena from the beauty and the elegance that this same passage has in Italian but that s not the point at allI want to leave the interpretation of this uick banter to you because as I myself have recently noticed uotes and witty remarks have a sweeter taste when you taste them only with your mouth without exposing them to the revealing scalpel of a written and thus definitive explanationBut now here it is the uote I promised you at the beginning because no the previous uote still wasn t it that is how Calvino comments this episodeThe sudden agile leap of the poet philosopher who raises himself above the weight of the world shows that with all his gravity he has the secret of lightness and that what many consider to be the vitality of the times noisy aggressive revvy and roaring belongs to the realm of death like a cemeteryor rusty old carsThis is why these essays should be read by everyone and to everyone They should also or other reasons bu I would not be so drastic I think we are always searching or something hidden or merely potential or hypothetical Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights following its traces whenever they appear on the surface I think our basic mental processes have come down to us through every period of history ever since our Paleolithicorefathers who were hunters and gatherers The word connects the visible trace with the invisible thing the absent thing the thing that is desired or Still Life with Chickens feared like arail emergency bridge Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea flung over an abyssCalvino s posthumous lectures are a grand gallop across a cherished earth of letters The Six Memos For The Next Millennium are a celebration of Lightness uickness Exactitude Visibility and Multiplicity the sixth was never written at the time of Calvino s passing The ruminations and citations extendrom Ovid and Lucretius onward through Dante Boccaccio Shakespeare Cyrano Valery Flaubert Musil and especially Borges This is a wonderful construction one without grandiosity but teeming with an organic elouenceWere I to choose an auspicious image Paradox Bound for the new millennium I would choose that one the sudden agile leap of the poet philosopher who raises himself above the weight of the world showing that with all his gravity he ahs the secret of lightness and that what many consider to be the vitality of the times noisy aggressive revving and roaring belongs to the realm of death like a cemeteryor rusty old cars INTERVIEWER What place if any at all does delirium have in your working life ITALO CALVINO Delirium Let s assume I answer I am always rational Whatever I say or write everything is subject to reason clarity and logic What would you think of me You d think I m completely blind when it comes to myself a sort of paranoiac If on the other hand I were to answer Oh yes I am really delirious I always write as if I were in a trance I don t know how I write such crazy things you d think me a ake playing a not too credible character Maybe the uestion we should start rom is what of myself do I put into what I write My answer I put my reason my will my taste the culture I belong to but at the same time I cannot control shall we my neurosis or what we could call "delirium Calvino is a philosopher He has always strived "Italo is a literary philosopher He has always strived provide an alternative view to see through this world and to decipher its beauty and secrets through the mode of imagination and STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare fantasy His mind isew of those which ascinates and asks me to uestion the very possibilities of human intelligence When I inished reading If on a winter s night a traveller and Invisible Cities I was intrigued and thrilled and had a nagging curiosity to understand the working the underlying Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays formula the uest which must have lead the author to write them Six Memosor the next millennium provides me a window to understand the methodology and motivation of Calvino s art and magicReading Calvino is an experience in itself He has the marvelous gift to create at the juxtaposition of science and art the man who wants to combine both This particular book under discussion is a loose speech prepared to be delivered in Charles Eliot Norton Lectures in 1984 They became an obsession and one day he announced to me that he had ideas and material Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All for eight lectures writes his wife Esther Andurther continues to say that the eighth lecture had it been presented would have been On the beginning and the endingof novels But this collection has What a Lass Wants five lectures sixth one unwritten and provides the dissection of Calvino s own works and also an idea of the enormous range of his inspirationsHeads up Calvino places Lightness as theirst value to be discussed As someone whose writings makes the reader to ly it is no surprise that Calvino places this value on top He is uick to make it clear that he is proposing to talk of the lightness which one derives rom intelligence thoughtfulness and not the lightness of Mexican Hooker frivolity Lightnessor me goes with precision and determination not with vagueness and the haphazard and aptly uotes Paul Valery One should be light like a bird and not like a The League for the Suppression of Celery feather Of all the passages which he writes to espouse hisirst value the one that stood close to my heart is hi. ай Октавио ПасЗа първи път се предлага участие на италиански писател и идеята е той да представи заниманията си по възможно най концентрирания и красноречив начин пред студентитеКалвино се заема да пише шест предложения за следващото хилядолетие някои достойнства качества или характерни черти на литературата които са ми особено скъпи в перспективата на новото хилядолетиеПочива от инсулт през с?. Lezioni americane sei proposte per il prossimo millennio Six Memos "For The Next Millennium Italo CalvinoSix Memos For The Next "the Next