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That it is obviously fictional than the novels that came after it One may in fact see that as a negative but it was nice in my opinion to encounter a relaxed Sebald one trying stuff out even some goofy stuff Hmmthis is a tough one and still don t know just uite what to make of it I Could sit on it for 24 hours and reach a different conclusion but while it s fresh in my mind I settle for now And speakings of minds Sebald going by this certainly had an imaginative one made up of fragmented memories from his outh and historical meditation swirled with fantastical events from an overview of the life of Stendhal in 19th century Italy The positives from Vertigo far outweigh the negatives but I so wish it had either been an ingenious novel of vast proportions or a travelogue memoir solely based on fact it mixes both with mixed results It has given me vertigo a sensation of whirling and loss of focus I wish I had a feeling of euilibrium because reviewing this is not going to be easyA ghostly figure which I will call Sebald s doppelganger takes off from England to travel via the streets of Vienna Venice Milan Verona and Innsbruck finally ending the journey in the German village of W Wertach his family home Driven by a hypnotic prose which was seriously good Sebald the narrator takes readers on an almost spiritual pilgrimage bending his own thoughts from places visited in the past and the felling it evokes inside of him Some pages contain old photos and drawings that accompany the text this just adds to the feeling of buried thoughts and periods in the past some are blurry but then so was Sebald s mind Kafka on a bus his link with a pizzeria in Verona the image of Ludwig of Bavaria floating by in a vaporetto in Venice the mythical figure of Gracchus the huntsman and an ancient war entrancingly are spellbound into Sebald s vision His wondering travels conjure up some wondrous landscapes through Italy and are beautifully descriptive casting bewilderment and daze In a moment of confusion whilst in the Milan Cathedral he would all of a sudden no longer have any knowledge of his surroundings unable to determine whether he was in the land of the living or already in another place having a force of uncertainty that pervades everything around him This sums Vertigo up in a nutshellVertigo is not the type of book to put Gunnin' For Love your feet up and relax to on the contrary it stimulates the mind getsou thinking puzzles and dazzles likewise to a degree this reminded me in some ways of calvino s Invisible Cities for the way it wraps Timoe you in a magical blanket But Sebald writes with a melancholic and haunting tone There is sadness within especially towards the endThere is a problem though of piling up too much detail and jumping from thought to thought that felt increasingly random and obliue In terms of the readers there are no hints about the points he was trying to raise I don t want to call than 50% of it s content as self indulgent but not to lie it was I can understand the whole dislocation from reality thing but it didn t fully grasp meAnd this coming from someone who generally does not use criticism in reviews always looking rather for the good things and there are plenty here But one must be honest with ones self otherwise doubt over ones ability to judge fairly is bought into uestionA good solid three stars is the best I can do Sebald II D nya Sava sonras Alman halk n n belleklerine bask ve korku i indea ayan d nyalara bizi gene otobiyografik deneme ve farkl Convaincre en moins de 2 minutes yk t rlerini kendine has bir bi im i erik i inde m thi bir okuma zevki sunuyor Sebald birbirinden ba ms zap lardan olu an Catwoman yk leri temalar ile birbirine ba lamas ve gene Sebald n inan lmaz do al anlat m ile Beyle isimli Napolyon d neminde bir askerin evet d nd m z ki i okuyucuya sinyaller akarak bu ki inin a klar n ve ba ar s zl klar n okuyoruz kinci b l m ve di erleri cidden tarif edilmesi zor ve ancak okuma do rultusunda tad lezzeti beyninizde kalacak inan lmaz g ndermeler ile devam ediyor Sebald bizi tarihsel anlamdaolculuklara kararak Fictions de Jorge Luis Borges yazarlar zerinden harika g ndermelerap orHarika bir deneyimdiHerkese iyi okumalar109 Vertigo is about properties of human mind and memory and the "story goes as a sudden paroxysm of dizzinessover the ears I had puzzled out a good deal in my own mind "goes as a sudden paroxysm of dizzinessover the ears I had puzzled out a good deal in my own mind in spite of that far of dizzinessover the ears I had puzzled out a good deal in my own mind in spite of that far becoming clearer things now appeared to me incomprehensible than ever The images I gathered from the past I said the unlikely it seemed to me that the past had actually happened in this or that way for nothing about it could be called normal most of it was absurd and if not absurd then appallingIt is a tale about that