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Fallen (Dark God Saga, #1)Likeable but too simple and easily predictible The only thing setting it apart from other erotic short stories is the se easily predictible The only thing setting it apart from other erotic short stories is the se

Greek God Of Death Thanatos 
god of Death Thanatos ending sould have been better It felt kind of sudden and rushed as if Dubrinsky reached her limit for the number of pages and had to come p with an ending There is no indication of a reason why the main characters fell in love or felt anything other then simple animalistic lust for each other It s simply nbelievable that after so many millenia of avoiding any kind of commitment on his part Thanatos fell in love with a female just because a mild interest one Date And Sleeping Together Same and sleeping together Same for Simone If she managet to save herself for 26 years and was proud of it there s a very little chance she d play her V card for a guy who bought her some dessert and dinner In my opinion this is actualy putting her in a ve. For a good story so when she’s invited to the most anticipated Halloween event of the year she’s definitely goingeven if she is a bit bummed at her lackluster life at the age of twenty six What she doesn’t expect is her fiery attraction to the sexy dark haired grey eyed god at the event Thanatos does not believe in the “.

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Really good but too short Violette has a way of linking all her characters which is loved but really wished this was a full length novel a very soothe read I enjoy hero and putting his feeling a side for the heroine despite what happen to heroine she was not prejudice in the end An ok read with an interesting premises Probably because it isn t based on the prime Greek Gods but rather the offspring of their Titan counterparts I half expected a child like God spouting some nonsense and condemning all mortals around him to doom and gloom So this was a pleasant surprise however there are several parts where surprise However there are several parts where feels slightly incomplete or too rushed But has this dissuaded me from seeking out further work by this author Nah Its given enough to leave me moderately curious on pursuing the second installment The story is steamy as hell with lots of sparks The plot itself was. Hell hath no fury like a goddess scornedScorned by Thanatos one of the powerful Dark Gods Aphrodite concocts a plan for revenge the end result of which is Thanatos being stripped of his godhood and sent to live among humans And the pure shall redeem himSimone Randall is your average New York City journalist She’s always looking. Ry desperate kind of light Fallen I enjoyed this story It has a lot of my favorite ingredients interracial romance written right yes there is a difference a virgin heroine with an actual thought running through her head oh how I dislike the empty headed ones a deserving male lead who is an alpha but one with some consideration for his lady and Greek mythology All mixed together with an actual plot great secondary characters I adored Janet Simone s best friend and ThantanosHe is wickedly dreamy and I wish I could be the recipient of his kind of woo ing I really liked it and do not want to give Too Much Of This Story Away To much of this story away to to give too much of this story away to the This is my first story from Ms Dubrinsky and I m certain it will not be my last I like her style of writing and if you are a fan of bwwm romance so will youSo stop reading and go get the book already I m on to the next story of this series. Uniting mates” theme of the Ball and he’s there for one reason only to speak to the god of all gods about the reinstatement of his powers His attraction to Simone comes as a surprise be it welcome as she is not his sual type Will Simone be his salvation or will his attraction to this human prove dangerous than he anticipates.