EBOOK or PDF Secrets of Mental Math The Mathemagician's Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks

Secrets of Mental Math The Mathemagician's Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math TricksNo uestion there is definitely useful to point OF BEING NECESSARY INFORMATION IN BOOK IN THE being necessary information in this book In the chapter ironically Chapter 0 I was introduced to a smorgasbord of various tricks that became immediately useful the rule of multiplying 11s suaring numbers that end in 5 multiplying two digit numbers with the same first digit and second digits that sum to 10 which I admit was a little bit harder to have explained but as soon as I ot it it became ridiculously valuable Beyond that I learned how to do pretty much all math in my head Suaring any two digit number above 30 was something I thought was reserved for savants like the More scary stories for sleep-overs guy from PiI feel nerdy as hell for praising the book this much but it really is thatood You might not want to be bogged down with explanations of how to suare three digit numbers in your head but I would recommend anyone to read Chapter 0 then see how they like it or evaluate if it s oing to be useful to them I slowed down about half way through this book and was ready to ive it 3 stars In some cases I had discovered a fair number of the tricks on my own or had learned them elsewhere The processes described were sometimes just brute mathematics reuiring you compute then hold numbers in your head and compute again However the second half had some cool techniues that I didn t know and while 4 or 5 digit multiplication problems are just plain difficult as the author admits 3 and 4 digit suares are doable than I would ve thought and perfect cube roots of numbers with up to 6 digits are so easy it s fun With the neat mathematical magic tricks at the End To Cap It Off This Book Was Back Up to cap it off this book was back up 4 stars for me The author is enthusiastic but somehow this enthusiasm doesn t transmit to the reader The tricks work but I am incredibly bored by this book regardless might have worked better with real life examples but I for one am hard pressed to think of a Heads of the Colored People good real life reason to multiply a pair of two digit numbers in your head Fantastic book If you love math or would just like to be able to struggle less with it this book is areat tool One caveat however don t expect magically easy math abilities Benjamin shows you the tools to make mental math problems exponentially easier but at the end of the day you still need to calculate Now with that out of the way can you calculate suares and suare roots in your head For two three no five digit numbers This book will show you the ways of these and many other fantastic mathematical prestidigitation techniues Calculate the day of the week of any calendar date Check Estimate suare roots to many decimal places Check Memorize Pi to hundreds of digits Check Use mod sums to check your answers Check digit Bottom line et this book if you want to nerd out and work your math muscle. Ll be able to uickly multiply and divide triple digits compute with fractions and determine suares cubes and roots without blinking an eye No matter what your age or current math ability Secrets of Mental Math will allow you to perform fantastic feats of the mind effortlessly This is the math they never taught you in schoolAlso available as an eBook. ,

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N memorization show what the simple human brain can do when aided with techniues and training achieving abilities so uncanny that it can seen like magic to the uninitiated To me this FACT ALONE IS CAUSE FOR HOPEFULNESS alone is cause for hopefulness it reveals to us the transformative power of expertise This book helped me to re build a fresh perspective on doing math in my head He builds on a central idea of breaking down seemingly complex computations into simple manageable ones He then ives you new ways of seeing numbers such that once these various patterns become familiar you are able to employ tricks to etting the math done uickly One of his first examples is how to suare a two digit number that ends in 5 you need to remember only two things 1 The answer begins by multiplying the first digit by the next higher digit 2 The answer ends in 25 For example to suare the number 35 we simply multiply the first digit "3 By The Next Higher Digit 4 Then Attach 25 "by the next higher digit 4 then attach 25 3 4 12 the answer is 1225 Therefore 35 35 1225 As a nerd who is desperate for attention but also very lazy this book was a odsend Arthur Benjamin s mental math tips are very easy to learn yet still appear impressive to the casual observer Towards the end of the book t Two stars really isn t a fair rating Had some fun adding and subtracting and then multiplying 3 digit numbers in my head But as the problems et complex my limitations became apparent Couldn t read through the entire book When I couldn t do what the book was suggesting just ave upSo no reading this book wont suddenly make you a math eniusThere are some interesting stories with Interesting Perspectives But Not Enough perspectives but not enough inspire the me to practice the tricks and yes I expect the average person will need to practiceSo in fairness the 2 stars represents the bitterness I felt upon failing to become an overnight mathemagicianbut who knows maybe you can do it Special thanks to NATALYA ST CLAIR for typesetting the initial draft which was partly supported by a rant from the Mellon Foundation D I LOVE this book It s a nerd s dream come true for me I checked it out from the library and had it for at least two months It pained me to ive it back I m oing to buy it soon as I The Interior Landscape: Love Poems from a Classical Tamil Anthology get money These tricks are so wonderful it s a wonder they didn t use these in school I loved the Pi part I can recite Pi to a hundred digits now Always been aoal of mine too I was content with knowing it for 20 digits but this made it super easy to know it to a hundred Then the figuring out the weekday when you have a date Awesome The multiplying is really neat too A Foreword by Bill NyeBILL NYEWatching him was definitely the reatest time I had in science class Knowing that he advocates this book or was bought out to support it is pretty much worthy of my attention. Lightning uick calculations and amazing number tricks This book will teach you to do math in your head faster than you ever thought possible dramatically improve your memory for numbers and maybe for the first time make mathematics funYes even you can learn to do seemingly complex euations in your head; all you need to learn are a few tricks You’.
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