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FDRs Funeral TrainIf you like history you will like this book If you like soap opera you will like this book If you ever wondered what happened to FDR s dog Fala you will like this book The book spans the eriod of the trip to Warm Springs that FDR made in April 1945 the journey with his body after his death and the journey to Hyde Park for burial after the funeral It covers all the drama that the trip entailed It wasn t really about the trip or the train but both are detailed No its about a widow who found out that her husband was not alone at the time of his death and the fallout from that It was about a new Scottish Rite president who wasn t uite sure of his role and the surprise of what was kept from him as Vice PresidentIt s about a daughter who thought she was doing right for her father but lost her mother with her actions The best story in the book is that oneIts the story of a little Scottie named Fala who lost his best friend and wasn t uite sure of what was going on The story of a couple of reporters who happened to be at thelace history was being made Oh and that spy story is there too Klara does a fine job with all the stories and there is a complete run down on what happened to everyone involved even that little dog Fala This review first appeared in ICCFA Magazine wwwiccfacomEven if you know how it ends a good book will grip you and keep you reading FDR S FUNERAL TRAIN by Robert Klara is a book of that type President Roosevelt died in April 1945 in Warm Springs GA In the How to Win the Nobel Prize: An Unexpected Life in Science presidential tradition set by Abraham Lincoln his body was carried by train from Georgia to Washington DC for a funeral and then on to the burial at the family estate in Hyde Park NY This book covers both the micro and the macro events of thateriod as WWII wound into its end game and the atom bomb was being readied to be dropped on Japan And of course funeral directors Life Among the Surrealists played a crucial role When the President died his doctor called Fred Patterson Atlanta s top funeral director his firm HM Patterson is still an ICCFA member It took five hours torepare the body for the slow rail journey He hauled his two best coffins to Warm Springs to be sure that the tall President would be fitted Ä properly His most crucial decision was the bier The coffin was to be carried at the rear of a Pullman car in the viewing lounge They had tory the The ABC of Communism plate glass window out to ease in the 600ound copper casket Patterson ensured that the bier was high enough so that eople could see the casket through the windows as the train trundled slowly north through a mourning nationOnce in Washington DC undertaker William A Gawler took over The coffin was carried on a horse drawn gun carriage from Union Station to the White House where the nation s elite was crammed into the East Room for the memorial service That evening the coffin was taken back to the train for the last leg of the journey The rulers of the United States all nine Supreme Court Justices new President Harry Truman all the top Congressmen and Senators rode on that train or a companion train that followed it a huge security risk Others came separately by air or carOnly after all this was over did FDR s son James come by his father s funeral instructions which had been misplaced When he and his mother opened the sealed envelope they found that Eleanor had instinctively chosen exactly what FDR had wanted for his last rites Only his wish not to be embalmed had not been met inevitably since he had not lanned to ass away in rural Georgia A gripping and detailed slice of American history not to be missed by anyone interested in historical funerals Page 61 my book The entire city of Charlotte North Carolina Or Damned Near It or damned near it turned out Every street reaching away from the railroad track was for three blocks a solid mass of eople They stood in the darkness staring at the funeral trainIf you are a Franklin Roosevelt "THIS BOOK IS WONDERFUL AND IF YOU ARE "book is wonderful And if you are a aficionado it also has its appealIt covers the death of Franklin Roosevelt in his secondary home of Warm Springs Georgia and then the journey from there to Washington DC thence to New York City and to the President s ancestral home at Hyde Park on the Hudson RiverPage 57 On the approach to Gainesville fifty miles out of Atlanta Smith a news reporter had stared out the windows in disbelief as the train When The Light Went Out passed a group of womenicking cotton under the merciless sun At the sight of the train they dropped to their knees in the tilled dirt their Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates palms stretched up to the heavensTwenty five thousand had come Greenville South Carolina and their number stretched half a mile on either side of the main lineThere were several locomotives used inulling the train And from Washington DC to Hyde Park there were two trains It was at Washington DC that the new President Harry Truman joined the funeral rocessionThe author resents well the atmosphere aboard