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In the book Boy Shopping by Nia Stephens *kiki an african american teenage irl wants to *an African American teenage Mythological Beasts Turned Me Gay: Three Book Collection: (Mythology Erotica) girl wants to her perfect soul mate Kiki is sick of being treated like one of theuys She s a drummer with a This All Encompassing Trip: Chasing Pearl Jam Around The World great sense of style and the boys are always hitting on her But the only ones actually asking her out are her band friends This book is teen fiction and iseared towards young women who want to learn a thin Boy Shoppingby Nia Stephens233 pgs Dafina Books for Young Readers 995ISBN 13 978 0 7582 1929 9ISBN 10 0 7582 1929 6Kiki a cool drummer and a chick Everyone has always looked at her as if she was only a drummer and not a Scouts girl being treated like one of theuys in her band She has a crush on her best friend Mark but he doesn t see the word The Organ Grinders girl on Kiki s forehead He only treats her as his best friend and not hisirlfriend a totally different feeling than Kiki Kiki only wants Mark to ask her out but instead other people ones who she doesn t like which is just everyone asks her out unceasinglyThis has been The Sudoku Code going on for a very long time but it soing to be stopped because she has decided to The Complete Idiot's Guide to Detoxing Your Body give up on him and move on in life She has decided toive Boy Shopping a try When she went on the internet to surf for boys 4 of the ones that best matches her popped out They were Lyman Joshua Jacob and Michael Who is she Silver in the Wood going to choose Well this is the readers job They are the ones who choose Kiki s boyfriend and if they don t want the first person they chose they can just flip back to that page and choose another boyI like books like this because love relationships aren t like this in reality There isn t always aoing back and there also isn t a choosing another person if you didn t like the first one This is the only time when you can choose what boys you want and not having them reject you Also you can read about Kiki oing out with different boys All of them have different personalities and who knows who Kiki truly likes besides Mark Although she said she ll forget about Mark and would ive boy shopping a try does it really mean she can truly forget about Can she really spend all of try does it really mean she can truly forget about him Can she really all of time she has with another boy that isn t the Mark she s been having a crush on as the love of her life I like this book because you re allowed to choose about what you want to read In this case you can choose the boy that you re interested in This makes it seem like instead of choosing a boyfriend for Kiki you re choosing a boyfriend for yourself The only difference is that the character you chose wouldn t be a person in reality or is this not true Kiki is a drummer who has an amazing style But she s tired of being one the boys she has eye on so caled bestclose freind Mark who is also in the band with her Unforunatly a lot irls are also after him too bad because he is the only person in the ban. A cool rocker chick like Kiki should have a date every nightLuckily she's discovered Boy ShoppingKiki is tired of being treated like one of the uys An awesome drummer with a kickin' sense of style the boys in her high school are always checking her out but the only ones actually asking her out are her band's lame o The Second Cure groupies That's when she hits an online datingold mine of. Boy Shopping

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Sneaky and he illegally downloaded many of Temporary Insanity s music So obviously he is not for KikiI really loved the many different things that actually took place I liked *how when one uy was acting like a jerk on one of her dates she was *when one uy was acting like a jerk on one of her dates she was to The Sorcerer's Apprentice go to her friends for comfort And she actually kissed Mark her best friend and theuy she has been crushing on forever I liked the fact that even one of the Eagle's Gate guys that she meet went to her school And he turned out to be a very niceuy Then later on turned right back around to be a jerkKiki is tired of being treated like one of the World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi guys So she turned to the Internet for a date But the things that attracted me were the act of me being able to pick whom she went out with next the different characters and the different things that went on I liked the concept of a Choose Your Own AdventureBoy YA book but I thought the execution wasn treat Many of the alternate paths ie dump him or keep dating had repetitive writing with some conversations nearly verbatim One of the uys was basically a stalker Other annoying things The main character ditched her friend at a party seems like an opportunity for date rape possibilities alore The main character freaked out over bootlegs of her band s concert First off can any teen honestly say they haven t illegally downloaded music online Also many live concert bootlegs aren t sold but traded or Who Is Muhammad Ali? given away by hardcore fans Does the character like alienating her fans The main character s friends seemed pretty one dimensionalOn the positive side I did like the character Lyman All the otheruys pretty much sucked though This is part of a series so I ll check out the other ones but with pretty low expectations boys are the only ones that can be a player a Don't Worry, Eat Cake: A Coloring Book to Help You Feel a Little Bit Better about Everything girl can too and kiki is one of thoseirl players kiki really doesn t have anything new in her life boys are just not interesting now until she found out something called boy shopping kiki now found herself stuck in between some boys and she has alot of uestions oing in and out of her head she doesn t know which one boys and she has alot of uestions oing in and out of her head she doesn t know which one
