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Remarkably effective however when partners set a schedule and establish a routine when working together becomes a habit p27 Are you and your partner eually dependable p39 We had respected our differences and then analyzed them to find new ways of recombining p40 It is not the strongest species that survives not the most intelligent Charles Darwin wrote in 1859 It is the
"One That Is Most Adaptable "
that is most adaptable change p93 Back in the days of three television networks a handful of film studios and a dozen theatres near Times Suare we could talk about audience as if there were Only One Of Course one Of course was some fringe culture but compared to mainstream media it wasn t much All of America it seemed knew who had appeared on Ed Sullivan on Sunday and could speak knowledgeably about the Saturday night moviechokengtitiktitikchokeng102 In 1897 Leo Tolstoy anticipated all this in a book called What Is Art As a Christian and a moralist he distinguished between good and bad art In essence he argued that bad art makes s feel alone good art promotes feelings of brotherhood p113 Intimacy married to creativity it s hard to resist this idea of working with people you know and like p114 A good collaborator is easier to find than a good friend But in the hierarchy of values I find it hard to top a real friend If you ve got a true friendship you want to protect that To work together is to risk it p119 From Milos Forman I learned that collaboration depends on very precise communication speaking to the right person at the right time in the right way Aim high Everything and everyone matters If you do things right along the way the end takes care of itself Creative disagreements between sympathetic collaborators spur new ideas A willingness to try for the From Mistress to Wifey unknown can be a strong bond Only those who go too far know how far they can go Notite The Creative Habit Tharp s previous book which is a stone cold classic about creativity and at times seems to be about stories fro her storied career rather than any real takeaway for the reader Still Twyla Tharp is probably one of the world s great teaching artists with a better sense and how to communicate Tharp is probably one of the world s great teaching artists with a better sense and how to communicate art is made and what we learn from the process in developing our known There s not as much wisdom here its a significantly shorter book than The Creative Habit but what there is anyone who likes to make things and live in their own creative spirit can learn from it This book had been highly recommended Gentler and wiser take on working together In 2009 and beyond that word is collaboration; writing primarily from the arts perspective she weaves stories in and out of her points as in collaboration should be a challenge and change vis à vis her partnership with Mikhail Baryshnikov; or nderscoring how to collaborate with a community is her tale of creating tw. Uick to the point Her discussion on styles of collaboration reach much further than the dance sphere and can be ap If you are a fan of Twyla and know some of her works or stars she collaborated with after all if you come from the dancing world you probably would admire the book Since I am not a big fan I couldn t discover anything catchy for my soul Frankly I tried I discovered some inspirational otes though but the book itself was incoherent to me and irrelevant to its naming about the collaborative habit Another gem from Twyla Tharp and one that I plan on gifting to a friend who is also a colleague and with whom I am collaborating on a workshop And wouldn t you know it our workshop is about movement which is exactly what propels Tharp through her own lifeAs with The Creative Habit this book is eminently readable the ideas are easy to digest the stories are interesting and the lessons absorbable Her most current book Keep it moving lessons for the rest of your life is available for me at the library so tomorrow off I go to return this one and pick Dance With The Devil up that one p12 Collaborators aren t born they re made Or to be precise built a day at a time through practice through attention through discipline through passion and commitment and most of all through habit p13 At first it may seemnnatural to show Smitten up and care about collaborative project than about your personal advancement but once you start ignoring your comfort level you re on your way Even if your collaborators are smarter than you More hardworkingicker thinking More imaginative Yes It s like playing tennis you improve only when you play above your level p14 The moment you see how important it is to love yourself you will stop making others suffer Buddhap24 Much of the history of modern dance in America is the story of female choreographers leading all female companies Women often bond to form great teams I recognize a common impulse when I read about women organizing to clear land mines in the Sudan or to harvest cactus for its healing properties in Mexico p25 A clearly stated and consciously shared purpose is the foundation of great collaborations p26 The most important difference between my Troupe And A Failed and a failed A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel up is discipline We made a routine and we honoured it and if that was sometimes inconvenient we sucked itp and got ourselves to rehearsals on time and ready to work Collaboration doesn t flourish if people decide to get together whenever It Face it team has become an overused overdone even overwhelming business word formalized in sports and extended to the predominantly male corporate world Yet running as ndertones throughout this latest contribution from world famed choreographer and author Tharp Push Comes to Shove 1993 and The Creative Habit 2006 is the sense that it's than time for a kinder. T was interesting There are some good lessons here for collaboration And yet my overall Feeling Was A Bit Meh was a bit meh think if one was interested in dance and Tharp in particular it would be a great combination of memoir and lessons in collaboration B I loved Tharp s book The Creative Habit and I se it in the course that I teach On Creativity The Collaborative Habit Creativity The Collaborative Habit on collaborating with different groups of people or organization and discusses ways to maximize collaboration without running into conflict Tharp explains to the reader how to plan out ideas create collaboration groups and work with a multitude of different personalities and roles She provides examples from her own experiences I find it dense than the Creative Habit work although several chapters can assist students in collaborative projects Wish I d Liked It MoreThe author a dancer and choreographer has had many opportunities to collaborate in her career and while she offers some interesting insights around the concept of collaboration I found the text disorganized and rambling throughout A bit stream of consciousness at times which I m certainly not opposed to in general but I freuently found myself asking Wait what was the original point here And then I d flip back a few pages to the section heading to remind myself It just didn t flow well I started the book months ago and kept putting it down in favor of something else But I do l Start to end brilliant anecdotes and thoughtfully crafted calls to reconsider our habits when collaborating with others This should be reuired reading for educators everywhere Were this not a our habits when collaborating with others This should be reuired reading for educators everywhere Were this not a book I would have ended Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, up highlighting every sentence Artist Trailblazer Narcissist World history is littered with thousands of such individuals Now add Dancer Choreographer Woman Inventor of Unusual Productions Involving Popular Music ArtistsThe list gets much smaller and invariably leads to Twyla Tharp This book is aick read following Lay My Burden Down up on the success of the brilliant and highly recommended The Creative Habit Overall while I found some of her advice and stories helpful it was difficult to overcome her grand sense of self Only a few times did any reverence for others appear For example on p 103 regarding a lecture she writes I don t cater to the audiencethe challenging the material the important it is not to dumb it down That statement sumsp much of Ms Tharp s worldviewI recommend reading The Creative Habit instead. O ballets for the Pacific Every chapter also features a collaborator or two highlighting lessons to learn and listen to from Duke's longtime basketball coach Mike Kryzyzewski to scientists Marie and Pierre Curie If collaboration as Tharp claims is truly the buzzword of the millennium then consider her as standard bearer motivator and philosopher Barbara Jacobs. ,