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A suspense filled mystery or ust a chick lit about fashion and romance though to be fair the romance aspect kept being downgraded to less and less relevant and I did the romance aspect kept being downgraded to less and less relevant and I did that aspect of the bookI think it would make a successful and popular movie with all the colourful characters and costumes and the vivid portrayals of place as well as fast moving action and plenty of conflict There s a sort of ADHD uality to the plotting though maybe therefore it would make better TV with its five minute attention spans and advert breaks In any case with its five minute attention spans and advert breaks In any case was a rich book in terms of cultural crossings and I don t want to let my disappointment that it stopped short of serious insights take away from the gift of seeing some lifestyles and a complex group of cultures so very different from mine This book was annoying to read I kept waiting for some sort of climax or turning point and was disappointed I really didn t even like the main character I found her annoying and odd The beginning of the book was no where near intriguing honestly have no idea what the introduction had any symbolic connection to the rest of the book it was like a waste of a chapter The middle was a bit interesting except when she flew into details and I totally lost my focus and the words aren t clear with whats going on and whats happening I didn t like how they were trying to assimilate into America they made it seem impossible like they did not belong and I must say that is sooooo untrue The ending was a huge bore the reason i give it three stars is because of the middle but overall none of the story made sense Desirable Daughters is primarily the story of Tara Lata one of three sisters and the namesake of an ancient grand aunt who became a Tree Bride The story is slow to progress and doesn t really have much of a plot What it
Does Do Is Paint A 
do is paint a picture of Brahmin elitist life in Calcutta the bhadralok as they are known We get a glimpse of a lost time an age of protected innocence where a Loreto school girl epitomized class and culture and groomed to become a good wife The story deals with Tara s memories of that time and her slowly fading reverence for her childhood and culture as she is forced to look back without rose tinted glasses on while she simultaneously tackles with the challenges and stark realities of her new life in America beautifully written the best parts are descriptions of Tara s childhood and her sheltered life as a Silicon Valey wife But the lack of a plot detracts from the overall book Still it is a lovely read all in all and Bharati Mukherjee s storytelling skills than make up for the deficiencies As fascinating as I find the Indian subcontinent and as much as I want to learn the differences between the cultures languages and religions of India reading this book was mostly Mom, They're Teasing Me: Helping Your Child Solve Social Problems just frustrating Not sure if it sust the fact that the book focuses on the woes of the Bengali elite ouch my gold necklace is so heavy I think I m developing scoliosis or that the heroine of the story never manages to grow a spine and yet she s suppose to be this independent modern woman or all these surrounding characters who are ust so rude narrow minded and self centered but put it all together and what you get is a world you don t really want to be a part of. Of age in a changing world Moving effortlessly between generations she weaves together fascinating stories of the sisters' ancestors childhood memories and dramatic scenes from India's history. Gonist a Bengali immigrant formerly married to a wealthy entrprenuer who now deals with a former biker Buddhist live in who makes homes safe against earthuakes and an artistic son with secrets OF HIS OWN WHEN SHE IS his own when she is forced to face a family secret that throws her world into a spin I think I liked best the commentary on different aspects of Indian lifethe prejudices attitudes Beliefs Customs It Also Made customs It also made recall sitting with my Indian neighbors once and watching my always polite and pleasant friend turn almost ash white when I remarked that wouldn t it be funny if your daughter ended up falling in love with my son they were classmates In Fifth Grade I Have Been Blessed fifth grade I have been blessed have had several Indian families living nearby over the years from different parts of the country and I learned uite a bit from all of them I felt keen to learn something about Indian culture and themes and I tried to argue myself into trying harder to connect with these charcters than I would usually do to assume my disjunction with them might stem from a lost in translation experience But no I actually think I found them unrelatable because they were so very rich and casuallyblindly privileged For all that Tara refers to her wealth multiple time in a semi apologetic way and she comes across as a semi apologetic doormat in nearly every interaction she has with other characters too the poor little rich girl syndrom triumphs over genuine insightI appreciated the post colonial insights the ambivalent attitude toward the colonising British hating the way they wielded power but learning over generations to value the culture and cultural capital Sad