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In the beginning but you are darn sure you want to know in the ndThis time Anna Pigeon has been reassigned to Isle Royale in Lake Superior hence the name where one of her assigned duties is watching over the Kamloops a vessel that sunk in 1927 with 5 sailors on board Well that is what she has been told but up comes a diver swearing that there Are Six Men Down There Now Anna Is Not A six men down there Now Anna is not a fan of deep diving considering the fact that if you come up too uickly the closest decompression chamber is two very painful hours away That is if you do not die in the mean timeYep there is an Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America extra body down there and why is he wearing an old fashioned sailor s uniform Darn the peaceful summer with thentertaining wild life and the adventuresome scuba diving tourists just got a whole lot troublesomeThis is not the only story going on Nope that would be too The Pocket Wife easy for Anna You also have the missing wife of a fellow ranger you have a head twisting what did you say relationship involving Hawk and Holly who are members of a dive team and you have a young incorrigible named Carrie Ann who keeps sneaking off to the utter frustration of her mother I know it sounds like a lot to keep track of but Ms Barr writesach character so clearly that the only confusion that I had was which boat belonged to whomWithout being repetitive there are occasional get caught up sections where things are re analyzed much in the thinking aloud concept where the reader says oh that s right that makes sense The who done it part is not apparent from the beginning and the reader is lead down many different paths as Anna herself is trying to figure it all out at the same timeI really The Color of Our Sky enjoyed this book and I will definitely move the next in the series up on my list The books are not deep but they are twisty so you will have to pay attention In September I turned to mysteries as a way toase my overworked brain A good thing about mysteries is the bad guy or gal gets caught and also gets what is coming to him or her unlike our current morally ambiguous society After reading A Mind to Murder By P D James I Picked by P D James I picked Nevada Barr s second novel A Superior Death Early this year whe This book is the second in the long running Anna Pigeon series and is set on and around Lake Superior The main character Anna Pigeon is a park ranger who has recently transferred from Big Bend National Park in Texas to the summer chill of Isle Royale National Park on Lake Superior Due to terrible storms Lake Superior has claimed many ships including the Edmund Fitzgerald famously memorialized in a Gordon Lightfoot song and the Kamloops which sunk in 1927 and is the focus of this book In fact there are five perfectly preserved corpses still on the Kamloops When a diving team returns from a dive there they show Anna a video of six corpses floating in the ship Anna knows there are only five so she and a ranger team accompanied by an FBI agent dive down to bring up the body of a local man It turns out there are plenty of suspects including his diving partners an alcoholic park ranger who is jealous and he disappeared on his wedding night but his wife never reported him missing It s a complex story filled with colorful characters The history of the island is a character in itself This was a clever and suspenseful mystery with an interesting plot The characters were very well written and there were plenty to choose from so the ventual killer is not apparent from the beginning Anna is a great main character flawed and struggling and I look forward to reading about her in the future This author sets her murder mysteries in national parks like Yosemite This book is set in my home waters Upper Michigan Wisconsin on a national park that covers an ntire island in the Great Lakes Isle Royale on Lake Superior Hence the titleI read this murder mystery some years ago As I recall the mystery itself was slow going at first the heroine Anna was sad and pensive because her husband recently died in NYC Eventually the plot picked up and beca. Known for fantastic deep water dives of wrecked sailing vessels Leaving behind memories of the Texas high desert and the nvironmental scam she helped uncover Anna is adjusting to the cool damp of Lake Superior and the spirits and lore of the northern Midwest But when a routine application for a diving permit reveals a grisly underwa. ,
Me suitably intense at times I remember a vivid and dangerous dive scene down to the submerged shipwreck Also there was some weird incest sibling love thing going on However I was disappointed in how Barr portrayed the setting on Isle Royale in Lake Superior I have been there hiking and camping for about 4 days It s a uniue and fascinating place an international biosphere with wild wolves preying on the wild moose and with carnivorous pitcher plants and other interesting flora The rocky volcanic island is turning on the wild moose and with carnivorous pitcher plants and other interesting flora The rocky volcanic island IS TURNING SOIL ALMOST RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR turning soil almost right in front of our Scientists from all over the world conduct research here I vividly remember my visit 25 years later But from this story one wouldn t really know It could have been set on any island So I was miffed Why set your murder mystery in such a location if you aren t going to make something of itI ve read a few of the Nevada Barr mysteries Some are better than others Some are grisly than others This one wasn t too gruesome but the one set in Yosemite National Park High Country is grizzly Ergrisly Very gruesome Isle Royale National Park Lake Superior MichiganPhoto by Lorelei Lane Rocky lichen covered shoreline of Mott IslandPhoto by gsgeorge Rock Harbor Light in FogPhoto by ohkayeor Underwater photo from Scuba Emporium Chicago Illinois This is a review of the audiobook Though this novel isn t written in first person point of view Barbara Rosenblat sounds like the way I think Anna Pigeon would She does a nice job here narrating While she doesn t do a lot of vocal "ranges for the many characters she does a good job of telling the "for the many characters she does a good job of telling the and delivering Anna s thought processEach book in this series has a different background setting in a US National Park this one is set in Isle Royale National Park an isolated spot where wolves and moose abound far from the sights and sounds of veryday civilization As a protagonist I Cabaret: A Roman Riddle enjoy Anna Pigeon the autonomous but insatiably curious rangermployeed by the Park Service In this second installment of her series by Nevada Barr I like that there is a complex mystery or should I say mysteries running throughout So much so