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He would have continued in his marriage of convenience because he is that much of a passive wimp The fact that heroine initially thought he divorced his wife because he wanted another chance with heroine was so pathetic I wanted to cry for her What a dumb dumbInstead of taking his time to rebuild trust friendship and a rel The guy is a prick what s with all the smiling on the cover They Were So In Love were so in love high school and they had kept their love in love high school and they had kept their love long distance while he was in college and she was working and helping her mother The he went to a party and the next day found himself in a motel room with a girl he didn t really know When she called him several weeks later and told him she was pregnant he called his fiance and told her he had to marry the girl His heart was broken and her heart was broken He spent 6 years in a marriage he didn t want because of his son Now he is back in Whitehorn and was hoping to get her to forgive him This is a heart breaker and tears fall Great book I need my rose colored glasses adjusted because I could not see the romance in this second chance tale I ll be pfront My r c glasses have a Harleuin Presents filter and this hero did the exact opposite of an HP alpha thus earning my scornI know it s not fair to judge characters by another line s standards but this author was writing for Silhouette at the same time as Diana Palmer and I found myself longing for the familiar world of Jacobsville Wow I think I need an intervention Maybe Or maybe this story is objectively not romanticThe backstory Hh were high school sweethearts Hero was the only son of wealthy intellectual parents who bought a ranch outside of a small Montana town for his father s help They had servants and abundant help Heroine was the daughter of a single mom who was bitter because of her husband s desertion of the family When the heroine was a senior in high school and the hero was a freshman in college she moved the heroine to California Hh had a long distance relationshipengagement They had had sex a few times before they were separated so both were serious Then the hero went to a party at college Got drunk and woke Inside the Asylum up in the OW s bed He didn t remember anything from the night before including having sex OW called him a month later telling him she was pregnant OW was the daughter of a senator and therefore couldn t cause a scandal Hero married the OW had a son and stayed married to the OWntil he caught her having an affair The story opens six years after the hero broke the heroine s heart His divorce is being finalized and he is moving back to his family s ranch The heroine has moved back to Montana some 18 months before and has opened a very successful caf We also find out that the heroine s father did not desert the family He was murdered years ago and there is an ongoing investigation that began when his body was recently discovered in a shallow grave Hh see each other again when he strolls into her caf He decides she s still pretty and he wants her back including marriage and babies He never stopped loving herHeroine is hostile She even hostile when she finds out that the hero bought the building lot next to her caf in a buying spree of several properties At the time he didn t know she wanted the land to expand her business Hero keeps trying to explain to the heroine about the drunken cheating but heroine won t listen Finally the hero kidnaps her to a cabin in the mountains The heroine has sex with him hears his story sees a photo of the H s son whom she lo. Ow he was determined to have her She'd know soon enough that the man she'd known forever was a str. ,

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Ves instantly She still not convinced of a second chance and asks to go home The hero cries on the way back to town because he is out of "ideasAfter a day or two back at the caf heroine decides she s going to give " a day or two back at the caf heroine decides she s going to give relationship a chance She drives out to the ranch only to find the OW there she s come to blackmail the hero again because she s pregnant Heroine believes OW that they are getting their marriage back on trackHero is angry that the OW messed p his life for the second time and tells her to get a PATERNITY TEST AFTER THE BABY IS test after the baby is He ll support the child if it is his but no marriage ever again He then grovels enough for the heroine to take him back Later on the OW sends word that the hero can have custody of their son She s marrying the guy she s having an affair with and affair guy didn t want the kid Since this is a series we don t find out about the h s father s murder But the h s mother does not come back from California for the Hh s wedding so I m making her the prime suspectSo that s the story Here s my problemAn HP hero would have made the best of his marriage ruthlessly purging the heroine from his mind He also would have billions to channel all of that emotion But as soon as he started divorce proceedings he would have tracked the heroine down and he would have begun his campaign to get her back He would have planned to buy the land next to her business He would have bought the bank that held her business loan This hero was a rich as an HP alpha btw He would have blackmailed her sing the business into an engagement of convenience to get rid of the OW the kidnapping wouldn t have been as dopey as the hero pretending to go another way to the airport He would have not touched the OW after he found out about the affair thus making his responsibility for her pregnancy a fantasy storyA