but true And the fate of women to be fragile and beautiful and devote a lot of time and effort to charming comforting and ornamentingsure I fet some sadness for them in this but then on the other hand they were comfortable and pampered enough oh the privilege of physical beauty not to really critiue even thisAll the nasty criminals seemed to be servants and lower caste and class people who had experienced real material hardship but none of this was acknowledged in the way they were portrayed it was as if in the mind of the protagonist and perhaps the author servant classes and castes really are less ethical than the rest of us Not that anything excuses putting a bomb in a person s house of courseI loved the story of Tara Lata the tree bride I didn t always see her relevance to the whiny and unspirited modern Tara Perhaps in some way Tara saw herself differently than I did she saw herself as assertive and independent than Padma but I wasn t seeing it in the ready way she submitted and clung her way through several relationships that all seemed toxic and borderline abusive andor codependentI liked Rabi I would have liked of his voice I loved the bombshell dropped about half way through the book but I can t discuss it because that would be a spoiler I didn t see it coming but in some ways I liked how it was treated In other ways it was ust one of too many threads all left half woven The book seemed as undecided as the protagonist about its own identity It seemed conflicted with itself whether to be an introspective pshychological work or a discussion of the way culture traverses time and place and has to adapt or. Man who has in many ways broken with tradition but still remains tied to her native country Mukherjee follows the diverging paths taken by three extraordinary Calcutta born sisters as they come. ,
This book had me at the first page I consider myself to be one with my culture so when this book came as a recommendation I immediately got into it What Mukherjee did was to transpose values of old into her story to create a perspective that went deeper than the words on her pages She hit on SOME PERTINENT ASPECTS OF INDIAN CULTURE AND PROVIDED THE pertinent aspects of Indian culture and provided the of what would happen when uestions go unanswered The story is a tale of three sisters whose lives though separate and different become tale of three sisters whose lives though separate and different become after a horrible truth comes to light It speaks of a mother s struggle a wife s doubts and the many trials and tribulations of sisterly bonds This book earned its 5 stars for its sheer simplicity in explaining the kinks in the Indian culture particularly those of marriage and family ties Very disappointing Though we ll written with and full of many interesting details especially the colorful description of the vast and diverse Indian community in Jackson Heights I found the characters and plot unfocused and dull There was some suspense that did not pan out in a very interesting way and the last few chapters were dreadfully anticlimactic Mukherjee s occasionally gifted prose doesn t keep this novel from rapidly devolving into cliches We meet the beautiful Indian women the beautiful Indian woman in America who rebels her Silicon valley dwelling Indian software entrepreneur ex husband and her San Francisco based bearded Zen master boyfriend After spouting lots of cute aphorisms predictably the boyfriend decides to leave our heroine ust in time for the husband to reenter the beautiful Indian woman s bed There s also a big unnecessary fire that makes too much metaphorical sense in a book about Indian women But the worst cliches of all are reserved for India which serves as a depository of sentimental yearning appearing once in awhile to move the plot along Even though the book is set in the contemporary US it opens and sets in a fuzzy war torn 19th century Bengal where life choices for women were restricted and I m guessing therefore easier to make But good literature isn t supposed to make life look easier it s supposed to make our lives interesting and although it tried hard this book was entirely unsatisfying in that regard Another fascinating novel involving the lives of immigrants to the US In this case 3 daughters grew up in Calcutta where their beauty was praised and where they attended excellent schools Years later the youngest is a divorced single mother in CA whose life changes drastically when a conman approaches her and proves to be very dangerous The exciting plot keeps leaping ahead while one also learns about different ways of thinking for Indians A terrific book Why I picked this book up I couldn t tell you but after getting through the first portions it seemed to pick up steam and I liked it than I would have thought I enjoyed the gossipy commentary on family and immigrant life especially on ones who went against the prescribed grain of Indian expectations but never so far away that there was a total loss of identity The book is about uncovered truths ones hidden others buried deep inside some menacing and of gradual uncovering Some of the storylines seemed contrived but overall I enjoyed this book loved the prota. In the tradition of the Joy Luck Club Bharati Mukherjee has written a remarkable novel that is both the portrait of a traditional Brahmin Indian family and a contemporary American story of a wo. Desirable Daughters