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Escription and excruciating attention given to the scenery vegetation the food on tables etc gets old fast This is already a short book as it is and said flowery descriptions make up the majority of its length not much actually happens in terms of story In fact the entire plot which is almost nonexistent could probably be told in 5 or so pages if we didn t stop to smell the roses so often and at such great length I m all for digression in a book as long as it s interesting as in philosophical ramblings on the human condition or some such but I can only stare at a rock or a bale of hay for so long before I m ready to move on Not really a book that I d recommend but if you re curious about it then by all means check it out it s really not horrible the writing It s really not horrible the writing uite good it s ust far too tedious for my liking In all honesty this is one of those rare instances in which I hold the modern movie adaptation in much higher esteem than the original writing Sure the Tim Burton film took great liberties with it and added much that wasn t originally there but if they hadn t then there simply wouldn t have been enough material for a feature film Perfect scary story I love the part where it says and he would have passed a pleasant life of it in despite of the Devil and all his works if his path Had Not Been Crossed not been crossed a being that causes perplexity to mortal man than ghosts goblins and the whole race of witches put together and that was a woman Poor Ichabod Crane Every aspect of the book is complex intricate plot sophisticated language detailed narration The author has done a good ob by making the story short The detailed narration brings forth a good imaginationI m citing a block below which impressed me a lo. Is headed up by the Headless Horseman himself This edition boasts new covers and 16 pages of new material including numerous preliminary sketches of scenes and characters.

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Read as a kid pretty scary I remember wondering why the teacher was so skinny and then later learned at that time teacher s were on a starvation salary than now Well I must say I expected something different Still it was uite an interesting read and I liked the rather unusual portrayal of the main character who was portrayal of the main character who was less tan a hero A nice read for Halloween Oh The Story Of The Headless Horseman What Better Story To story of the headless horseman what better story to while trying to scare kids or enjoy a nice halloween weekend The classic horror story created by Washington Irving has been twisted and tweak countless amounts of times to creat movies shows and even other books But there is nothing like the original and it is evident when reading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow A story which until the end is ust about a man Icabod Crane who tries to win a young woman s hand in marriage But as the story comes close to ending Icabod runs into a dark figure the headless horseman of Sleepy HollowThis short story was very entertaining since before I read this book the only version I knew was from the movie which took a completely different approach This book as previously stated would be perfect around halloween time I really enjoyed the pictures throughout previously stated would be perfect around halloween time I really enjoyed the pictures throughout book they were neatly drawn and kept the story very interesting I would suggest to reading this book to a younger audience but to no one else What a great Halloween story Makes me crave deep autumn This creative and magical novel tells the story about Ichabod Crane who is a poor school teacher and only works for 10 dollars a day This tale takes place around the time of the American Revolution near Tarrytown New York Ichabod sleeps in a student s house and does very little work around the ho. Please note that this is the graphic novel adaptation of Sleepy Hollow If you're looking for the short story go hereThis is Bo Hampton's 1993 Legend of Sleepy Hollow a fa. ,
Use He falls in love with the beautiful Katrina Van Tassel is a wealthy daughter of Dutch farmer He goes to dinner one night at her mansion At the dinner party everyone is talking to dinner one night at her mansion At the dinner party everyone is talking a headless horseman who stalks the countryside at night One man Brom Bones a rival of Ichabod tells how he and the horseman were in a race Brom was winning but the horseman flew off in a burst of fire On his way home from the party Ichabod encounters the headless horseman He rides off in a hurry but feels something hit his head The next day Ichabod s horse returns but their was no sign of Ichabod except his hat and a smashed pumpkin I think I would find it very difficult to live during the time of the American Revolution The narrator of this tale Diedrich Knickerbocker uses sarcasm very well in telling the reader he has an excellent singing voice and looks like the bird the crane During the time ghost stories and legends must have been very popular I think I would have been very scared hearing these stories I would give this famous tale 5 stars It was very well written and kept my attention We will never know what really happened to Ichabod Crane Interesting I like the gothic old fashioned atmosphere and language I saw the film Sleepy Hollow a couple of weeks ago and I found it very funny and enjoyable I mean I like anything by Hollow a couple of weeks ago and I found it very funny and enjoyable I mean I like anything by Burton and anything with Johnny Depp in it so it wasn t such a big surprise and I decided to read the short story that inspired the movieIt was a nice and very short read and even though the director developed and altered the story a bit I can understand the appeal it posedimage error Washington Irving certainly had a firm grasp on language and he flaunts it here Still the flowery Ithful adaptation of Washington Irving's tale surrounding the ghostly inhabitants of Tarrytown New York around the time of the American Revolution The cast of characters. ,
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow