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Wicked Affairs p 2 yIng recent recruits These include Zulus Xhosa and Coloreds mixed race and South Asian Racial diversity and prejudice against women in the police force prevails as well as hard feelings towards affirmative action There are two crime cases addressed in this gripping plot One is the murder of one of twooung American girls who had been backpacking on a tour through Africa They were being chased by a group of oung men and running for their lives One was caught and killed and her terrorized friend is running with the men still in pursuit She is exhausted hungry and thirsty She runs and hides throughout the book She has been in possession of something they desperately want and are willing to torture and kill for it We do not know what they are after until near the end Benny promises her father in the USA that he will do everything in his power to find her and keep HER SAFE THERE IS DIPLOMATIC PRESSURE AS THE MURDERED safe There is diplomatic pressure as the murdered girl and the now missing one could cause international problems by publicizing crime in the country There is concern that this might affect the tourist industry The other case has to do with the murder of a prominent music executive and fraud within the recording business His abused and alcoholic wife wakes to find that he has been shot dead in the room where she has wakes to find that he has been shot dead in the room where she has asleep in her usual drunken stupor It seems obvious that she has killed him but Benny has his doubts This case exposes sex scandals and corruption within the music business The overland tour company is found to be implicated in a very nasty conspiracy These books are well plotted tense complex with intriguing characters I look forward to the next one in the series Another great book by this South African writer Set in Cape Town post Apartheid there is a lot of political and social fact in the book as well as a great fictional story Benny the main character is et another alcoholic cop but I like him He is actually dealing with his problems and he has many and he is making progress with his A gem of a mystery Read it after a number of serious reads and enjoyed very much A very fast paced and well crafted mystery Bonus was the virtual tour of CapeTown I am going to read of this writerHighly recommend to all I hadn t actually heard of this author who writes in Afrikaans until I heard him being interviewed on a BBC Radio Programme some months ago I was intrigued by what he said and by the setting of his novels in Cape Town one of the relatively few places in the world I have personally visitedAn initial synopsis of this novel makes it sound like crime writing by the numbers The lead character Inspector Benny Griessel is a middle aged detective with a drink problem and marital troubles and the "Main Part Of The Plot "part of the plot the The Piper in the Wind young woman in danger scenario However don t be put off Inspe A cracking crime novel set in Cape Town over a Thirteen Hour period The book conveys the fast pace of murders committed and which are solved in the first day the police run around run into dead ends new tasks are assigned communication confusion It also conveys the fragility of South African infrastructure ongoing tensions between whites and blacks tribal and language differences and shows the commitment needed to get things done In the end it also shows ifou something done give it to a busy man especially if his name is Benny Griessel. Ist ihre Freundin Rachel mit der sie am Tag zuvor aus Namibia gekommen ist Griessel erfährt dass Rachel durch die Stadt gejagt wird sich aber nicht traut zur Polizei zu gehen Zur selben Zeit findet ein Hausmädchen einen Musikproduzenten tot in seinem Haus – vor ihm liegt seine Frau mit der Pistole und erwacht langsam aus dem Alkoholrausch In all dem Schlamassel erhält Griessel den Anruf seiner Frau Sie bittet um ein Treffen – sie will ihm endlich sagen wie es mit ihnen beiden weitergehen kann.

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Is teased out concurrently with Rachel s web of intrigue Meyer is brilliant at interlocking disparate characters events and scenes and at solving parallel puzzlesThe crisp story is supported by trenchant characters Benny Griessel the Slavic eyed bushy haired Inspector with a sinking marriage and six months sobriety has a sharp radar and a fox s energy as well as a tarnished reputation He pursues the perps with thirsty zeal while trying to keep his inner demons at bay Can he save his marriage Can he rescue the girl Will the lure of drink undo him Benny struggles to keep it together while people s lives are falling apartFransman Dekker an apt avid cop with a strident temper is furious about the racial hiring practice in the department He s close to losing his cool over the results of affirmative action not black enough not white enough feeling the statistical stab of eight percent coloured His nemesis Zulu Mbali Kaleni is one of the most delightfully imperious and exotic policewomen I have come across in fiction She looks like an overstuffed piegeon with a big bulge in front and a big bulge behind in her tight black trouser suit Dekker Griessel and Kaleni like the other players in the book are dimensional and sympathetic Meyer has a knack for fiery characters that vault from the pages while they crackle and burnThe story is taut and the climax is gripping Although cinematic and conventional than his previous work Meyer s brio is seductive his pointed narrative is spicy Some parts are predictable et without feeling tired and shopworn He tells the story with a candid depth that is wholly humane and authentic A primal essence buzzes and hums as he juxtaposes scenes cutting from one jolting moment to the next And although I am typically put off by cell phone bits in a novel Meyer s snappy insertions actually increase the story s tensile strength The chapters revolve around the clock and the minutes fly with the pages He controls the fluid narrative with an acid restraint and never goes overboard It vibrates with soul but it s not for the faint of heart fun reading not the deapest but do we look for a deap story not always good to know a south african thriller writer with a speady plot Goodreads has introduced me to many great writers previously unknown to me This is the third police procedural I have in recent weeks by prize winning South African writer Dan Meyer This author of the Detective Benny Griessel series has become one of my favourite crime novelists Not only are his novels thrilling but there is an authentic sense of place with strong characterization an unflinching look at problems in the new South Africa The books were written in Afrikaans and expertly translated into English without losing their power The setting is Cape Town following the end of apartheid Benny is an alcoholic police detective He was kicked out of his home by his wife She ordered him to stay sober for 6 months and Then She Might Consider Allowing she might consider allowing return He misses his teenage children and has managed "to avoid drinking for 5 months but it has been a struggle His past drunkenness has prevented him from "avoid drinking for 5 months but it has been a struggle His past drunkenness has prevented him from promotions Cultural diversity and politics in the new South Africa have come with turmoil and suspicion This is evident in the police force Benny is the only white man in his division and is faced with the task of mentor. Chen Krimipreis ausgezeichnet Für Dreizehn Stunden erhielt er in Südafrika einen Preis für den besten Spannungsroman des Jahres Inspector Benny Griessel hat schon bessere Tag gesehen Seit seine Frau ihn herausgeworfen hat versucht er nüchtern zu bleiben und nun soll er als Mentor auch noch eine Gruppe junger schwarzer Polizisten anleiten Zwei Morde beginnen die Polizei von Kapstadt in Atem zu halten Ein amerikanisches Mädchen wird gefunden – sie wurde mit einem Messer tödlich verletzt Doch wo. .
