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D gadzookery use of archaic words or expressionsThese are not all that surprized me made me smile or even laugh out loud They are just a handful that stood out This book would have been better f t weren t for a few annoying things First the author kept making stupid jokes that weren t funny maybe f I was Leonora Carrington--The Mexican Years, 1943-1985 in conversation with him I d laugh but his humor didn t translate to text Second the book was freneticn Spanish Phrases for Beginners: Cartoon Vocabulary its structure there d be some etymology then all of a sudden a list of terms then a random aside then back to etymology It was really hard to getnto a rhythm when reading I Will Bear Witness, Volume 2: a Diary of the Nazi Years 1942-1945 it Finallyt didn t always teach me etymologies that were useful I assume the book Miklos Alexandrovitch Is Missing! is British which explains some of the manifold terms anddioms I ve never heard here n the states but others were archaic terms or ones that only linguists would know the meaning or proper usage of I would have liked to see etymologies for common English words And not what he determined to be common words which had etymologies that the average high schooler knows f not younger people The last chapter which explained how the root ProtoIndoEuropean language gave us so many disparate words that have the same common root was extremely cool There were other random selections scattered throughout that were Aghora II interesting but not enough to save my opinion of the work as a whole I am normally all about dictionaries of obscure words Sometimes I thinkt s best to skip the poetry or prose altogether and sink teeth right Revolutionary Girl Utena, Volume 1 into the juicy stuff the stories of words before we start meddling by crafting our own stories with them Or perhapst s that the best writing reveals all the facets and history of words we normally forget and does so The Little China Pig (A Rand McNally Junior Elf Book) in an emotionally compelling wayEither way Garg s book doesn t make good onts promise Over the course of *almost two hundred pages I learned at most three useful words *two hundred pages I learned at most three useful words else was either already n common enough usage that this loser employs them on the daily and have Latin roots obvious enough you could probably make a guess good enough for a GRE problem or far often words that were actually obscure enough that they can t be used n contemporary conversation or writing Not even nteresting

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that get something specific that others lack just long or Latinate words one would use to prove one could use them Those people are Sesuipedalians by the way and very much deserve their own termMost rritating I think are Garg s self satisfied Minzokugaku to Minzokugaku introductions to chaptersn which he builds up the mystery of the English language and prepares for a big reveal which never comes This s probably a lesson I should take to heart myself that relishing the words should be apparent n their usage which will speak for Magnet itself and not rhapsodized over at great lengths Because nobody cares really we just want the thought orn this case the words uick nerdy just like I like em I could have read another whole book s worth of Garg s tidbits on Sanskrit roots That stuff thrills my dork centers. G this anthology of entertaining etymology Aagay Sumandar Hai / آگے سمندر ہے is andeal way to have fun with language. The Dord the Diglot and an Avocado or Two The Hidden Lives and Strange Origins of Common and Not So Common Words

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Brynn and Craig gave me this book for my birthday Props peepsYou ve really got to hand t to old Anu Garg a non English speaker he *S FROM INDIA HE S AUTHORED *from India he s authored best selling English books on the English language Anyone who s ever learned a new language and enjoyed learning The Great Divergence: China, Europe, and the Making of the Modern World Economy it candentify with Anu s enthusiasm and joy n re all aspects of English his new language This latest book Dord Diglot and Avocado continues the fun If nothing else reading the book should get you to subscribe to Anu s website and daily email word prompt wwwwordsmithorg Anu s something of a paronomasiciac as am I but I try to keep t n check Anu on the other hand just revels n all manner of punning anagramming ambigramming etc eg the phrase my name s anu garg anagrammatizes as anagram genius Somehow though he never seems to cross the line Library Wars: Love and War 10 into full blown obnoxious I can only admire that kind of euipoiseThe bonus of the book for mes that I learned a new adjective to apply to myself diglot I am a diglot and proud of t too Want to know what the word easel and a Dutch donkey have n common Or what to call the sweet smell after the first spring rain Or why Crossing Boarders if you tell a Frenchman you re blessed he ll probably run for some gauze Then thiss the book for you my word nerd friends Written by the creator of the AWordADay e newsletter this gleeful guide to all things etymological explores the hidden lives and strange origins of seemingly ordinary and not so seemingly ordinary words Thankfully the book s author keeps all that nformation