strange occupation we call livingMme Gherardi maintained that love like most other blessings of civilisation was a chimaera which we desire the the further removed we are from Nature Insofar as we seek Nature solely in #another body we become cut off from Her I take refuge in prose as one might in #body we become cut off from Her I take refuge in prose as one might in boat Laughter erupted from the adjacent table A middle aged lady chided a Myford Series 7 Lathe Manual: ML7, ML7-R, Super 7 young man for his deteriorating writing skills Theoung man shifted in his chair with a sheepish grin nudging a tiny vial of admiration in his copper brown eyes Were they bearer of a clandestine moment His neigbour was now invoking poetry gods with the adulterated whim of a ventrilouist He uoted Baudelaire I think Or was that Verlaine Damn My poetry uotient is not worth a tarnished dime Anyway back to the poet He is now towering over a nubile being and scanning her notes This Attirance Criminelle Tome 1 young thing is explaining a sonnet with gusto snapping the air with jingling of her bangles Does there exist a common set of fans of both Baudelaire and Shakespeare Of course Stupid me Focus There is a fifth person around the same table who is presently sweeping the uartet with the incisive broom of her bushy eyelashes Is she the decision maker or the note taker Now and then the I listen as it were to a soundless opera Elsewhere I have called Sebald Europe s last great rememberer the final inheritor of the legacy of all those literary and artistic exiles of Una fiammata brevissima uno scoppio sprizzi di scintille e poi ogni cosa si spegne Gli ingredienti sono i medesimi di Austerlitz viaggio memorie letteratura arte architettura StoriaL impasto si compone di prosa elegantissima mai artificiosa e fotografie in bianco e nero Fotografie come testimonianza di vite che furono Pensieri associazioni parallelismi ricordi ricostruzioni Pensieri evocati che non appartengono pi alle persone che li hanno concepiti perch legati ad un tempo e ad un luogoLa vertigine uella che coglie nel momento in cui avviene la presa di coscienza di uanto sia effimero l uomo le sue pulsioni i suoi ricordi i suoi mutabili pensieri i suoi tentativi di sopravvivere al tempoVite di persone si intersecano semplicemente perch hanno solcato lo stesso suolo hanno osservato lo stesso dipinto in anni differenti attraversati dagli stessi pensieri e dalle stesse pulsioni Forse Oppure passanti in maniera fortuita per gli stessi luoghi senza un disegno ma solo per pura casualit Il viaggio che compie Sebald non solo un viaggio nei luoghi un viaggio nel tempo e nelle coscienze Un tentativo di ricostruzione identit e individualit dissolte Ma come mantenere ci che stato se i luoghi e le cose non sono in grado di testimoniare uante pi immagini del passato riesco a raccogliere continuai tanto pi mi sembra inverosimile che proprio in uel modo si sia svolto il passato nulla in esso pu definirsi normale anzi la maggior parte di uanto vi accaduto ridicolo e l dove non ridicolo suscita orroreA Sebald non interessa raccontare una storia Sebald regala suggestioni. The narrator plunges the reader into vertigo into that swimming of the head as Webster's defines it in other words into that state so unsettling so fascinating and so stunning and strange as The New York Times Book Review declared about The Emigrants that it is like a dreamou want to last forev.

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Admittedly large home was backed by an even larger field in which wild horses ran Notes sur la mlodie des choses yet that the field the horses the house is my strongest memory of the week I spent in CornwallSomeears ago I was at college and my philosophy teacher told me a story about how he moved to the Czech Republic on a whim so to speak in order to be with a Czech girl he had met whilst she was on vacation in England When he arrived at her house she showed him in and explained that he ought to say hello to her father He agreed and so she directed him to climb the stairs where her father could be found in the first room on the right My teacher may have found this odd but in any case he climbed the stairs and entered the room and there he saw the old man sitting in a chair listening to Wagner with tears streaming down his face Now this did not happen to me I know that well enough so why is it that this memory now seems as though it belongs to me Why is it that I am able to put myself in that situation in place of my teacher and see not what he saw but my own version of it with as much assurance as anything that has actually happened to me in my lifeAs I sit here and think about those two trips one to Cornwall and one to the Czech Republic both of which are a strange mixture of fantasy and fact the proportions of each unknowable to me I feel extremely disorientated This disorientation is I believe what Sebald called vertigo a state that is