Thirteen Hours Review ReduxI attended a Deon Meyer book signing this weekend and it played a big part in my decision to expand this review At the time of writing this Thirteen Hours is the only Meyer book I ve read but that is definitely about to change I m not changing my rating but I think some perspective is in order South Africa is a country with eleven official languages which should give ou some idea of the cultural diversity Why is this important Meyer takes great snapshots of the inner workings of SA culture in his writing He s truly what we would call proudly South African and I think he s doing a commendable job of bringing Cape Town to overseas readers He also happens to be uite a nice guyYou ve read Nesbo Larsson and the like now it s time to read some MeyerOriginal Review VerbatimAfrikaans My native tongue It has been a very long time since I read any Afrikaans fiction It has been an even longer time since I read any Afrikaans fiction that I enjoyed I read this in Afrikaans 13 Uurbut it is translated into English as Thirteen HoursAs an Afrikaans novel this is certainly an accomplishment Yes there is swearing but the people in this book talk exactly like the most people in Cape Town talk I am a recent Capetonian and really enjoyed this novel It does an excellent job of introducing some of the cultural diversity to be found here And then there is the plot Deon Meyer weaves a web cultural diversity to be found here And then there is the plot Deon Meyer weaves a web intrigue deception and thrills The characters are flesh and blood The scares are real This is as good a murder mystery police procedural as Prey you re likely to get Ifou enjoy this kind of thing but haven t read Meyer Addicted to Womanhood Book One yet I suggestou give it a try I m not sure how some of this can be translated into English without losing a lot of the specific meaning or humour but readers of the English translation seems to have nothing but praise for itSo check it out this book is good and engaging and fun and informative it has the mainstay ish worn out alcoholic cop and the main Excellent thriller The best I ve read so for from this author The book gives a good insight in south african society and racial problems There are uite a few plot twists and the book is suspenseful till the end Afrikaner Deon Meyer s latest pulse pounding thriller hits the ground running literally In Cape Town South Africa at six in the morning an American teenage tourist is running for her life Her best friend s throat was slit in front of her and she is bolting from the perpetrators clutches The story hits its stride early and swiftly as events unfold over thirteen hours Vicious outlaws and the snarl of conspiracy Afrikaner Xhosa and Zulu crime fighters and crooners and corporate fleecers storm the pages of the book Besides Rachel Anderson the pursued and wily tourist there s music industry giant Adam Barnard found shot and dead near his hard drinking faded diva wifeThis is my third Meyer book this is his seventh after reading Dead at Daybreak and Blood Safari all set in the author s home country The narrative is bracing and the characters resonant and ripe Meyer delivers with sizzle in this dual crime novel his terse prose lances the pages and the pitch perfect pace purrs and thrums The reader feels like a detective as fragments eventually pull together from detective as fragments eventually pull together from grime of corruption You suspect Batman: Arkham Asylum - A Serious House on Serious Earth you speculate andou uiver The knot of Barnard s death. Die Jagd von Kapstadt 5 Uhr 37 Ein Telefonanruf reißt Inspector Griessel aus dem Schlaf Eine junge Amerikanerin ist ermordet aufgefunden worden eine andere wird durch die Stadt gejagt und eine berühmte Sängerin hat offenbar ihren Mann erschossen Und dann ruft auch noch seine Frau an Sie will ihn treffen und ihm sagen wie es mit ihnen weitergehen kann Benny Griessel hat dreizehn Stunden die Morde aufzuklären und sein Leben wieder in Ordnung zu bringen Deon Meyer wurde bereits zweimal mit dem Deuts.

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