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This book is a favourite #of mine because I am A Sucker For A Sweeping Fantasy An Epic Romance And sucker for a sweeping fantasy an epic romance and because I am a sucker for a sweeping fantasy an epic romance and lead female that goes from strength to strength ueen in Exile is a book I have re read several times now because I class it as one of my comfort books The lot flows effortlessly and the characters are engaging but beautifully complex Jeniah is a beautiful erson inside and out and I will forever be in love with Kai because I would love a knight in shining armour Yes I Know I M Meant I m meant be a strong independent woman so sue me to sweep me off my feet The battle is long and hard for both characters and the ending is hard fought for literally and even the romance has to be fought for There s a message here that I like to hold on to and that s that all the good stuff in life is worth fighting for and it won t be won easily A charming romantic and fantastical novel that will entrance any reader Happy Birthday to me This was a book that I just got from a spoiling friend for my Birthday All I can ever say about Donna Hatch is that I LOVE HER I wish she wrote books weekly and I wish I could read them over and over for the first time I loved this book I can finally say it againI LOVED A BOOK It s felt like forever since I have wanted to endlessly read a book The main hearthrob Kai is everything you ever want in your leading man I even loved Jeniah They were so great together and I really love it when an author actually lets them interact through the whole book It makes the story so much believable They had amazing chemistry and the story just flowedI like the magic element even though I thought it was kept at a minimum The beginning art was hard when Arden was falling but how it all ended was so goodI truly will read this book over and over I loved it I think unless I ick up a romance novel I really don t want very much romance in my book If it is very very secondary I don t mind but if it s the main oint of the story I m not interested I think I ve grown less tolerant in this area than I ve been in the The Meaning of Difference: American Constructions of Race, Sex and Gender, Social Class, Sexual Orientation, and Disability past It seems like the romance here was a little too sickeningly sweet and I don t want that in my fantasy novelsThe characters just didn t do it for me here I might have been able to getast the romance if I had really liked the characters but I didn t connect with them Jeniah seemed like a typical YA heroine who chaffed at the roles she was given There didn t seem to be anything One Small Step: An Anthology of Discoveries particularly original about her The chayim thing was different but I didn t get into the book enough for me to careThere was oneoint in the story a couple of sentences where I knew that I couldn t read any It was just too muchAs she gazed at him she realized that her feelings for him had surpassed friendly affection At that instant she freely and willingly gave him her heart even sensing that he still shielded his against herI think someone who enjoys fantasy romance might really like this one but it just wasn t my style at all I m not sure that I d read any by this author especially with my TBR ile being what it is I gave this one over 100 ages but at that oint I still wasn t interested and could easily ut it down without caring what happened so I took it back to the library I love romance and this was cute but the creatures I couldn t see them in my mind This book really should have been divided into three books to allow the rinces to grow in character she has her Young all through the book and then suddenly grow up to get back her kingdom this would take some time of learning and although it was supposed to happen with her chayimOnly the chayim didn t tell her how Thought it would happen withthe wise women in Darbor but that didn t happen either One book is the happening developing characters and the over throw of the kingdom and to get her Darbor The second to have the King of Darbor teach her about Protocol and affairs of running a kingdom because in the book her father never let her in the council room to learn this and secretly under her disguise as Lady Illane she meets Aragaeth and his suspicion of her as the rincess grows he would not know her at sight because she is young and being the adversary he would. Rumors of War hang over Princess Jeniah's Tales from the Ballpark Tales from the Ballpark Tales from the Ballpark: More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told peaceful country of Arden a land that shuns both magic and warfare Following a lifelong dream Jeniah forms a telepathic bond with a revered creature called a chayim who isrophesied to save her kingdom But when a Darborian knight comes upon Jeniah with her chayim he sees only a vicious monster about to devour. Not have been invited to the kingdom of Arden And the developing of the romance with Kai and Aragaeth taking her as risoner her character continues to growThe third book is the rescue and the alliance with Aragaeth and she shows her as ueen with wisdom and ready to fight to get her kingdom back with the alliance of the other kingdoms to over throw the adversary and win back her kingdom and the heart of Kai I felt that if the Author HAD TIME TO GROW THIS BOOK IT COULD HAVE time to grow this book it could have become a great Kai I felt that if the Author had time to grow this book it could have Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Powerful Internal and External Communications possibly become a great with movie rights I had a lot ofroblems with this story Both characters were gorgeous and they spent Versailles plenty of time mooning over thehysical erfection of the other Despite the action most of it feels like a dramatic teen romance The hero is wounded at heart and freuently says things like he could not allow her to get close to his heart The major impediment to their love is the fact that he is a commoner and she is royalty so he is constantly ulling away from her and reminding himself that she is unattainable I had a hard time describing what bothered me about the writing The closest I could get was there is no depth to it Everything is stated and accepted so easily An example is he kills the animal she has just forged a telepathic bond with After a few The Mystery of the Two-Toed Pigeon pages of anger at him she says she understands and forgives him It was just too simplistic I kept thinking it would get better but at about halfway through I had t There are few books that completely sweep me away into their worlds and leave me thinking about them days after I ve read them In some cases I have to fight the urge to notick it back up and read it immediately after I ve finished it Donna Hatch s ueen in Exile did just that as it held me captive the moment I opened the book and entered it s beautiful worldueen in Exile has everything I love in a good fantasy book lore action romance forbidden love a strong heroine who emulates everything I love in a main character along with a dash of humor wit and suspense Donna weaved together the Rack Ruin perfect blend of romance forbidden love and the right amount of action