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Ardons Perhaps it was simply because a presidential pardon cannot be undone Or perhaps Bush looking ahead 8 years wanted to make sure his own authority to pardon would REMAIN ABSOLUTE SADLY WE WON T absolute Sadly we won t Olson weighing in on Hillary s bid to succeed Bill as president Olson died in 911 when the hijacked jet she was riding crashed in Pennsylvania Isn t it Ironic She waited all of her life to get on that planeSusan Olson tells a story here that needed telling but she loses points through how she tells the story The whiny commentary runs thick like syrup in some places in this book If they were to reboot batman again here is the cat woman Did she used to work with Hillary Clinton Wow she really hated this woman The catty remarks keep coming as she punctuates the story with her sly puns Her ditor left the building because the result here is less than a professional job Olson attacks Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead everything liberal Ergonomic design rules in the workplace check Al Gore check any liberal thought from the 20th century checkShe was finishing up this book as the Florida recount was going on and shexcuses "That Fiasco Stolen Presidential "fiasco stolen presidential while milling over Bill Clinton s marital infidelities She takes swipes at Al Gore whom I suppose is on her Bryozoan Evolution enemies list too andven defends high levels of arsenic in public water supplies on page 89This book is well researched and you will remember many of these incidents The chapters on the presidential pardons were well developed but Ms Olson would have done much better to tone it down a bit This is one of those cases where a professional journalist without an axe to grind will revisit this subject in a few years and will do a much better job in presenting an argument against the Clintons behavior at the nd of Bill s final term. Ower the presidential library that is becoming a massive boondoogle of vanity appropriate for a Third World dictator and muc.

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I was hoping for a well researched well documented well written ven of the Evil Regime Perfect For An Agenda perfect for an Joe Schmoe like myself this ain t it though I was intrigued frankly by the fact the author perished on the hijacked plane that went into the intrigued frankly by the fact the author perished on the hijacked plane that went into the boy did it bring back the swell memories How could I have forgotten the Arkansas state troopers whose job it was to round up women for the Big Guy Or the fact that we had as our Commander in Chief a draft dodger who didn t inhale or uite grasp the meaning of is Classics Or Paula Jones or the Flowers chick or the weird non impeachment And Roger How could I have forgotten Headache Secret Service code name for the POTUS brother So it all came rushing back to meand I got depressedI had not forgotten Travelgate and Whitewater and Monica though Wow it was a busy 8 years for the ClintonsAnyway the real title of the tome should be Pardongate or Pardons for Sale or Pardon my Pun Here s one Mr and Mrs Kaye who got Monica her intern slot gifted the Clintons in their final days with a travel cigar humidor valued at 9K I m laughing so hard I Written by a victim of the 911 Pentagon crash Finished just before she died Her family had it published anyway Very interesting book regarding President Clintons pardons specially in light of the Scooter Libby pardon Scooter really didn t seem to do anything Clinton pardon murders crooks and terrorist This political potboiler is a timely book to skim as the 2016 presidential campaign moves into high gear For those with short memories Olson s xpose reminds us that Bill Clinton was criticized for much than marital infidelity Olson s book centers mostly on the scores of pardons that Clinton issued in the final days of his presidency many of them without. Olson turns her razor sharp vision on the Clintons' shocking xcesses in their final days of office the outrageous pardons ,
Any Justice Department review Particularly odious was the pardon given to commodities broker Marc Rich charged with breaking trade mbargos Rich husband of a Clinton fundraiser never served time but instead skipped the
yet won a reprieve allegedly the help of a 4oo000 fix sorry consulting fee paid to Hugh Rodham Hillary s brother plus hefty donations funneled through his wife to the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Library Hillary running for the Senate at the time claimed she knew nothing about it Olson also recounts the many furniture and clothing gifts the Clintons received from foreign dignitaries Some of them were loaded onto Trucks Bound For Their Future Home In bound for their future home in York but after uestions were raised about legal ownership the Clintons later agreed to send some of them back to the White House Also touched on were the mammoth book deals they negotiated a record 10 million publisher s advance for Bill and 8 million for Hillary The material makes for fascinating reading but Olson overdoes it by mploying shrill repetition If she had simply recounted the facts in a matter of fact way her indictment would have been ffective Instead she resorts to branding Bill Clinton a low life and Hillary an Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America enabler Most of the material is a rehash of scandals that other reporters unearthed But she does manage to build a strong case against the Clintons by uoting many Democratic figures who late in the game grew disgusted with their president and First Lady as details of the pardons surfaced Interestingly Hillary is now using the same tactic against Donald Trump stringing together sound bites from other Republicans repudiating the presumptive nominee One uestion left unanswered is why the Bush administration didn t raise a fuss about the O political cronies and friends the looting of the White House thexecutive orders that were sheer abuses of presidential
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The Final Days The Last Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House