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And and the north of England to places like NEW YORK NORTH CAROLINA AND NOVA SCOTIA THESE FAMILY York North Carolina and Nova Scotia These family tended not to be destitute starving masses and neither were the laborers really The truth was that wages were high and rents low in the colonies so moving from the London labor market to New York was smart And there was a huge land speculation boom going on that was drawing family units Anyway there is a lot of fascinating stuff here You could criticize it for a small sample size I guess but I thought it was really worthwhile Voyagers To the West won the Pulitzer Prize for Non Fiction some 30 years ago It is an in depth record and analysis of the various immigrations to America that occurred during the years 1759 through 1775The Book Is Not A Narrative Per book is not a narrative per but rather a compendium of facts exploring the causes of immigration the types of immigrants and where they settled In addition to settling in the 13 established colonies there were settlements in Florida and the Gulf states and even illegal colonies like Transylvania deep in the Appalachians This book opened my eyes to this pre Revolutionary War period The work here does not distract the reader with the first undercurrents of the Revolutionary War movement but instead maintains focus on those people moving to America during that period I have read a fair amount of Colonial American history and as much as 75% of this book s content was new to me Some of the most interesting aspects were the chapters covering the iron industry and the indentured servitude that was pervasive in Maryland and Pennsylvania during this period There were a few facets to this book that might turn some away There is little discussion of slavery For

obvious reasons slavery 
reasons slavery not considered to be immigration Secondly there is no discussion of famous colonial leaders or rebels Finally the writing does have an academic air to it so it is not an entirely effortless read I read history books for a lot of reasons This one gets five stars simply because the scholarship is so uniue and interesting and the writing is good enough. O the West is a superb book It should be eually admired by and eually attractive to the general reader as to the professional historian RC Simmons Journal of American Studi.

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Source A Walk in the Woods Very interesting and informative an interesting analysis of emmigration records from the now UK in the early 1870 s However very statistics heavy and sometimes redundant Not one I would recommend unless you really want to get down in the weeds on a very specific subjectrevised edit I m bumping this down to 2 STARS I DIDN T REALLY PAY ATTENTION TO stars I didn t really pay attention to charts in this book when I read it but then I went to class and the professor showed us how horrible the charts in this book really are Confusing layouts percentages that don t add up to 100 they re pretty bad This book was a challenge to read The first two hundred and fifty pages are as dull as any social science you re likely to read and the last hundred and fifty pages lack anything like a conclusion or summary chapter None the less you have to give credit where credit is due and acknowledge the majesty of this work Bailyn in exhausting detail uses records maintained by the British crown between 1774 1776 to document the who what where and why s of British migration
to the colonies 
the colonies the years immedietaely proceeding the revolution His main thesis can be summarized by stating that there were in fact two parallel migrations The first was of unattached single men from the area around London to the middle states of Maryland and North Carolina The second migration was of families from the british midlands and Scotland These migrants used Pennsylvennia and New York as a umping off point for their population of the back country Baiyln backs up the thesis with tons of charts graphs and maps This was a much heavier read then I expected Great data density and bibliographic resource but a little under and bibliographic resource But a little under and repetitive David Hackett Fisher is engaging for the lay reader One of the most specific books I have ever read Great detail Was less interested in the sections on Florida but found most of it very engrossing I liked it This book makes you work to find the conclusions under the mountains of statistics but amazing to see how the English immigrants traveled and populated th. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the Saloutos Prize of the Immigration History Society Bailyn's Pulitzer Prize winning book uses an emigration roster that lists every perso. ,

E colonies during the time period I
really enjoyed seeing 
enjoyed seeing everyone came from and Traveled To In Addition To to in addition to drove them to go This book won the Pulitzer Prize and in reading this massive epic history of a narrow time range in American colonial history it is easy to see why There is the usual wit and charm that comes from Bailyn s writing 1 There is a blend of different approaches of history that work amazingly well in tandem a discussion of broad social trends that become visible when one looks at the statistical resources of eighteenth century British officialdom that is combined with a look at the people involved in the late colonial exodus to British North America that is so granular as to be focused on specific key individuals who engaged in land speculation sought to help or hinder the movement of people from London and YorkshireScotland to the colonies or who participated in that movement and sought to make a better life in a strange new world for themselves and their families On all levels of new world for themselves and their families On all levels of complicated and immensely interesting story Bailyn succeeds in weaving together the best of uantitative approaches with traditional narratives and that sort of consummate achievement is worthy of all the awards it receivedThe narrative of this book is a large one and a complex one coming in at than 600 pages of material that covers a small span of time between the French Indian War and the beginning of the American Revolution with This is really great for what it is What I mean is Bailyn does this ob impeccably It is ust the most targeted data driven study here is the data we have here are the conclusions I m drawing The data he is using comes from the records of migrants from the British Isles to the American colonies right before the revolution The migration Bailyn concludes was actually a dual process Young male laborers who were already mobile around England looking for work were indenturing themselves and heading to Maryland Pennsylvania and Virginia Families looking to improve their situations were simultaneously migrating from Scotl. N officially known to have left Britain for America from December 1773 to March 1776 to reconstruct the lives and motives of those who emigrated to the New World Voyagers Voyagers to the West A Passage in the Peopling of America on the Eve of the Revolution