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2 year collection of monthly columns leads to some repetition Vernon tells several stories several times and Repeats Himself On Occasion But himself on occasion But is certainly forgivable After all Vernon started writing these columns when he was already nearly 74 and continued until he was 96 This is an amazing output Vernon passed away on August 21 1992 at the age of 98 For 25 years Dai Vernon held court at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles During his tenure at the famous magician s club he was asked to write down his thoughts on various things and the publishers of the Genii Magazine would give him a column in the periodicalSo for almost 25 years Vernon known to most magicians as The Professor wrote down his thoughts known to most magicians as The Professor wrote down his thoughts almost very aspect of MagicThis is a wonderful collection of the Professor s thoughts preserved for future generations of magicians to use A compilation of very article Dai Vernon wrote for Genii magazine from 1968 1990 and is stock full of thoughtful insights into the art of magic and the thinking behind it If you read between the lines you ssentially get an ntire master class from The Professor himself which is what makes this a special book All of the ideas tips and thoughts compiled in this book are worth their weight in gold and will certainly cause a constant barrage of light bulb moments. Non diligently recorded his thoughts on hundreds of different magicians he saw perform from all around the world and gives advice on the creation and presentation of magic the most important legacy of all Readi. The Vernon Touch published and xclusively available from The Genii Corporation is the collected columns that magician Dai Vernon The Professor wrote for Genii magazine from 1968 through 1990 Vernon born on June 11 1894 and named David Frederick Wingfield Verner was the foremost close up magician of the 20th Century His skill inventiveness and devotion to magic revolutionized the art and craft of magic Vernon received his nickname Dai when a newspaper misprinted his first name and the surname Vernon when he was confused with the male partner in a figure skating couple arly in the 20th CenturyThe columns called The Vernon Touch began in 1968 after Vernon had moved to California to become a fixture at the famed Magic Castle The Magic Castle was and still is a gathering place for magicians in the Los Angeles area but it also consists of several theaters devoted to the performance of magic The Magic Castle was the idea and creation of the Larsen family Bill Sr his sons Bill Jr and Milt along with their wives and children The Larsens were also the publishers of Genii until it was bought by Richard Kaufman in 1998What do the columns contain Well if you are seeking Explanations On How Certain Magic on how certain magic are done you ll be disappointed In general Vernon did Not Explain How Magic explain how magic were done In fa. The Vernon Touch is a time capsule of the ntire history of 20th century magic spanning nine decades Not only was Dai Vernon at the center of the magic world in New York City from the 1920s through the One Ticket To Texas early 19. Ct I can only remember about threeffects Helpmate explained However Vernon spent considerable space in discussing how magic should be performed His most famous phrase was Be natural By this he meant that the performer should perform magic as if it was just a part of hisher life Try not to make the performance look contrived Be relaxed and confident Give theffects some context He didn t have much use for performers who acted as if they were better than the audience And although he njoyed seeing card sleights he felt that sleights were only useful if they were necessary in the performance

Of An Effect Sleights 
an ffect Sleights for the sake of sleights was not good magicHe also felt that many performers went on too long with certain ffects particularly the Zombie and the dancing cane He felt that magicians should practice and rehearse the magic until it was second nature and then spent the bulk of the time on developing a then spent the bulk of the time on developing a and a performanceOne huge advantage to reading these columns is the history and personalities of magicians long gone Vernon knew them all He felt that Houdini was a master showman and xcellent at publicity but was at best a mediocre magician Vernon s personal favorites were Max Malini and Nate Leipzig His stories about these magicians and others are invaluableOf course in reading such a 60s his move to Los Angeles in 1963 to coincide with the opening of The Magic Castle once again placed him in the center of it allThe Writings of Dai VernonIn Genii The Conjurors' Magazinefrom 1968 1990 Dai Ver. 1990 Dai Ver. The Vernon Touch