that I m glad Shelfari has a list of characters to which an audio listener may refer I like Ms Barr s writing style and she has a way of describing the stunning beauty of Anna s soundings be they an erie underwater dive to a 1927 shipwreck in Todd Harbor off Kamloops Point in the depths of Lake Superior or the kayaking sites around lichen covered rugged coves of Passage and Mott Islands The island s somewhat gruesome history it was named for Charlie Mott who had tried to at his wife one long and hungry winter was all but xorcised by the banal necessities of bureaucratic life In addition I like that the multiple mysteries are solved along the way not all at once at the nd some are connected some not I did have some issues with the ultimate justice for some of them but not All Roads Lead Home enough that I won t continue with this series Plus it really did make me want to visit this beautiful National Park on the Canadian boarder Injoyed my five dayfour night trip to Michigan but the two nights I had reserved for the UP left me no time to visit Isle Royale the island national park a six hour ferry ride from Houghton so when I returned to Ohio I decided to xtend my vacation mentally by reading A Superior Death a Nevada Barr mystery in which Ranger Anna Pigeon solves a murder while stationed on the Isle I got the park atmosphere I was looking for and an njoyable mystery too I guessed the solution to the murder about thirty pages before Anna did just about right for my taste learned a lot of interesting things about the day to day activities of park rangers and found the last third of the book very suspenseful filled with xciting accounts of deep diving and dangerous boat battles Since I m not really a nature buff and I didn t fall in love with Anna I may not read another book in the series but I liked this one and would recommend it particularly to my nature loving friends. Ter murder Anna finds herself 260 feet below the forbidding surface of the lake searching for the connection between a drowned man and an age old cargo ship Written with a naturalist's feel for the wilderness and a keen understanding of characters who thrive in xtreme conditions A Superior Death is a passionate atmospheric page turn. .

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This was the first Nevada Barr mystery I read I think I ve read them all now It is well written full of surprising twists and gripping just what you want in a mystery I am JEALOUS that Ms Barr gets to travel around living in our wonderful national parks and making up great stories about them Fortunately she is very good at it Why have I never picked this series up before I ve been vaguely aware of it for ages but it never appealed to me for whatever reason But I wanted a book set in Isle Royale to read on My Trip There So trip there so decided on this one So good It was lovely to read this book while I was on the island but beyond that connection the way Barr writes about nature and the park is spellbinding What a wonderful way to learn about a National Park Additionally I found Anna Pigeon to be a really compelling character loved her inner voice and the fact that she s a 40 year old woman with no kids leading a not so traditional life Will definitely be reading of this series OK as a mystery Fabulous audiobook narrator Bad recording The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis euipmentI BOUGHT THIS BECAUSE OF THE AUDIOBOOK NARRATORAuthors one way to get people to read your books is to have a great narrator The best ones have fans I wanted to buy books narrated by Barbara Rosenblat and this was on her list I probably would not have purchased it otherwise The narrator was great THE RECORDING EUIPMENT WAS POOR UALITY YOU COULD HEAR THE NARRATOR S BREATHING AND SWALLOWING This was recorded in 1998 Maybe theuipment wasn t as good back then The breathing was distractingTHE STORYThis is part of the Anna Pigeon series She is a park ranger has a gun and can arrest people Each book has her working in a different national park In this book she works on an island in Lake Superior near the Canadian border Someone is killed a woman disappears someone is being blackmailed and there is a problem happening with a teenager It is a typical mystery detective story with Anna talking to many different people and gradually solving the various mysteries Anna s job is patrolling the area in her park ranger boat She works alone no partner Her husband died several years arlierOPINIONThere are several interesting characters Clues surface during the story which I like Anna was facing danger a couple times She impressed me with her competence at catching and arresting those stronger than she and when she did not have her gun There are some diving scenes with danger Overall I have to say it was OK but it never really grabbed me I want to be surprised or delighted or smiling which didn t happen But I think readers who love mystery detective stories will be happy with thisYou need to suspend disbelief to njoy it Anna does some things that would not happen in real life or should not happen kind of stupid Like chasing a dangerous criminal without life or should not happen kind of stupid Like chasing a dangerous criminal without partner or a weapon In one chase Anna s fellow rangers were occupied but she could have used her radio to get other locals or other authorities involved Anna was new to diving yet she was diving alone at night in dangerously deep and frigid waterDATANarrative mode 3rd person Unabridged audiobook length 11 hrs and 37 mins Swearing language strong including religious swear words but only used once or twice Sexual content one sex scene occurred It was referred to with no details Setting around 1990 mostly Isle Royale in Lake Superior near Houghton Michigan Book copyright 1994 Genre mystery detective Anna Pigeon returns for her second mystery This time she has left the southwest and is now assigned to Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior just north I am so glad that I went back to this series The in Lake Superior just north I am so glad that I went back to this series The book Track of the Cat was very good but I am beginning to think that I liked this one better Nevada Barr has a way of drawing in the reader in from the very beginning and holding your full attention straight through to the nd Even if you think you have figured out where she is going you still hold on to ach word in case there is something there that you might not have picked up on. Park ranger Anna Pigeon returns in a mystery that unfolds in and around Lake Superior in whose chilling depths sunken treasure comes with a deadly price In her latest mystery Nevada Barr sends Ranger Pigeon to a new post amid the cold deserted and isolated beauty of Isle Royale National Park a remote island off the coast of Michigan.
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A Superior Death