the train of bereaved เพชรพระอุมา (ตอน 04) อาถรรพณ์นิทรานคร politicians who had lost their President Franklin Roosevelt had been at the helm since 1933The future had suddenly become a vast unknown There was a tremendous awareness of the staggering task faced by the new and unknown President And the entire nation was undergoing this and to some extent all the Allied countries still at war with Germany and JapanThe mood of the train journey to Hyde Park wasredominately that of bereavement The mood back to Washington DC transitioned to a much olitical one with President Truman at the center of it allTwo notesThe author erpetuates the myth of the complete animosity between Eleanor Roosevelt and Franklin s mother Sara It was not that simple and was certainly not as the author suggests an unrelenting hatred between these two very magnificent womenOnly a few ages are spent on the spy episode mentioned in the book s subtitle a Soviet spy And nothing of conseuence was obtained during the train journeyThere are many characters introduced and the author does a fine job of integrating these with the overall national mood at the timePage 34 Eleanor Roosevelt At a time like that you don t really feel your own feelings When you re in a osition of. The April 1945 journey of FDR's funeral train became a thousand mile odyssey fraught with heartbreak and scandal As it assed through the night few of the grieving onlookers gave thought to what might be happening behind the Pullman shades where women whispered and men tossed back highballs Inside was a Soviet spy a newly. .
Being caught in a ageant you become art of a world outside yourself and you act almost like an automaton You recede as a Brainwashing of the German Nation person You build a facade for everyone to see and you live separately inside the facade Something comes torotect you When my brother recommended this book to me he warned that I might get bogged down by the detailed references to train operation but the book s title is after all FDR s Funeral Train I am happy to have read the book for a number of reasons but I ll choose these three1 for having learned from it the origin of the expression cup of Joe 2 for the insight that for all that Eleanor Roosevelt didn t know about her husband that she knew what he would choose for his funeral even though the envelope with his funeral Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) plans wasn t opened until after his burial and 3 for the sentiment expressed in the following Perhaps some thought their grief over the loss of one great man was nothing than aublic magnification of thousands millions of smaller Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt private griefs that the newspapers never covered griefs for which there were no artillery salutes and horse drawn caissons and expensive caskets hammered from copper Nearly everyone in the country had lost someone in the war or knew someone who had I was as if the United States itself was like one huge funeral train its compartments full of muffled sobs its cold iron wheels rolling inexorably toward a future of unknowns This was an interesting read The author takes us on a train of sadness in a lot of waysOne President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is transported in a coffin and a new President Harry Trumanrepares to take over all on a trainDuring his residency FDR was in a wheel chair A Polio attack 24 years earlier had left him aralyzed from the waist down Hypertensive heart disease killed him and it seems he suffered with Alzheimer s in his last days His last written words were Let us move forward with strong and active faith As the coupler on the train fractured some three times reporter William Murphy joked about how difficult it was to get Rossevelt out of WashingtonTruman was aboard the Roald Amundsen eight cars back from the dining car Twenty nine cars total made up the train He and his entourage were aboard to conduct business Social Media and Social Movements: The Transformation of Communication Patterns primary activity manoevering not grieving Truman used this timereparing to take chargeWith a lack of Principles of Isotope Geology postmorten conspiratory theories flourished Why was the coffin closed and sealed Rumors that cerebral hemorrhaging which disfigured FDR s handsome face circulated and a bad job was done by the undertakerHis wife Eleanor and children Anna Elliott now 34 years old androde in the Magellan staring out of the window at crowds ofeople standing in respect and sorrow Eleanor was no longer in the Ouroboros planning talksAs the train made its way up the banks of the Hudson River a map shown one fate had already been sealed that ofostwar Eastern Europe In just a few weeks President Harry Truman would travel to Postdam to hammer out the future of a ravaged Europe with Churchill and Stalin To his credit Truman would take a hard lineover Polish independence it would be as useless as the one Roosevelt had takenThe book details the lives of the olitical characters involved but not much of what the TWO PRESIDENTS DID FOR THE COUNTRY presidents did for the country said that FDR fashioned