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Iend and we really got close and understood each other on a deeper level However it wasn t really romantic it was ust different without strings and objectively easy because that friend could give you another perspective of things from your life because he doesn t know you in person hence he isn t subjective The book was because he doesn t know you in person hence he isn t subjective The book was Against northern wind or originally Gut gegen Norwind and it was about two people that met each other on Internet accidentally when Emmi tried to cancel newspapers online That s when she got an answer from Leo saying that she has wrong email adress Bingo The story begins In a form of emails It was really great and funny light and sweet Leo was so good with words such a depth and wisdom metaphors sometimes I didn t even know what he meant to say and got you thinking Emmi was sweet but not happy in her life or marriage and then comes LeoAnd after a year or maybe two I find out there is a seuel What could Daniel possibly say after that specific ending I was curious so I read the second book What to say It was good and short but I would stay with the first ending Leo how I like that man He s amazing I don t like seuels Usually What about Alle sieben Wellen the seuel to Gut gegen Nordwind Is it the exception to the rule I m finding it hard to make my mind up I d love to say yes yes yes but there is a slight tendency towards a clear noAs the end of Gut gegen Nordwind was tough but in my opinion absolutely perfect I started reading the follow up with mixed feelings Before I continue I better let you know what happens in both no Every Seventh Wave is

"a seuel to "
seuel to both no Every Seventh Wave is a seuel to the Love Virtually I loved Love Virtually It was fun uirky bittersweetall those wonderful ingredients that make a rom com pop It had a great ending Sort of open ended that left a lot up to the reader s imagination and really left me wanting However beware what you wish for as sometimes is not what a book needs This seuel was so disappointing It felt so uninspired Plot lines and devices used in the first book that once felt so fresh now felt tired The story lacked the originality of the first because it attempted to repeat or at least model itself in its image the characters never grew or didn t seem to learn anything from the exchanges they shared in book one Where character flaws were cute and uirky in Love Virtually here they uickly grew tiresome and irritating The whole plot line felt as if the main characters were stuck running inside one of those constantly moving hamster wheels Where Love Virtually was a uick and snappy read this one ust dragged and took me daaaaaaaaaaays to force myself to finish Sadly for me this book was a letdown and I wish I had let the story of Emmi and Leo end with Love Virtually one star. Ve de Boston tras poco menos de un año En casa lo esperan noticias de Emmi Rothner Ambos se dan cuenta de ue sus sentimientos no han cambiado y piensan ue uizá deberían verse una vez en persona Pero Leo ha empezado una relación y Emmi sigue casada. Alle sieben WellenI ust couldn t stop reading one of my favorite books of course it was going to end like this A great seuel to Love Virtually In Love Virtually I didn t manage to like neither Emmi nor Leo But now they got to closer to me They finally meet and this experience gives sparks to their emails The title is perfect and completely symbolizes the essence of the story beautiful Story Love it Even than the essence of the story beautiful Story Love it Even than previous one Because because it s that much open appealing everything And although it s a seuel this seems like a completely different story New Yes there s Emmi And Leo Yes they are kind of moving on Yes here s another roller coaster trip full of emotions dreams everything and anything you ve been hoping for and even than thatAnd yes I disliked the ending of Gut gegen Nordwind but it was for the best And maybe The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness just maybe this feels even better because of it Now that I think about it this was written by a man Like a real male man Well thank you Mr Glattauer twice for making me believe there are still those Leo kind of guys out there I needed that And wouldn t mind meeting one of them Or even better e mailing with one of themI enjoyed reading this book Really truly immensely enjoyed Wouldn t change a single thing not even one letter about it Everything was isust as it should be Perfect aaaaaaawwwwI had no idea if the author would be able to create a book as good as the first one and right now I m not sure if we can actually compare them since they re both so very differentContra el viento del norte truly is an amazing book it s cleverly written and the ending is The Leadership Gap just genius it makes the book twice as goodAnd now this second book wasust as funny witty frustrating sad and so much in the end I think you actually can t compare them for me it s like they both make ONE story the first book was incomplete the characters didn t have any kind of closure and Cada siete olas gives that to usTruly a roller coaster of emotions This is the second installment of Gut gegen Nordwind in my opinion objectionably translated Love Virtually in English It s a real pity because I believe a great deal of the book s personality is transmitted in the title which is beautiful in its original languageI read both novels several years ago almost in one sitting and forgot about them till this summer when I stumbled upon them by chance One book can t be read without the other and they need to be read in order As I started to browse the pages and read a sentence here and there to be read in order As I started to browse the pages and read a sentence here and there realized I kept on reading till the end of each page and onto the next and the next and a whole chapter was finished and I didn t want to stopSo considered forewarned These are extremely addictive novels and once you start you might have the urge to finish. Nunca habíamos estado tan cerca y al mismo tiempo tan lejos1 ¿Ya conoces a Emmi Rothner y a Leo Leike Entonces es ue has leído Contra el viento del norte la inusual historia de amor en ue dos personas ue amás se han visto se enamoran perdidamente. Both books at once eager to lose a few hours of sleep to see how it all endsEmmi and Leo are two middle aged strangers who meet accidentally online and fall in love in spite of their personal circumstances One is happily married with children the other is getting over a recent break up Protected by the anonymity of the screen humorous flirtation gradually gives way to plain honesty And As The Pace Of The Emails Becomes And Frenetic as the pace of the emails becomes and frenetic real lives of Emmi and Leo have to confront the implications of their virtual correspondenceI know The plot sounds as clich d as it might get used to death possibly superficial and with small potential for good storytelling Well it isn tGlattauer takes great pain to a modern
"epistolary novel that "
novel that the fast intelligent and tasteful dialogue between two people who have no idea where they are getting into The exchanges are as sparkling as profound and the written letters end up becoming voices that faithfully reveal the temperament of each characterEmail correspondence might seem a bit outdated today when we have access to internet from our smartphones at all hours but the characters effervescent personalities their elegant humor the situation they find themselves in and their reactions to the evolving events are so well portrayed so carefully developed that it s easy to think of Emmi and Leo as real people The reader can t help caring for them wanting them to take the leap to trust their instincts and forget about what they believe is morally rightGlattauer has a refined sense of what it is to fall in love The doubts the fear the anxiety that comes with it It s like a sickness a feverish state that clouds vision and often leads to foolish decisions The success of these novels lays in the way Emmi and Leo live through this affliction their circumstances and expectations are vastly dissimilar and so they need to be brave enough to admit their involvement with each other without compromising their realities Or they need to be prepared to toss their realities to create a new one together Easy said not so easy done rightThe outcome of the affair couldn t be realistic Heart warming and unpredictable too like the seventh wave There is this saying that the balanced sway of the first six waves lapping gently on the shore is sometimes broken by the unexpected force of the seventh Its rebellious nature sweeps you away leaving only the feeling of being dragged by it hurt and a bit bruised maybe but also energized to stand the monotony of the following six waves until the seventh comes back again to change everything maybe for good Cute cute cute A year ago I read a book that was very sad and amazing I could relate to that book a lot Why Because I had virtual fr. Por e mail2 ¿Opinas ue los enamorados se merecían verse personalmente aunue fuera sólo una vez Comienza a leer Cada siete olas3 ¿Te dispones a abrir este libro sin conocer Contra el viento del norte Auí tienes el euipaje necesario Leo Leike vuel. ,

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