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The Zoroastrian Faith Tradition and Modern ResearchS of Plato s Forms and of Socrates s daemon Thus overall an interesting book though I could have liked a closer look into the background out of which Zoroastrianism merged It s informative in a broad survey type of way which is fine It was an interesting introduction for me and it worked as such "However it is both a bit dry Also at times he will "it is both a bit dry Also at times he will an issue that is not resolved. And religious documents of the faith; an analysis of the basic Zoroastrian beliefs and their influence on Judaism Christianity and Islam; and a description of the prescribed observances In this historical and analytical stu. And give his opinion without saying why he has picked one side over any other It is what it is a very straight forward intro to Zoroastrianism A bit dry but that is to be xpected Approaching twenty years old though so I imagine there is likely something newer that might do to piue someone s interest Oh well Lots of new info for me but it is also the first book on the topic I ve rea. Dy SA Nigosian cuts through these problems to present a concise systematic survey of This Book Will "This book scholars and general readers alike A glossary and bibliography are provided as aids for further stud.

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Well damnI had a bad moment "WHEN THE AUTHOR CLAIMED THAT THERE "the author claimed that there been an invasion and conuest of Canaan by the Israelites but I am glad I let it pass The book was written before modern archaeology s disposal of the invasion claimClearly not only "ISLAM BUT JUDAISM AND CHRISTIANITY HAVE "but Judaism and christianity have strongly influenced by Zoroastrianism But a big surprise for me was discovering foreshadowing. The Zoroastrian Faith is organized around five themes an account of Zoroaster's life and work; discussion of the development and spread of Zoroastrianism from its beginnings to the present; description of the sacred writings.