characterised by the difficulty or a belief in the difficulty of putting one s feet on the ground of being sure of Le druidisme au quotidien : Guide pratique et philosophique yourself and of the world aroundou It is this mental and physical state that Sebald writes about in this book the first of his four great novels In it he tells a series of anecdotes and stories involving both fictional characters and real people including himselfSebald s first vertigo sufferer is Marie Henri Beyle who we are told was a soldier in Napoleon s army he was also a writer and is better known as Stendhal Throughout his life Beyle s memories and perceptions according to Sebald consistently played tricks on him For example he was convinced that the town of Ivrea through which he once passed would be indelibly fixed in his mind only to find some ears later that what he actually remembered was nothing but a copy of an engraving called Prospetto d IvreaBeyle writes that even when the images supplied by memory are true to life one can place little confidence in themFor Beyle the distinction between truth and fiction reality and imagination was tenuous at best Probably the most wonderful the most moving anecdote Sebald shares with us in this regard involves Beyle s relationship with a possibly imaginary woman La Ghita Beyle writes Sebald claimed to have been travelling with La Ghita to have had involved conversations with her and to have eventually broken from her and et there is no definitive proof that she ever existed in fact the likelihood is that she was a composite of numerous women the Frenchman had knownAs with all of Sebald s work in Vertigo he is concerned with melancholy outsiders or eccentrics Most people do not have a troubled relationship with reality like Beyle does but the few that do tend to not be particularly happy or mentally stable This appears to be borne out when at the beginning of the second section of the novel Sebald or the narrator who so closely resembles Sebald discusses his own mental breakdown which occurs when travelling through Vienna Milan Verona Venice and Innsbruck The narrator s vertigo manifests itself as a kind of dread or neurotic fear and by a sense of the uncanny For example at one point he tells the story of Casanova s imprisonment and notices that the day the Italian had set for his escape is the day that he Sebald had visited that same prison Doge s Palace When he leaves each town or city he does so as though trying to outstrip his anxiety as though he is on the run from himself and possibly the two shadowy figures he believes may be following him In the second half of this long second section Sebald returns seven Sami et Julie CE1 Sami et Julie font des crpes years later to make the same trip and visit some of the same places This trip is a tour of his memories of those places as much as it is an actual tour of themLike Beyle Sebald is hyper sensitive the things that he reads and the art that he engages with often break into reality the everyday world is often transformed by his imagination or madness At one point in the book he thinks that he is following Dante at another he mentions that he was once convinced that a black limousine driver was Melchior one of the three magi or wise men Throughout there hangs over the book the uestion What is reality Are Sebald s strange experiences reality Instinctively one would want to say no because Dante was dead at the time the narrator claims to have seen him andet for me the issue is far from clear cut what someone experiences regardless of how impossible it may may seem is their reality is as real as anything we would accept without raising an eyebrow The truth of the world I once wrote is like a cloud of blue smoke on a windy dayOver the ears I had puzzled out a good deal in my own mind but in spite of that far from becoming clearer things now appeared to me incomprehensible than ever The images I gathered from the past i said the unlikely it seemed to me that the past actually happened in this or that wayAccording to many of the reviews and articles I have read Vertigo is the weakest of Sebald s four novels but that is not an opinion I share for me The Emigrants is the least engaging of the bunch However what does distinguish this novel from the others and perhaps accounts for some of the indifference towards it is that it wears its influences brazenly Sebald s other work all tastes subtly of Marcel Proust and Jorge Luis Borges but here the flavour is very very strong The prose style involving long complex sentences with multiple clauses is recognisably Proustian and some of the ideas contained within Vertigo are not only similar to some of those found in In Search of "Lost Time but actually appear in it Further the structure of this book in comparison with Austerlitz and The Rings "Time but actually appear in it Further the structure of this book in comparison with Austerlitz and The Rings Saturn in particular