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E and the lengths he goes to in order to care for her And with all the strength he has Gregg does his best to also care for his siblings He even takes in a young kitten cast away from its mother His kind loving spirit remains unbroken in the cruel torrent of abuseAs the years progress desperation builds and readers follow Gregg to the absolute edge of sanity and survivalThis is a book you won t be able to put down It s an incredible *Account Of The Perseverance *of the perseverance the human spirit with the resounding message to never give up whatever adversity you may faceFrom the Epilogue of A BEAUTIFUL WORLD What I do know is that I tried and I am still trying I will not uit It is my anchor that holds me in place so the world sometimes ugly sometimes beautiful does not bowl me over it is my not bowl me over It is my keeping me in place waiting for youBottom line read A BEAUTIFUL WORLD and find out for yourselfThose that do will never forget it. Ary and sometimes beautiful world Most of us on this great big planet stand alone against all odds shoeless with cracked knuckles biting our busted lips as the tears tumble and roll down our dirty cheeks Few rise above all the decadence done unto them Those blessed few leave a great influence of a better day filled with clean hope and blossoming opportunities We are all capable of leaving this influence of a better day filled with clean hope and blossoming opportunities We are all capable of leaving this no matter what we've been through Break the cycle so that we may save one anothe. Cape to save himself and his siblingsThe narrative is written with an exceptionally *visual style which plunges you deeply into the story alongside young Gregg FYI *style which plunges you deeply into the story alongside young Gregg FYI you research the author s background you ll find that He Is Actually An Award is actually an award writer with his work winning first place in the MemoirsPersonal Essay category of the Writer s Digest Annual Writing Competition in addition to several other awards garnered over the yearsReaders who oin Gregg s ourney will find themselves carried in the momentum of events including a frenzied search for Gregg s younger sister while the children are left home alone The night ends in unexpected chaos and the story hurtles forward opening the lens on Gregg s world to a full view of the horror enduredIn the face of the physical mental and emotional anguish a valiant heart shines and emotional anguish a valiant heart shines Readers will feel the binding devotion Gregg has for his mother despite her abus. Capes the physical emotional and sexual abuse of a vicious mother only to find his love for her and the effects of his past will ever remain A Beautiful World details the truth of millions of abused; they must escape to survive but breaking away will tear them apart A Beautiful World reaches out to each and every person facing adversity letting them know they are not alone The book was intentionally written not only for the abused but for all of us who refuse to give up in a we. .
Really tough to read some terribly graphic stuff So important for those that work with abused and neglected kids to understand their mindset From the first six words of the Introduction you are drawn into the world of the author Gregg Milligan as he delves back into childhood and the last three years spent in his mother s home Before Gregg s story even begins the message of the book is as clear as if it were spoken he shares his experiences hoping to help others buckle down and bear the ride through their own hell and know that they are not aloneChronicling a young boy s endurance of incredible abuse A BEAUTIFUL WORLD is a tribute to hope Through the years of brutal molestations beatings to the brink of death horrific manipulation and *Severe Mental Abuse This Young Child Keeps *mental abuse this young child keeps hope alive As time passes seeds of awareness and independence slowly begin to grow inside Gregg s heart molding into a plan of es. Gregg Tyler Milligan's personal history reflects a pattern of accomplishment in academic military and professional areas though his most prized achievement is a personal one Simply said he is a survivor of child abuse and has raised his son

know only love and compassion success has directly contrasted the dire upbringing he had and is indicative of the powerful spirit he has chosen to believe in throughout his life A Beautiful World is the story of a small boy who es. A Beautiful World