The Family Beach House (E–book)

This book My favorite character was Percy the cat This story is about a totally dysfunctional family I stuck with this book until the end waiting for SOMETHING TO HAPPEN NOTHING DID THIS to happen Nothing did This the second book by H Chamberlin that I bought for the summer They were both paperbacks from Sams with a beach theme I don t care for her writing It almost seems as if she has some underlying issues that she wants to vent about Both books talk a lot about homosexual couples seemingly in a positive light However it almost becomes the underlying theme of the book She is married to a uy and has children so it is almost as if she is threatened by this component of society Even characters that are mentioned only in passing like a couple on The Beach She Seems To Feel The beach she seems to feel the to discuss the issue of their sexuality I need to make a mental note not to be taken in by the BEACH themes the next time I see her work in Sams It left me almost relieved when the book finally ended but I am usually stubborn and don t Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story give up on a book once I begin I do not recommend her work it left me tired Wonderful story but I completely understand the complaints from other reviewers about the repetitiveness of certain parts Iet that Tilda is sorting through her How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead grief but after the first rant I just started skimming over her deep thoughts Loved the story line and Craig was my favorite by far but it could have been much smoother without therief rants The Family Beach House by Holly Chamberlin a compelling novel that skips past warm fuzzy and heads straight for The stakes seem the highest Alone and vulnerable two years after her husband's death she sees Larchmere as not just a cherished part of her history but her eventual refuge from the world Faced with losing that legacy Tilda must embrace an unknown future And all the Mcueens must reconcile their shared sometimes painful past and learn how to love one another even when it means forging a life apart. Cters It was not a riveting book very easy to put down which is why it took me two days to finish it But I did want the answer to the inheritance mystery and I hate to peek at endings I also wanted to find out if or how the family resolved all their various problems We also MEET OTHER CHARACTERS FROM THE NEARBY VILLAGE AS other characters from nearby village as well a few tourists I liked it but I won t reread it any time soon This book sucked I could not wait to finish it None of the characters were likable I bet there is a book sucked I could not wait to finish it None of the characters were likable I bet there is a of the author in her characters The entire book seems to have been written to promote homosexuality as they were mentioned randomly throughout Why mention the sexual orientation of a waiter that did not have anything to do with the story Why mention the sexual orientation of people the characters pass while walking Very strange unless someone has a motive Another issue with this aut Years ago I ave myself permission to not finish a book I had started reading I constantly thought to uit reading this book but since I had read another book by this same author I persevered It plodded along endlessly The author must want people to know that she has no problems with alternate lifestyles as almost every chapter she mentioned various characters who were by the way ay That was a total turn off in my eyes Characters sexualities are moot points as far as I am concerned The story finally picked up around the last hundred pages I promise I will never read another book by this author again All this from an extremely positive readerusually I liked. Lace where Tilda Mcueen O'Connell rew up and now vacations each year and where she and her three siblings Adam Hannah and Craig have athered to commemorate the tenth anniversary of their mother's passing But instead of the bittersweet but relaxing reunion Tilda expected she finds chaos Her father's plan to marry a younger woman has thrown the fate of the beach house into uncertainty For Tilda. ,
The Family Beach HouseWell nothing ever happened Ever Thought I would love reading about a house in the town I so love but didn t really enjoy the authors style This book needed less literature and emotion and heart the latter two it lackedAs a book centered in a family owned home in Perkins Cove one that had been in the home for enerations this novel lacked so much of the history of the town And Times In Which It Took Place Over You Can times in which it took place over You can the author didn t truly research the area having lived here for only a few short years and simply lacked the rit to really Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi get you to embrace this read A fairly interesting story of family dynamics the aging father who has started a new relationship after his wife s death the dead mother apparently uncaring the older pushyreedy brother Adam his ex wife and his latest After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 girlfriend recent widow sister Tilda who still hasn t processed her husband s death lesbian sister Hannah and her wife Susan who wants to start a family younger brother Craig a footloose wanderer and their sensible aunt Ruth who has been keeping house for their father When they allet together at the family beach house for a memorial for their mother Charlotte they meet their father s new love with varying degrees of friendliness or enmity At stake is the ownership of the loved beach house for which each of them has different plans they are afraid a remarriage will take it out of the family The mystery of who will inherit the house is dragged out through the entire book Most of the enjoyment comes from the interactions of the various chara. In this poignant evocative novel bestselling author Holly Chamberlin sweeps you into the picturesue town of Ogunuit Maine where a family in flux explores their ties to a beautiful beach house and to each other Some houses have a personality of their own Larchmere is that kind of place a splendid sprawling home with breathtaking views that open to briny Atlantic air and seabirds' calls It's the .

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