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D often amusing story teller and he pulls no punches in his account of life as a nascent be bopper in 50s America and Japan From his beginnings as the son of from the sound of it a somewhat sanctimonious and hypocritical minister to his meeting and playing with Charlie Parker which he describes as the moment that he found God to his time in Japan with the military where he was able to service his heavy heroine habit by befriending a local prostitute his story is told with a pithiness which draws the reader forward Without reference to his wonderful recordings this would be mere social "history but accompanied by listening to his early work such as the wonderful "but accompanied by listening to his early work such as the wonderful Night Sessions with Jim Hall and the reader may be led to a sense of wonder even hope at how such beauty emerged from a time of such injustice and darkness An nmissable jewel in the literature of jazz This is absolutely one of the best autobiographies I ve ever read It s considered one of the best music autobiographies of any genre ever written by many critics Hampton Hawes was one of the best jazz pianists ever Ever The book was favorably received on publication by critics who recognized it by its vivacity humor and authenticity It s extremely raw with much of the book related to Hawes extensive bouts with drugs than his incredible piano history There s a long period in this book where he s enlisted in the army and most of this period he s battling a serious heroin problem Serving in the US "Army in Japan in the early 50 s didn t stop his drug se in fact in many ways he "in Japan in the early 50 s didn t stop his drug se in fact in many ways he increased his drug Diccionario trilingüe Miskitu - Sumu-Mayangna - Español use overseasWhat was so fascinating about this book and what I so enjoy about the great jazz biographies memoirs and autobiographies are the incredible first hand accounts of some of the all time great artists in jazz Billie and Bird Miles Monk Rollins Oscar Peterson Dizzy and so onThis book is on par with the Miles Davis incredible autobiography Miles The Autobiography written withincy Troupe in that it truly is raw with the la. As already struggling with a heroin addiction that would lead to his arrest and imprisonment and the interruption of a brilliant career In 1963 President John F Kennedy granted Hawes an Executive Pardon In elouent and humorous language Ha. .

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One of the best books I ve ever read about music and one of the best memoirs Anyone interested in jazz or New York or black #America Or Just Simple #or just simple and balletic writing should find a copy of this Or I ll lend you mine I thoroughly enjoyed this book It bounces with a rhythm not nlike jazz and "POUNDS WITH A REALISM NOT UNLIKE THE ERA HIGHLY "with a realism not nlike the era Highly this book Great read filled with great language and rhythm this is an excellent counterpoint to art pepper s the straight life as it takes place during the same time frame and involves many of the same people and venues both pepper and hawes survived nasty heroin addictions Perhaps this and Straight Life by Art Pepper are the most brutally honest and entertaining autobiographies ever written coincidentally both were jazz musicians that came out of the LA central avenue Bebop scene in the 40 s But Hawes book is a bit heartfelt and his story is absolutely crammed with incredible global imagry spanning from his LA roots to Japan to Europeto "various prisons The book includes a shocking presidential pardon by John "prisons The book includes a shocking presidential pardon by John Kennedy when Hawes was incarcerated Twisted (LOST, unjustly for heroin abuse and even a nervous breakdown by Hawes where he stripped down naked in the middle of a house party in London Most importanlty Hawes is certainly the most down to earth philosopher when it comes to the many tough luck realities of the Jazz lifestyle never coming off in a complaining woeful way he always seems optimistic and prepared for whatever curveballs the future may have in store for him It s an inspiring andick paced liuid read Crystal clear vivid journey through the life of a jazz musician from a series of deep years in both jazz and US history Hawes tilizes a simple evocative language and narrative but always deep and insightful Highly recommended for devotees of history music and much Great reading just generally in fact For anyone interested in jazz this is an essential read Hawes as well as being one of the greats of jazz piano was an honest an. Hampton Hawes 1928–1977 was one of jazz's greatest pianists Among his peers from California the self taught Hawes was second only to Oscar Peterson At the time of his celebration as New Star of the Year by downbeat magazine 1956 Hawes Raise Up Off Me A Portrait of Hampton HawesNguage drug se sex etc However nlike that biography this one details of the drug life Hampton Hawes experienced Unfortunately that is one of the faults this one details of the drug life Hampton Hawes experienced Unfortunately that is one of the faults this biography There s about a 75 25 drug to music ratio in this book and I would have much preferred maybe a 50 50 split Because drugs played a big part of his life maybe if he could have added another 50 to 75 pages and talked about his music It Would Ve Been would ve been better Another downside to this book is the se of A Fearless Heart : Why Compassion is the Key to Greater Wellbeing unnecessary footnotes often one word footnotes to explain certain things in the book Example phrase but it was only the cops jamming brothers Harassing brothers Ok that s rather self explanatory for anyone Those are smallibbles here and take away from nothingHampton Hawes was busted in a sting on 111358 his 30th birthday with 16 cents in his pocket He got 10 years and served 5 only because he reuested and received an executive clemency from President Kennedy 81663 Ironically Kennedy was assassinated three months later This is a large part of the Hampton Hawes story or what he is remembered for Hampton Hawes was a natural and gifted pianist He had so many opportunities thrown his way because of his immense talents but drugs just hijacked them He followed the path of Yardbird Parker in that drugs were Soap Making Bible uppermost in his mind and not recording or the next gig It s sonfortunate that this book is not well known and importantly that Hampton Hawes is not well known He is one of the greatest jazz pianist ever and "a rather colorful one Highly and thoroughly recommended As a pianist Hawes was always a bit too delicate for my taste "rather colorful one Highly and thoroughly recommended As a pianist Hawes was always a bit too delicate for my taste as a junkie jailbird memoirist he s aces An outstanding jazz memoir that reads like Straight Life minus the egomania One of the best music memoirs I ve read in a while gives off the actual vibe and mood of jazz and the setting and scenes Also a great grim junkie tale A must read Magic Always loved his playing but his voice is so strong here in this largely Tewasnya Dewa Iblis Awan Api (Long Hu Men The Next Level 01) unapologetic tale of gettin it done. Mpton Hawes tells of a life of suffering and redemption that reads like an improbable novel Gary Giddins has called it a major contribution to the literature of jazz This book includes a complete discography and eight pages of photographs.