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Logic, Labels, And Flesh eTh a man who doesn t seem to want to make that trade A very believable sympathetic slightly confused main character with a tough past makes this a deli 45 StarsThis was such a sweet and fun read Luke s voice just sucked me right in Of course I want because I m greedy like that Some of the scenes seemed a little rushed but thending was satisfying There were so many lol moments This one had me going for a bit I watched sadly as he scampered to the kitchen like a virginal Hobbit being chased by a sex mad Ring wrath ok big LOTR fan hereThis will definitely one of my go big LOTR fan hereThis will be one of my go books when I need a little lift Hiding behind a smile a protective smile that hides all the hurts Wearing your hurts on your sleeve is not the done thing after allYes I loved this poignant little short uie. Nd security Especially with rich powerful handsome menExcept now with finals bearing down there’s no time to be choosy He needs a roof over his head and he needs it now Even if it means settling temporarily for a geeky less than well off chemical ngineer called RussellLuke’s fully prepared to put out for the guy because after all in this wo. .

I m giving this a 35 Luke is absolutely adorable as this story is told in his point of view Yes he uses sells himself with sex so he can crash in people s apartments as he finishes school but he is so darn funny He meets Russell super geeky bearded swoon 30 yr old virgin OMG SWOONand 95% of this book is them living together awkwardly at first and ventually becoming friends My only complaint is that I wish we would have seen them in an actual relationship for longer than a few pages them in an actual relationship for longer than a few pages waited all book and I felt a little let "Down At The End It Ended SO Abruptly I Wanted "at the The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths end Itnded SO abruptly I wanted time with themOtherwise super cute story Love this author s voice This is a sweet short low angst story about a young college student who has been trading sex for room and board and his reactions to living wi. Easy come asy gountil the heart gets involvedEnglish student and aspiring journalist Luke Corbin should be studying Instead he’s facing homelessness thanks to the lover who’s just kicking him out of their posh digs It’s not his first rejection his father tossed him out at age sixteen but Luke has no problem trading his favors for a home ,

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Pricks and PragmatismT without lots of fanfare but with a punch Meh It was ok I "m big JL Merrow after reading Muscling Through I think the author does a "a big JL Merrow after reading Muscling Through I think the author does a job of writing simple characters who forge unlikely bonds and find love PP was a similar storyline but lacked the strong MC s that you find in Muscling Through really no one can beat Al Luke Russell are sweet nough but just not that interestingLuke is a student who dates up and lives off of his relationships Russell is a bearded soft dorky Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice engineer who takes Luke in as a roommate They forge an unlikely platonic friendship but as time goes on and they get to knowach other they find themselves increasingly attractedIf this book were The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth even a page longer I might ve been bored As it stands it was a short uick read and justntertaining noug. Rld no one gets something for nothing But Russell isn’t just a nerd; he’s an honourable nerd who wants to save himself for someone specialAt first Luke is annoyed but the time he spends with Russell the closer he comes to a devastating realization He wants to be that someone special Except he’s fallen for the one man he can’t seem to cha. ,