Diana Palmer hero would have married the OW a Some readers complained about the heroine s response to the hero Here s my Where Poppies Grow uestion how is she supposed to act to a guy who loved her yet slept with another woman got the ow pregnant then married her oh the first two while being ENGAGED to the heroineThey meetp six years later and he s in the process of getting divorced and never stopped loving the heroine That s nice Good for you Have fun with your divorced life you loserThat s easy for me to say but I m sure it s difficult for the heroine because she NEVER stopped loving him I reiteratethe hero not only cheated but knocked Raquel, the Jewess of Toledo up some other woman see that s badto have the man you LOVE impregnate some OTHER WOMAN with the child YOU were supposed to have with himI m just saying married that OW for OVER FIVE YEARSntil the H discovered the OW was cheating on him go figure and NOW she s just supposed to forget the past the pain the betrayal the marriage the child not his fault I know but still the YEARS that have past without a word inkling etc because he s now available and wants her backUh no She s emo right now and I get that but she s entitledSothey get back together and blah blah blah I still have issues with the way he handled things It was heavy handed but I gotta consider when it was written This was an absolutely wonderful contemporary read for an older Harleuinlots of adult angst believable circumstances Recommended as a read for any contemporary romance readers those find of harleuins w believable circumstances I will reread this one wish to own a hardback editiondo they make harleuin hardbacks Anyway I recommend this one as a to own copy regardless a must read. Anger in the heat of the night And that despite her nsettled past he was about to claim her futur. .
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The Rancher Takes a WifeJust can t rate itthe estions that bothered me WAS HOW CAN YOU HAVE SEX WITH ANOTHER WOMAN How can you have sex with another woman you have acknowledged and accepted that you love this womanwant her forever in your lifeThen hurt her in worst possible way When he came to know what had he done why did he come clean and tell Melissa everything When Shannon told him about pregnancy why did nt he have a paternity test instead of blindly trusting her going ahead for shotgun wedding He had doubts whether Tim was his son or notstill he did nothing aboutearlier he was in shock but what about later as he said it does nt matters whether Tim is his or not he loves him then why not take the testget out of that loveless marriageIt was never cleared whether Tim was his child or notwhich disappointed me When yet again Shannon came out and declared her pregnancy he said there was a slim chance that the child might be his Why did nt he cleared the divorce mess first and then go ahead to winning Melissayet again he hurt herThis was a very disappointing read for me the only solace was we get to see H crying then onceit had tears and grovelling but stillAvoid it I did not finish this book It was a steaming pile of fragrant fecal material I hated the characters I hated their words their thoughts and everything about them They were both complete idiots I wanted them both to crash into a tree and die What on Gods Green Earth was the author thinking writing a story about a clueless spineless dolt who is led by his nether regions through life who then pops back Design for Six Sigma up into his old hometown and then KIDNAPS HIS EX GIRLFRIEND There is NOTHING about this plot twist that makes an ounce of rational logical sense I closed the book and threw it directly into the trash as soon as the man got out of the truck and left the woman sitting in the truck after he had kidnapped her and she began to RATIONALIZE AN ABDUCTION And make excuses for his behavior and to start to think to herself that she kind of still liked him NO NO NO At that point any chance of anything about this book being romantic like Elvis dropped dead on the bathroom floor and began to stink Also how many ofs would buy a ticket to go and visit a parent who lives in another state but then decide not to call her ahead of time and let her know we were coming I don t know about many 30 something adults but I do know if I showed Otis Oldfield up on my mothers doorstep out of the blue she might feed me but she would also gently let me know I should have called because she has her own life and does not exist just for me to showp and eat her "Groceries And Borrow Her Car "and borrow her car leave her dirty laundry to wash and dry and fold and most likely put away There were to put it lightly plot holes in the first half of this book through which I could drive a fleet of hummers and maybe a small yacht If I could have rated it with a Negative star I would have The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet! used That rating system It s Awful This was aick easy read however the main character Melissa was a little over the top Though I nderstand she was hurt very badly there were a few times during the story that I wanted to slap a few times during the story that I wanted to slap and tell her to wake pGreat writing Jackie Merritt you kept me interested and engaged Hero dumped heroine after he got OW pregnant and married her to save face He stayed with OW for six years having regular sex with her and doing his best to make his marriage and family work never giving heroine another thought He only divorced OW because of hurt pride OW was cheating on him and I think if he hadn t caught her red handed. The AbductionWyatt North wouldn't wait any longer He'd loved Melissa Avery for almost a lifetime ,