Right For Her Or Which 
for her or which she can really depned onrelationship is a very confusing thing especially in your teen years how can kiki survive this it is very sim BOY shopping is a book that really relates to me in real life and i really apresiate this book i feelt that this book is about a irl and how she can fix her bad problems and choicesi read this book by mah self and i read this book in 2 weeks and i looked 4 it at the liberty i recomend thisfor all the irl who thinks they making bad choices This book was about Ki Ki Kelvin a famous rock star and how she likes her band mate but is to scared to but later when she A Secret Kept goes on this site called HelloHello she finds otheruys then Mark her band mate tells her he loves her. To the imagination And Michael's sexy brown looks would turn any irl's headAnd most surprising of all Mark the bassist in Kiki's band Talk about tight rhythm sections With all this attention Kiki is having the time of her life Does she really have to choose just oneAn outrageously fun novel that lets you pick Kiki's Mr Right Choosing your own adventure has never been so sex. .
D that is not after Kiki As she was about to ive up on boys a freind reccomended her a site where you can choose which boys are your best match I thought it was creative how the author can let The Reader Control Which Boy Kiki Keeps reader control which boy Kiki keeps On the other hand I ave it three stars beceause it wasn t as exciting as I thought it would be and wasn t very different from other books I have read I saw this book on my friends oodread and I found it to be interesting title wiseI love how this book made people like me love it The reason for this is you can actually choose who you want to The Ancient Greeks: Ten Ways They Shaped the Modern World go out with instead of boys rejecting youThe main character in this book Kiki really likes her best friend who is auy but the Tricycle (HISTOIRE) guy doesn t really feel the same about her He just thinks of her as a friendI wish in life we can choose who we cano out with instead of all these drama It was okay Very well written however it wasn t really my style I didn t like how each choice except one led you back to the starting point I would ve liked it better if time was taken to develop the other choices so that they re not necessarily wrong but rather just an alternate ending Wow What can I say about Boy Shopping Well I could say it was a very ood book by Nia Stephens I loved it It was so different than many other books that I have read or even look at briefly It was about a rocker chick named Kiki who really should have a date close to almost every night But unfortunately she doesn t But her luck turns when her friend tells her about this online dating website She also plays the drums in a band called Temporary Insanity with two of her boy best friends The three things that stood out to me were the act of me being able to pick whom she went out with next the different characters and the different things that went onI really loved the fact that I could pick who Kiki went out with next To me that really stood out as uniue It was so different from any other books that I have ever read It s not like I haven t ever read a ood book because I have It s just that I was able to actually Let Freedom Reign': The Words of Nelson Mandela. Henry Russell go to a page and pick someone ando to another page and read what would happen and how it would happen I liked how I could also see what would happen if Kiki stayed with the uy or if she just broke it off with him This book was very different and it was very uniue I just loved itI liked the different characters and their many unusual ways I liked Kiki s best friends and their unlike actions Jazmine was the out spoken one Mark *had be friends with Kiki for mostly all their lives He *be friends with Kiki for mostly all their lives He is the bass player friends with Kiki for mostly all their lives He also is the bass player the band that Kiki plays the drums in I liked her many different dates as well I loved Lyman He was so outgoing and he loved all types of music from classical to rock and roll Now he was a reat uy but he was just too. Boys where every click of the mouse allows you the reader to choose Kiki's datesLyman is an uber fine classical pianist and DJ who likes playing with minds as much as music Joshua the jock speaks Mandarin and teaches English on the side but he's ot plenty of time for playin' the Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus gameJacob is a Terrence Howard look alike with an online profile that leaves a little too much.