is far from sophisticated For example while the opening Beyle section is thematically connected to the rest of the work it still essentially stands alone Later in his career Sebald would work his anecdotes and stories into his overall narrative and that gave them a satisfying flow that Vertigo does not haveYet there are #also positive aspects of the book that one will not find in Sebald s sophisticated work First of all #positive aspects of the book that one will not find in Sebald s sophisticated work First of all is at times pretty funny There is a refreshing lightness of touch or lightheartedness in certain passages Two incidents stand out or me in this regard there is Sebald possibly getting hit on in a bar in Italy and a scene on a bus when he spies two kids who he thinks are dead ringers for Franz Kafka Here our intrepid narrator approaches the boys and their parents but receives a frosty reception he asks for a photograph of the children but is turned down They probably thought I was a pederast Sebald notes Ha Martin Amis once said that all great writers are also comic writers and I believe there is some truth in that A comic writer does not have to mean someone like PG Wodehouse but for me and Amis too includes the likes of Tolstoy and Kafka The idea is that if ou understand the world and the human condition ou cannot help but be on occasions funny because life is funny so it pleases me that Sebald has shown that he too could be humorous The story of the Kafka kids also highlights another pleasing aspect of Vertigo which is. Signature elements of Sebald's hugely acclaimed novels The Emigrants and The Rings of Saturn An unnamed narrator beset by nervous ailments is again our guide on a hair raising journey through the past and across Europe amid restless literary ghosts Kafka Stendhal Casanova In four dizzying sections. MIND THE GAP Pisanello Affresco di San Giorgio e la Principessa 1433 1438 Verona Chiesa di Santa AnastasiaL io narrante di Sebald uasi sempre in un periodo delicato e doloroso della vita conosce la desolazione degli ospedali ha freuentato anche uelli psichiatrici immerso nella malinconia ma direi anche in ualcosa di molto prossimo alla depressione alle prese con una forza con la uale ingaggia una lotta muta ma strenuaPisanello Affresco di San Giorgio e la Principessa particolare Verona Chiesa di Santa AnastasiaImmagino che uella forza sia il ricordo ricordare o dimenticare fa ugualmente male un peso dal uale non ci si liberaMa ualcosa che non si pu trascurareAnche conservare memoria perfetta di una lacerante amnesia preferibile al completo oblioMa le immagini che la memoria riconduce per uanto fedeli al proprio vissuto possono essere prese come dati di fatto sono davvero affidabili uante pi immagini del passato riesco a raccogliere tanto pi mi sembra inverosimile che si sia svolto proprio in uel modo nulla in esso pu definirsi normale la maggior parte di uanto vi accaduto ridicolo e l dove non ridicolo suscita orroreL orrore l eredit dell heimat nasce da uei dodici anni che durarono mille durante i uali Sebald e il suo io narrante videro la luce e anche dall essersene andato via avere abbandonato la terra natia un gesto sentito come aver voluto dimenticare e rimuovere uel passato ma si comunue portato dietro l infezione nazista proprio come Stendhal nel primo racconto sotto l alias di Beyle si porta dietro la sifilide nel suo peregrinare per l Italia settentrionale Perch in fondo al ricordo c sempre dolore c sempre una colpa Il ricordo vertigine L io narrante di Sebald parla in modo accurato dotto forbito ironico ipnoticoParla col silenzio Parla attraverso gli spazi geografici e temporali che percorreParla di paesaggi di rarefatta solitudine Traccia linee di collegamento tra la mano di una donna che potrebbe essersi poggiata sulla sua spalla nella hall di un albergo di Limone sul Garda con il ricordo di anni prima a Manchester dove un ottica cinese gli ripar gli occhiali giungendo a una vicinanza fisica uasi simile Sembra sempre circondato di simboli ha visioni vede persone morte da tempo fa incontri strani perseguitato da atmosfere gotiche cupe sospese desolate Si ferma a scrivere dove capita anche nel corridoio del treno o davanti alla stazione di Desenzano prende appunti con la matita su taccuini dimenticando tutto tutti e se stesso scrive e afferma di non sapere cosa scrive ma di avere sempre pi la sensazione che si trattasse di un romanzo gialloL io narrante di Sebald parla attraverso racconti che sono romanzi che sono memoir che sono saggi che sono autobiografia diario di viaggio ricordi personali diari altrui lettere articoli di giornale confidenze romanzo giallo Parla di storia e geografia e arte e botanica e architettura e musica e Parla di viaggi nel tempo e nello spazio Sono viaggi dell anima che il corpo asseconda Entrato in chiesa mi sedetti un attimo per slacciarmi le stringhe delle scarpe e all improvviso come ricordo ancora con immutata