Millennium Italo CalvinoSix Memos or the Next is a book based on a series of lectures written by Italo Calvino Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery for the Charles Eliot Norton Lectures at Harvard but never delivered as Calvino died before leaving Italy The lectures were originally written in Italian and translated by Patrick Creagh The lectures were to be given in theall of 1985 and Memos was published in 1988 The memos are lectures on the values of literature that Calvino elt were important or the coming millennium At the time of his death Calvino had inished all but the last lecture The Memos The values which Calvino highlights are 1 Lightness 2 uickness 3 Exactitude 4 Visibility 5 Multiplicity All that is known of the sixth lecture is that it was to be on consistency 2009 1387 160 9789642090139 1394 140 9789642132683 20 13051399 English review at the bottomPer spiegarvi perch bisognerebbe leggere uesto saggio a tutti anche a chi di letteratura non gliene importa e non ne mastica user una citazione una soltantoSiamo nella prima lezione Leggerezza ne mastica user una citazione una soltantoSiamo nella prima lezione Leggerezza degli emblemi di uesto valore per Calvino il Cavalcanti protagonista della novella VI9 del Decameron un personaggio silenzioso solitario un personaggio anche che all inizio della novella in uestione sembra molte cose ma non leggero un intellettuale un ilosofo un letterato un giovane che rinuncia volentieri alla vita chiassosa e gaudente della giovent iorentina e preferisce dedicarsi alla riflessione alla meditazione ai libri Tale messer Betto e la sua compagnia allora decidono un giorno di occupare il proprio tempo dando briga al povero Guido che in uel momento passeggia tra i sepolcri di marmo disposti davanti alla chiesa di San Giovanni I giovani cominciano a sbeffeggiarlo sembrano divertirsi anche inch Guido non risponde con delle parole che li spiazzano Signori voi mi potete dire a casa vostra ci che vi piace E Boccaccio continua cos E posta la mano sopra una di uelle arche che grandi erano s come colui che leggerissimo era prese un salto e usi gittato dall altra parte e sviluppatosi da loro se n and L interpretazione di uesta controbattuta deliziosa e la lascio a voi perch come mi capitato recentemente di constatare le battute e le citazioni en passant hanno pi gusto uando le si assaggia solo col pensiero senza adoperare il bisturi del ragionamento scritto che ne suarcerebbe il velo Ma arriviamo cos alla citazione che vi avevo promesso col mio attacco no non era uella la citazione ossia le parole con cui Calvino commenta uesto episodioL agile salto improvviso del poeta ilosofo si solleva sulla pesantezza del mondo dimostrando che la sua gravit contiene il segreto della leggerezza mentre uella che molti credono essere la vitalit dei tempi rumorosa aggressiva scalpitante e rombante appartiene al regno della morte come un cimitero d automobili arrugginiteEcco perch uesti saggi andrebbero letti a tutti e da tutti Anche per tante altre ragioni ma soprattutto per uesta perch Calvino non parla mai di letteratura per la letteratura Parla di letteratura per l oggi Parla di letteratura per me e per i miei coinuilini ingegneri per mia madre che uando sente nominare Dante suda perch le ricorda le interrogazioni al liceo per mio padre medico che da ragazzino voleva leggere ma non poteva Gulp!: The Seven-Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge farlo perch non poteva permettersi i libri per mia sorella ragazzina che i libri pu permetterseli ma pare che non voglia investirci pi tempo di uanto sia decoroso per una giovincella degli anni duemila uando Calvino parla di letteratura parla della mia letteratura della sua letteratura della letteratura di tutti e della letteratura che non esiste e cheorse esister o The Outlaw and the Upstart King forse no lui una buona parola ce l ha messa Parla di una letteratura eterea come profumo e concreta come pane e io lo amouindi gente parliamo un po di letteratura anche noi parliamone senza essere pesanti e senza essererivoli Parliamo di letteratura e acciamo vedere che esser leggeri si pu ed un bene e che ancor meglio se si leggeri pensando Che se ualcuno se lo stesse chiedendo non affatto un ossimoroENGLISH REVIEWIn order to explain you why everybody should read this book even those who about literature don t care and don t understand a thing I ll use a uote just one uoteWe are in the irst of the lectures or memos according to the title Lightness According to Calvino one of the most effective symbols of this value is the character of Guido Cavalcanti he s an Italian poet of the XIII century he really existed but be aware that here Calvino s talking about the Standing By: The Making of an American Military Family in a Time of War fictional character whom weind in the ninth story of the sixth day in Boccaccio s Decameron Cavalcanti is uiet solitary he seems many things but at least at the beginning of the story he does not seem light uite the opposite he s an intellectual a philosopher a man of letters a young man who rather than spending his time with the boisterous Florentine youth prefers devoting himself to his studies and his meditations So one day Messer Betto and his company see Guido walking meditatively among the marble tombs placed in ront of the church of San Giovanni in Florence and they decide to have a little un of him Guido s reply Stories for a Kindred Heart: Over 100 Treasures to Touch Your Soul floors them Gentlemen you may say anything you wish to me in your own home And that s how Boccaccio s goes on Then resting his hand on one of the great tombs and being ve. През юни 1984 г Итало Калвино е официално поканен от Харвардския университет за лекционната поредица Чарлз Елиът Нортън Става въпрос за цикъл от шест лекции които се изнасят в рамките на една академична година за Калвино това трябва да бъде 19851986 Традицията на Нортъновите лекции започва от 1926 г и преди Калвино за тях са канени творци от порядъка на Т С Елиът Игор Стравински Хорхе Луис Борхес Нортръп Фр.