ideals for this country ideals that now had to be defended Both Germany and Japan can be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that America will continue the fight for freedom He ended his speech with a rayer We do not fear the futureA hoto of the Presidential car with its bulletproof sheathing is shown among several other hotos as an insert in the book Because my mother was a senior in high school in Philadelphia when President Franklin D Roosevelt died in Warm Springs Ga in April 1945 I thought she would be intrigued by the 2010 book FDR s Funeral Train A Betrayed Widow A Soviet Spy and a Presidency in the Balance by Robert Klara In fact she liked the book so much that she mailed it back to me to read I m glad she did Klara examines a narrow range of history and area from FDR s death from a cerebral hemorrhage on April 12 while he was having his ortrait ainted to the funeral train that brought him to Washington DC and later his home in Hyde Park NY to his 17 minute funeral service and burial on April 15 This narrow focus allows Klara to impart a good many interesting details of the train ride and the events of the time For instance we tend to forget the importance of assenger trains in the 1940s in this age of air travel and driving The locomotives that ulled FDR s casket made of copper and weighing 760 Bauern In Mexiko: Zwischen Subsistenz Und Warenproduktion pounds and guests 11 cars in all from Georgia to Washington DC used coal and steam while the ride from the capital to New York City wasowered by electric locomotives Again steam locomotives rovided the ower for the train from NYC to Hyde Park The Punainen metsä passenger cars were segregated during the trip Air conditioning was madeossible by ice It is moving to read of the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO LINED THE ROUTE of thousands of Forever Im Yours people who lined the route Georgia to New York State to view the slow moving 25 mph funeral train sometimes in the middle of the night The book details the inevitable scraping between members of Roosevelt s administration and the members of the new Truman administration as they rode the train cars northward New President Harry Truman spent the train trip meeting with Cabinet members and advisers as he assumed theresidency and Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown prepared to make a speech before a joint session of Congress after the FDR funeral First lady Eleanor Roosevelt discovered something that had been kept a secret from her and theress about her husband s stay in Warm Springs that would mark the betrayal in the book s title For those wanting a vivid social and Honey, I Wrecked the Kids: When Yelling, Screaming, Threats, Bribes, Timeouts, Sticker Charts and Removing Privileges All Don't Work political history of the mid 1940s in the United States as World War II wound down and the Cold War was to begin I would recommend this book The well researched book would be an interesting read as well for train enthusiasts First off I ve read this book before I just wanted tout that out there This is a wrenchingly beautiful. Widowed Eleanor Roosevelt who had just discovered that her husband's mistress was in the room with him when he died all the Supreme Court justices and incoming resident Harry S Truman who was scrambling to learn secrets FDR had never shared with himWeaving together information from long forgotten diaries and declassified.

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Retelling of the days immediately following the death of President Franklin D Roosevelt in April of 1945 However within this book we ride alongside the Tilak Kathalu passengers on the Funeral Train as it winds its way from Warm Springs Georgia to Washington DC eventually ending in Hyde Park In April 1945 the nation was shocked to hear that President Franklin Roosevelt had suddenly died at the Little White House in Warm Springs Georgia This book traces the story of the funeral train that brought Roosevelt s body back to Washington DC and then after a short service in the East Room of the White House took his body to the Roosevelt estate in Hyde Park New York for burial On board the funeral train from Washington DC to Hyde Park was the Roosevelt family President Truman and his family the entire Supreme Court the entire cabinet Roosevelt s closest military advisers and a largeart of the US Congress the Congressional delegation rode a second train that sometimes followed the funeral train and sometimes led it Now there s a security nightmare for you especially since the US was still deeply involved in World War II Out of Roosevelt s five children only his daughter and one son were able to attend the funeral Another son met the train in New York on its way back to Washington after the funeral and the two remaining sons remained in combat units in the Pacific theater of war To spice the mix Eleanor Roosevelt discovered at Warm Springs that Roosevelt had his former mistress Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd visiting along with his cousins Polly Delano and Daisy Suckley And Eleanor found out that her daughter