which could easily become as musty and dusty as an old book binding fun and fresh by maintaining an upbeat tone and peppering his text with 77 uestions of wordplay and trivia He also divides his nformation The Outcast Highlander into themed chapters with cutesy headings such as Dickensian Characters Who Became Words Streets That Became Metaphors Words to Describe People Insults It s All a Myth Lexicographer There Is a Flyn My LanguageThe end result An etymology book that s actually entertaining or at least as entertaining as an etymology book can ever be All n all a pretty fun read Who the hell s still doing e newsletters Seriously This amusing little book groups Baiae its word historiesnto themes eponyms toponyms charactonyms with a whole chapter just for Dickens words about food words deliberately coined This s a better method than alphabetical or by conversational happensta Fun book about unusual words What do Miss Manners Elmo and baseball player
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Henderson have common They are lleists people who refer to themselves In Den Nachmittag Geflüstert Gedichte 1909 1914 in the third person Henderson left this message on his manager s voicemail Kevin thiss Rickey calling on behalf of Rickey In contrast using the royal we or the editorial we Reid Alleje 2 is nosismAnncompetent critic La Collection Du Centre Georges Pompidou: Un Parcours Au Musee D'Art Moderne de La Ville de Paris is a criticasterA bilingual persons a diglotHaving a sensitivity for what Die Besessene is correct languages sprachgefuhlAffected use of archaic language Ghost Flight (Will Jaeger, is godwotteryAnd a millihelens a facetious unit of measurement the amount of beauty needed to launch. This collection features some of the most nteresting stories and fascinating origin. ,
One ship The Word a Day eMail and newsletter are welcome deliveries nto my Flight or Fight inbox The two previous Word a Day books are already on my bookshelf and when I heard about this one I had to havet as wellThis book s a delightful collection of some of the lives and origins of words Why I wonder s the word prepone Divided like Destiny in everyday usen India *But Not Elsewhere Most Of Us Have Had Meetings Either *not elsewhere Most of us have had meetings either or postponed but few of us used preponed Burden and Prayer instead of brought forward My personal favourite wordn this collection today anyway Where's Ringo? is resistentialism Thiss the theory that The Cat Club inanimate objects demonstrate hostile behaviour towards us A theory No I thinkt Yo Quiero Decir Sunburn isrrefutably true As I browse through the book I see some old favourites such as oleaginous If I was a musician I would undoubtedly be aware that a hemidemisemiuaver describes an eighth of a uaverThere are some neat little puzzles A Witch Alone in the book as well Whats the only state n the USA that has the whole USA n Der Spinnenmann itIf you enjoy the wonderful world of words you may wish to make space for this book on your bookshelf I m a self confessed word nerd and I often check the dictionary for where a word came from whent Stundenplan intrigues me This book takes you on a journey with many words and their origins Each word and chapters Open Source Fuzzing Tools in short pieces so this will make a perfect toilet read travel read or a read when you have a short attention span or are between booksWords are surenterestingMany of the words that came to English from French are oddly enough similar Ralph Peer and the Making of Popular Roots Music in Italian Bain de Marie bagnomaria etc The ways the words have evolveds fascinating sometimes the words have a completely opposite meaning a century after Some words have a misspelling now as their standard form because they were so commonly misspelled so perhaps a future dictionary with have words like your covering you re definitaly and other common misspellings The history of written English Crossing Bok Chitto: A Choctaw Tale of Friendship Freedom isn t that long either when Shakespeare wrote his workst was phonetic English So everything could have many ways to spell Beauty Wreckage (Broken Crowns itncluding how Shakespeare wrote his own name The standardized spelling of English s younger than Gutenberg Wild huh Yet many words have so ancient origins from proto European or eu European linguistic ancestor So Now The Words now the words n Swedish and Hindi share the same originsDord Motherland: A Novel is one of my favorite words now because oft s history even Fractions: The First Half of The Fall Revolution ift s been removed from the dictionary a long ago Diglot Is the same as bilingual but formed from different root words So many nteresting words Liked this little book lots Filled with trivia strange words and their history I don t think I ll forget that n English 40 The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap ist the only number that has allts letters Latin for Children Primer a DVDs Chant CD in alphabetical order Am I going to checkt No wayMy favourite wordsdord the proof that editors do miss the mark sometimes gamp a big umbrellamogigraphia writer s cramp Used to have that often when n university I tried to keep up n writing with the professor s speech thank you ma am a bump or depression n roadan. S behind than 300 words names and terms For any devoted philomath a lover of learnin.