that I couldn tut the book down and happily lost sleep over reading itNot only is the setting beautiful and vivid but the characters are lively Jeniah is the beautiful Princess of Arden She has a hidden magic ability to blur which allows her to stay in her form and blend in or look different to those looking at her Gifted with a very rare bond with a mythical creature called a chayim who will be a source of guidance and strength for her Jeniah is destined for great things I really love her character She has uickly become a favorite heroine of mine and she s a character I came to admire for her strength and wit Highly favored by his King and known for his strength Kai Darkwood was sent to Jeniah s kingdom to help them in time of war Upon arriving this Knight in shining armer sees what he thought was Jeniah in distress he kills the chayim not knowing it s rare ability Now forced into exile as war hits her kingdom and consumes everything she s ever had including her family Jeniah now finds her life is in the hands of the dashing Knight Kai Darkwood Jeniah discovers Kai isn t a ruthless killer as she envisions all Knights to be and Kai who s loyal and faithful to the customs of his land finds the ability to love again even though he knows a heir to the throne and a commoner can t marry What I really love about Kai and Jeniah s relationship is how it developed I felt it was real and not a forced or rushed one They both learn to trust and rely on each other and the end result is a breath taking love story that left me with a happy sigh at the end of their storyI really liked the cast of characters that make up Kai and Jeniah s guards and friends Kai s oldest friend Garhern brings the right amount of snark to the story as he had me laughing out loud I really liked the scenes with Garhern Jeniah and Kia as I felt that I was being let in on the secrets both Kia and Garhern have closely guarded for years These two know how to dish it out to each other The action the characters the twists and a Espenlaub possible secondary love interest made ueen A maiden and he slays the beastDevastated by the loss of her chayim and fearing that her own magic is evil Jeniah doubts her destiny When an enemy invades Arden City they slaughter theeople storm the castle and execute the entire royal family except the rincess Rescued by the knight who slew her chayim Jeniah is now heir to the throne of Arden and.
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N Exile come alive for me If you re looking to get swept away in a unforgettable love story full of adventure suspense and sprinkled with a few hot boys get swept away in a unforgettable love story full of adventure suspense and sprinkled with a few hot boys swords I highly recommend icking up this book Sophie I hope you enjoyed the use of your tag line lol Don t get me wrong I enjoyed reading it but only because I was in the mood for something totally cliche that didn t reuire much brain ower A big turn off for me for this book was that they were both impossibly beautiful Why do authors think we want to read about two erfect eople falling in love Completely unrelatable It wasn t a roblem that he was radiating masculine beauty until I found out she was also ethereally beautifulI was smiling while I read it but in the same way that I try not to laugh during the scene in Twilight where Edward is trying to stop sucking Bella s blood all while Emmett and Jasper are having a tribal fire dance in the background If that made any sense Fun typical easy read about a rather meaningless romance Sorry to those who loved it Second read September 2011 Enjoyed it as much this time around Donna s Fantasy novel is totally different than her Regency books Both are enjoyable and full of awesome characters I hope she write s in both genres First read Both are enjoyable and full of awesome characters I hope she write s in both genres First read 2010 Donna Hatch is uickly becoming a favorite author of mine I ve read all her regencies and was excited to see what her fantasy world would be like I wasn t disappointed it was clear that Hatch How to Be Alone put a lot of thought into creating her world of Arden and the surrounding countries as well as all the new and interesting creatures that roamed the land Princess Jeniah was very believable and consistent While her character did grow throughout the story I still felt like she stayed true to herself she was just given opportunities to show her character throughout her trials I liked that she was smart and could take care of herself and was also still vulnerable and wasn t afraid to get help I am definitely a fan of Kai Team Kai he was a great hero and I loved watching him fall in love with Jeniah they had great chemistry together I really enjoyed their story I mretty sure this is a stand alone novel which I liked It was nice entering their world and having some satisfactory conclusions at the end However it also would have been nice if it had been a trilogy and some things dragged out a little either way it s a great read and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good romantic fantasy Content Warning There is a lot of war battle scenes and some violence Otherwise it s retty clean Bookworm Rating 45Similar Books You May Enjoy I really really enjoyed this book It was a beautifully written fantasy romance with a clean romance that I just loved The touch of fantasy that was "THROWN IN MADE IT A GREAT READ FOR ME "in made it a great read for me s ure escapism so that made it The Queen I perfect for the mood I was in I ll be looking for by this author A well documented weakness of mine is a Hot Boy with Sword and what couldossibly be better than a knight sent to help a neighboring kingdom Cigarette Kisses prepare for a war The answer is nothing of course because thatremise alone has me hooked Donna Hatch ens an absolutely delicious fantasy rich in setting and with a lot that will leave you wondering what s coming around the next corner The journey that Kai and Jeniah take is one that removes Jeniah from the only land she s known into literally foreign territory Her only companion is Kai who is bound by duty and completely closed off If you love romance as much as I do you may have grinned right there because let me tell you the reason the story kept me riveted is because of their developing relationship I do need to add that the mythology of the chayim created a nice lot element and enriched the fantasy aspect of the story Plus who doesn t love a terrifying beastie My love for olitics in fantasy stories is definitely satisfied as well because the intracacies of alliances torn apart and challenged is a main themeSo when you re in the mood to read about a Gutsy Girls: Young Women Who Dare princess a knight aerilous journey and that once in a lifetime romance Organizations As Knowledge Systems pick up Donna Hatch s ueen in Exile you ll be lost in a fantasy world filled with adventure. The only hope for freeing hereople from tyrannyOn the run and hunted by enemy soldiers Jeniah must Little Scarlet (Easy Rawlins place her life and the fate of her kingdom in the hands of this trained killer Torn between embracing her destiny as ueen af Arden and her love for a mere knight she must ultimately rely on her magic to save herself and hereople from death and tyran.