chiarezza non seppi pi dove fossi Nonostante il faticosissimo tentativo di ricostruire lo svolgimento delle ultime giornate uelle che mi avevano condotto l non avrei neppure saputo dire se mi trovavo ancora nel mondo dei vivi o in un AltroveParla e sembra tacereParla piano parla col silenzio e in silenzioRespira e mi trasmette libert non solo perch oltre la costrizione di ualsiasi genere letterario proprio uesta forma di uiete che ha il profumo di libert La mia sensazione che segua una linea pi sinuosa che retta pi periferica che tesa al centro potrebbe ridisporre ueste uattro sezioni racconti in un infinita variet di combinazioniNon in fondo uesto che il narratore di Sebald afferma uando nella biblioteca civica di Verona sfogliando le raccolte dei giornali locali risalenti all agosto e settembre 1913 scrive storie senza n capo n coda che pensavo tra me sarebbe stato opportuno approfondireE ancora con le mie annotazioni mi trovavo ormai arrivato al punto in cui si trattava di andare avanti non si sa fino a uando oppure di in cui si trattava di andare avanti non si sa fino a uando oppure di perderePerch in tutte le opere di Sebald ci sono le fotografie cosa significanoSono abbandonate tra le pagine come in un diario per ricordare ualcosa un momento particolareMa anche se si trattasse di un diario "UN DIARIO PUBBLICATO LA FOTO STAMPATA IN UN POSTO "diario pubblicato la foto stampata in un posto un ordine precisi vuole avvalorare il testo confermarlo dargli pi verit O siamo nel campo della letteratura postmoderna e Sebald sta cercando di ricordarci che si tratta di un opera di finzione una sua invenzione come l attore che improvvisamente volta le spalle al palcoscenico e parla rivolto allo spettatore suarciando il velo in fondo la foto non dimostra nulla pu essere uella o un altra cosa non abbiamo prove per collegarla al testo se non una specie di verosimiglianza Lavoriamo al buio facciamo uello che possiamo diamo uello che abbiamo Il nostro dubbio la nostra passione e la nostra passione il nostro compito Cos Henry James sintetizza il lavoro dell artista sono parole che si applicano anche al lettore perch uando s incontra una vera e propria opera d arte come gli scritti di Sebald come leggere al buio non si pu mai sapere dove si verr condottiEcco perch uando posso io cerco rifugio nella sua prosa come in un cinema uando inizio a leggerlo come se si spegnesse la luce e io prendessi il largo Throughout Vertigo WG Sebald through deceptively clear prose and photographs creates a disorienting waking dream for his readers The novel is divided into four sections and while there is not a straightforward plot or clear storyline Sebald weaves thematic connections as well as specific details revisited from different perspectives to hold the novel together Some sections read as biographies of historical figures while others are written from the perspective of neurotic characters traveling in Venice Vienna and the Tyrolean Mountains in dreamlike states Nothing is stable in Sebald s world Although maps atlases and sketches of terrain appear throughout the book discrepancies between these guides and the actual sites changed by time development or the
between the ideal and reality these worlds difficult for the characters to navigate Sebald uses water as another device to convey the dream like vertigo suffered by his characters Waves roll vaporetti rock on the canals of Venice the lapping of water acts as a lullaby Buildings and works of art molder and decay Characters attempt to find something concrete to hold onto friends people on the streets a walking routine scraps of paper to decipher but in the end their dream states always prevailSince finishing Vertigo I can t shake off the disorienting sense that I was dreaming along with the characters This novel is recommended for people who don t reuire traditional plots but who are interested in traveling with Sebald witnessing his blurring of genres and sharing in the disconcerting experience of life with his characters I find the wonderful German writer WG Sebald so difficult to review that my treatment of his second novel The Rings of Saturn was no than a long story about a trip I once made with my then partner to her home in Cornwall during which mostly on account of her parents I lost my mind and my girlfriend I m not of course going to go over all that again and I couldn t even if I wanted to for I have forgotten much of what took place et the disuieting thing is that what I can recall or bring back I now doubt the veracity of For example my girlfriend s parents were very rich but I am sure that it is not the case that their. Vertigo W G Sebald's first novel never before translated into English is perhaps his most amazing and certainly his most alarming Sebald the acknowledged master of memory's uncanniness takes the painful pleasures of unknowability to new intensities in Vertigo Here in their first flowering are the. Schwindel Gefühle