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F William Buckley seemingly a real person who lived in Cheshire at the nd of the Eighteenth Century was transported to Australia scaped and lived with the native Australians becoming a holy man Eventually as white colonisation spreads across the contin A short novel very loosely based on the "experiences of William Buckley a British man transported to Australia who lived among the Aborigines there It s "of William Buckley a British Man Transported To Australia Who Lived Among The Aborigines There transported to Australia who lived among the Aborigines there s impressive piece of literature but the ways in which Garner s tale differs from the historical vents is very illuminating of Garner s concernsOne of the main themes of the book is drawing a parallel between the primitive rituals and beliefs of the Aborigines and those of rural Britain this is done m This may be the most baffling novel I ve ver read I don t know how to describe it much less critiue it I can certainly say that it is a singular reading xperience and for that I am greatly appreciative It is a book that reuires at least on the first reading the surrender of one s faculties The Lady in Pink especially one s critical faculties Not that it wouldn t be interesting to criticize but it would get in the way of thexperience This novel reuires what Keats called negative capability My one Goodreads friend who has reviewed the book Abailart says one must remain alert to the book s ualities That s a good way of putting it Alert and accepting letting oneself go with the flow wherever the author takes youI can t say I Eyes enjoyed reading the novel but it is a special valuablexperience with many rewards specially in its rhythms and language from Cheshire dialect to Aboriginal spiritual language You don t so much read Strandloper as immerse yourself in it and let it push and pull you about It s familiar Garner right nough with added metaphysical transcendency or a bit bonkers if you prefer It s not a book you ll forget in a hurry I very much Sinner's Heart enjoyed Strandloper Other readers might have trouble with the dialects in this novel I was able to decipher them without much difficulty but the author gives noxplanations or assistance to readers Garner s radical divergence from history might disturb those who prefer their historical fiction to be closer to verifiable facts When historical figures are fictionalized it s delightful when the result speaks to me on a Ansported to Australia in 1801 He scaped and lived as an Aborigine for thirty one years In this visionary novel Alan Garner is true to. .

Apart from reading some of Garner s books to classes of kids many decades ago have not looked since Chance put it in my hand Wonderful at very level You have to be ngaged and hear the text Hear #the words the dialect the music the animality and sounds of a myriad nature You have to be alert to #words the dialect the music the animality and sounds of a myriad nature You have to be alert to hear an intense authorial voice that pulls together in what is a very short book vast sweeps of history and space You need to go down in the convicts uarters follow the sea imagery the rivers and streams the bushland and plains verdancies and aridities fire and growth Paganism and Christianity time loaded and timelessness the routine uotidian of human injustice and fun in causing pain love togetherness aloneness It s a palimpsest You have to try to match the author and be aware of it at very level I don t know that I m impartial I m a couple of years or so younger than Garner not a classicist and I just remember him at school Old Mancunians will know what I mean I also saw him play Antony with Dudley Moore as Enobarbus Alderley Edge I don t know all that well I come from a little further down the Bollin valley "I ve just read backwards The Voice that Thunders with a good deal of unexpected "ve just read backwards The Voice that Thunders with a good deal of unexpected If you read it that way round you may think you know a bit about Strandloper before you read it I ve only come to both books a uarter of a century late and I ve just read the opening chapter of Strandloper for the first time I suppose as a result I did know a little beforehand But none of it blunted the power and the portent of the opening pages or concealed their roots I m afraid Garner is the real thing So much so that the Nobel Prize for Literature would I hope will mean nothing to him The man who could write about that as deftly and deeply as he did has become the craftsman his ancestors were That is worth any number of Regius Professorships What a book a short shamanic A Vineyard Christmas epic that is utterly without pretension Garner s novels are almost all about one place his part of Cheshire and their scope comes from hisxploration of what he calls in Boneland Deep Place a sense that the past is present and that ancestors who once lived there are linked spiritually with those who live there now Strandloper finds a way to journey away from Cheshire through the story I sing the agleBone of the Cloud The Clashing RockThe Hard DarknessIt hangs above the grave moundI sing dreamingWilliam Buckley was tr. Ersonal level and is congruent with my own values THIS IS A LOVELY FICTION FROM MY PERSPECTIVE IT is a lovely fiction from my perspective It me of all those very compelling Pagan martyr fictions about Hypatia of Alexandria It s too bad that the truth about Hypatia is complex I am someone who tends to research historical fiction when I m interested in the subject it covers So I proceeded to uncover the truth about William Buckley the historical protagonist of Strandloper Please note that if you are searching for him on the internet you should add Australia to your search terms to avoid "being deluged with results related to the conservative pundit William F Buckley Even "deluged with results related to the conservative pundit William F Buckley Even Strandloper can t be considered historically accurate it was an amazingly Good Story It Also Led Me To story It also led me to a bit about Australian history through the research I did on William Buckley after reading it I m glad I selected this book as my Australian read for the Around the World challenge For the complete review including discussion of the real William Buckley and historical resources about him see the latest post on my new book blog at Strandloper is a masterwork from one of the English language s most important writers After reading this one readers are advised to go on to Thursbitch and the allegedly for young readers Owl Service Stone Book uartet and Red Shift Garner is far significant than our literati have yet realized This books showcases Garner s fascination with language with the incomprehensible with the direct xperience of mythology It is very dreamy in places very difficult to pick reality from fantasydreamdelirium It was fascinating reading but I m not sure I njoyed it I was spurred to read this by The Voice That Thunders Garner put his heart and soul into this novel It draws on his ternal themes of loops of time myth identity spirituality but it s much harder work for the reader than his nominally children s books There s no hand holding by the author you are left to figure out for yourself what the Aborigines are doingIt s not a long book but I got a bit bogged down on the Aboriginal section which started to feel too worthy and Noble Savage like But it was redeemed by the final section when William returns home and blends his two worlds The real William Buckley didn t do this but it makes. William the Cheshire bricklayer and William the Aboriginal spiritual leader as William is true to his fate The result is xtraordinary. ,