Anna had invited Lucy to visit Roosevelt at the White House during Eleanor s freuent absences Eleanor considered this such an act of betrayal that it took years to completely heal the breach betwen mother and daughter And did I mention that there was a White House official who was also a Soviet spy on board And don t forget Fala who attended the funeral and lived as a companion to Eleanor Roosevelt for seven years after FDR s death And on the train of grief stricken officials a new administration was beginning to form around Harry Truman I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a student of American history I read this book on the recommendation of my husband a train enthusiast so was repared not to get all the details about the train And didn t But that didn t deter my interest Robert Klara s book covers the events leading up to and and immediately following Franklin Delano Roosevelt s death at Warm Springs Georgia in April 1945 In addition to the logistical and technical details involved in assembling the funeral train and securing its assage from Georgia to Washington DC for a invitation only funeral service and on to Hyde Park New York Klara captures the mood in the country at the resident s untimely death as well as the relationships among the rimary The Why Cafe players and theolitics at layNone of these events were unknown to me But it was interesting to read the individuals feelings and reactions as recorded in their own journals autobiographies or newspaper accounts from the day The things from Klara s account that stand out to me arehow closely the actual funeral followed FDR s wishes which he had written and sealed away years before They were not actual funeral followed FDR s wishes which he had written and sealed away years before They were not until after the funeral Despite their strained marriage Eleanor knew her husband well enough to know almost exactly how he would want his funeral handled and that she dida renewed admiration and respect for Eleanor Roosevelt Her marriage to FDR was difficult her mother in law thought she was not good enough for her son and made that clear to Eleanor at nearly every opportunity her husband was unfaithful Lucy Rutherford his mistress was resent at the cottage in Warm Springs when he died an arrangement in which her daughter Anna had been complicit Yet she Satisfying Mommy’s Pregnant Needs (A Psuedo-Incest, Mother-Son, Sleep Sex, Pregnancy, BDSM, Erotic Romance) put on a brave face carried out FDR s funeral wishes as she knew he would want them and appears to have buried her grief and disappointment with those who betrayed her Prepared to slip uietly fromublic life she heeded the advice of one FDR s advisors to continue speaking out on importance issues because the ublic would want to hear what she had to say She did continue an active ublic life including serving as a delegate to the United Nationshow unprepared Harry Truman was to assume the Soul of Dust presidency He knew nothing about the Manhattan Project and the efforts to build an atomic bomb until the hours immediately following Roosevelt s death Granted he had not been viceresident but a few months but given that it was war time and important meetings and negotiations were underway among the Allies it seems very short sighted if not arrogant not to have brought the vice resident into the fold on these matters of strategic national security Especially since FDR himself realized he was in declining health This was a different era The ress seems to have been much willing to overlook things that today would occupy 247 coverage on cable news if not the major networks I wonder if we would be better off knowing a little less FDR s Funeral Train A Betrayed Widow a Soviet Spy and a Presidency in the Balance by Robert Kara ERIS: The Patsy (Warped Comedy Adventure Book 1) provides an interesting sidebar to an importantage in history the death of Franklin Roosevelt during World War II Kara s research is impressive and he wove many threads into a comprehensive recounting of the eople and events connected with the death and funeral of FDR While interesting it is not a great book Klara s story telling skills need work interesting it is not a great book Klara s story telling skills need work rose is often Verräter der Magie purple and his selection of vocabulary is unusual to say the least It is about twentyages too long and could have used a sharp editor s encil FDR s Funeral Train is undermined by minor factual errors and a number of inaccuracies in nomenclature or terminology The Soviet spy and John Maragon aspects of the story have almost nothing to do with the events in the book and appears to have been thrown in for hype After a few days consideration I revised my GR rating of Klara s book to Two Stars With thought the less ositive the impressio. Secret Service documents journalist and historian Robert Klara enters the rivate world on board that famous train He chronicles the three days during which the country grieved and despaired as never before and a new resident hammered out the olicies that would galvanize a country in mourning and win the Second World War. ,