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My Sister is a Werewolf Young Brothers #4Really liked it But they re going to lose their sister eventually and that just doesn t sit right with me Also all the were animals are cool but I wanted to know about the vampires and wolves as they were the main characters This book was nothing like the This Deleuzian Century: Art, Activism, Life previous ones in the series I though Elizabeth s story would be interesting but all I got was repetitive sentences and aoor Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 27 plot A real disappointment This is book 4 in the Young Brothers saga and due to challenges I ve read this one first You don t need to read them in order as the brothers and their wives only make a small appearance in this story and let s face it you know the other books arenr and they are gonna have a happy endingSo this story is about Elizabeth the werewolf in uestion and she is going into heat as the book opens She spies a likely looking fellow Jensen Adler the local vet at her brothers bar and loses no time in attracting his attention in a biblical way She knows something is wrong as this is totally unusual behaviour for her but doesn t think of going into heat She also doesn t think of conseuences as she is mated to another werewolf even if she wishes she isn t There I ve set up the obviousness of the book for you I m sure I don t have to fill in the gapsAnd that is the roblem with this book It is too redictable Written well enough no giant Networking for Career Success: 24 Lessons for Getting to Know the Right People plot holes characters likable but not lovable Not a book you d rush to re read Cute story uick read So that wasn t great The kindle version isretty oorly formatted It s also very heavy handed After all us readers are far too stupid to understand *that this couple feel a mysterious ull to each other if you don t have *this couple feel a mysterious Zheng Guogu pull to each other if you don t have characters say it twice within 2ages of oorly spaced text The heroine s traits seemed to change on a whim to whatever sounded cool at the moment Not just between the ladylike human and wild wolf She s also the world s worst scientist doing alleged research in a barn with a lab that sounds like a Halloween rop Except for when she s the world s least convincing former wolf Frںuhzeit Des Ostslaventums packbiker gang member Not even sure why I finished this book except that sadly I have read worse and I guess I was bored The whole book starts out with a girl who is upset because she has to go trolling the local bar because she is a wolf and basically in heat I guess the good news is it could only get better It did is the good news For those who like noncomplicated steamy reads that are totallyredictable and have easy outs this is for you Was it horrible no It just reminded me of the throbbing members but I really don t normally do that kind of thing and Oh we The sexy Young brothers may know a fang or two about the art of seduction but their sister Elizabeth is ositively mooning over a few issues of her ownBad Moon RisingElizabeth Young's brothers think they have it rough as vampires Ha Two words for them unwanted hair What werewolf Elizabeth craves is a normal life with a husband kid. ,

Ust aren t right for each other but we have to have each other and I wonder why we are inexplicably drawn together Kind of harleuins I snuck as a *HORMONAL TEENAGER THERE JUST WEREN T ANY WEREWOLVES THEN * teenager There just weren t any werewolves then lots of the otherThere are so many amazing book choices out there I don t think I will bother with finding out about how her vampire brothers got The Rumsfeld Way: The Leadership Wisdom of a Battle-Hardened Maverick paired up to be honest I really didn t care My Sister is a Werewolf book 4 of the Young Brother s series A story that tells of the onceresumed dead sister Elizabeth of the vampire brothers Rhys Christian and Sebastian Young Now surprisingly a living werewolfKudos to Kathy she s out of her writing slump This book is like in the first in the series In that Lizzie our werewolf manages to ick up a stranger from her brother Christian s bar and This book lived up to its title a little catchy a little amusing and a little corny But it was a fun read with an easy end with a backstory that wound around the real story which was the romance With a title like this I have to be honest I *didn t expect too much from this book I was leasantly surprised to find I enjoyed it very much and cared *t expect too much from this book I was Option Writing Strategies for Extraordinary Returns pleasantly surprised to find I enjoyed it very much and cared the characters much than I thought I wouldIt s not a heavy or meaningful book by any stretch of the imagination but a fun read nonetheless Setting West Virginia karaoke bar 2 farm houses country livingTheme self discovery destiny loveCharactersElizabeth Young aka Lizzie Devlin attacked by Chris s vampire buried though still alive unburied by werewolf grave diggers to sell bodies to doctors returned home home sold brothers gone returned to weres agreed to be Brody s mate when strong enough left and met up with Dr Chambers has been looking for a cure to werewolfism so as to be unmatedChristianJolee RhysJane SebastianMina support they are there all trying to reknow Elizabeth and to help her in any way they canJensen Adler raised by grandparents in West Virginia home wanted to be vet like granddad high school girlfriend had a rough childhood and never wanted to return they went to college together and had a fight about going home after college he walked away calmed down returned saw car that hit a tree and it was his girlfriend Finished school returned home to take over granddad sractice and still feeling guilty causing his love s death Granddad loves his grandson ushing him to get back to livingBrody Devlin elizabeth s mate he s been kicked out of the ack and believes Elizabeth is his ticket back in he spends most of his time lotting and changing his mind on what to do but finally kidnaps her threatening Jensen her unborn if she doesn t cooperat. S and less shaving Unfortunately the vaccine she's researched isn't working yet Worse she's in heat and soon every dangerous wolf ack for miles around will be at her door To buy time she needs to have sex and often with the first human male she can findVeterinarian Jensen Adler just meant to drown his sorrows until a stunning lea.
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EPlotElizabeth makes herself a lab in the barn and thinks she may have found the cure and curiously owls deer skunks mice horses are happy to be near her but for the month she s been feeling restless "low level anxious and doesn t know why but she goes to her brother s bar one "level anxious and doesn t know why but she goes to her brother s bar one and sees Jensen and she is drawn to him she watches him he notices her she goes outside he leaves she brazenly asks for a ride home she takes him to a uiet road and they jump each other s bones and he cuddles her and a short nap then she leaves with a thank you and the next night she tracks him to his home and he invites her into dinner and they make love on the kitchen table again overcome by assion And she leavesNeither understand what is happening this is not behavior either would do Jensen is accepting of his feelings better able to keep Star Wars - Jabba the Hutt - The Art of the Deal perspective Elizabeth is hiding being a werewolf of course but also the mate issue He tracks her down for visit number 3 and he catches her in the barn at firstartially turning into a wolf and he cares for her as she has a high fever and she is so sweetShe wants to do what is right and stay away from him but they can t help themselves they decide to date and she agrees because she just can t stop herselfAnd she s The Real Estate Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Brokerage pregnant tired all the time but doesn t know it but Brody does When Brody finally shows himself and threatens Jensen she stabs him with a knife changes to wolf to get to Jensen to warnrotect him granddad shoots her in the shoulder Jensen shoots wolf Brody in the leg she changes to human he takes out the bullet and when he goes to get food for her she leaves through the window with a lan of contacting the rest of the act to take care of *Brody and to contact Dr Chambers to find out about how close she is to the serum being correct But Brody *and to contact Dr Chambers to find out about how close she is to the serum being correct But Brody there coldcocks her and takes her to a cabin a few hours away and Jensen knows she s in trouble can t find her at her house goes to her brothers who are tracking her they throw hints about her and him werewolf and vampire and must stop at daylight and 2 hours before sundown he can New Cutting Edge Elementary Students' Book picture Elizabeth and her distress and knows he must get to her and his instincts take him to her and he gets into the cabin stands between Brody Elizabeth they start to turn to werewolf moonlight coming through window he tells her to change him so that he can be were also and defend her and she scratches him and he turns and he has flashes of memory of fighting then a lot of weres coming into cabin and then wakes up with a naked Elizabeth wrapped around himAnd they marry in christian s bar surrounded by their family and friends ahhhh. Ther clad brunette made him an offer he couldn't refuse Now he's caught up in something really weird definitely dangerous and okay extremely hot So his new girlfriend's hiding something and she's a little freaky about the moon but Jensen knows true love when he feels it and this time he's not giving upno matter how hairy things ge.