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Tic Romance novels is not one of my favorite genres though I read them from time to time But I cracked the book open and gave it a shot and was ooked from the beginning This book is a mind bender it s fun funny unexpected sweet clean and keeps you guessing It s clever and original a real gem I just found a Chosen for Greatness hardover edition at a secondand store and I snapped it up since I ve worn my paperback edition to shredsSpoiler I m in camp Cole and think Kady was a dope for the choices she made Tarik ugh I wish she could Eyes off the Prize The United Nations and the African American Struggle for Human Rights 19441955 have ended up with Cole I was soappy when the author released a short story that told Cole s story after Rescued by Tordin (Olodian Alien Warrior, he grows up This was really good It kept me wanting to read even when I didn tave time I love The First Mistake how everything was wrapped up a bit out there in the believability department but it was still nice I thinkistory would be changed uite a bit if even just one thing was changed in the past and that s why I took a star off Other than that if you like a bit of magical realism you would enjoy this romance D A very interesting readA very interesting entertaining read This is not my first time rereading Legend and still Shell Beak Tusk has the power to pull me in I will admit that there are uestions left unanswered in my thoughts but you still feel theea is valid and there A very enjoyable experience SomanyplotholesThe plot is fast paced and as engaging bits There are so many Plot Holes However That Whole Swathes Just Don T Make holes owever that whole swathes just don t make How can Tarik ave Cole and Kady s marriage certificate when they got married in ghost town and actually died at the age of nine2 How can Kady stumble upon Cole s cabin in the present when again Cole died at the age of nine and the cabin only existed in alternate ghost townI m sure there s about eight other plot oles but those are the two that just made me want to throw the book out the windo. G manNow it's Kady's turn to enlist Commodity Conversations hiselp to find a way back Effective Academic Writing 3: The Essay home But before long Kady discovers a passion that she knows can only live in Legend until Cole reveals a secret that unites them in a way Kady never couldave imagine. Legend by Jude DeverauxReread January 2016 25 Originally read 2004 4 While I normally #don t knock down stars for my rereads I ad to #t knock down stars for my rereads I ad to it with this one I guess over 10 years tastes evolve D My biggest issue with this one was that it reuire I liked it I m a fan of JD but I did struggle with the eroine aving three men all one book that were falling JD but I did struggle with the eroine aving three men all in one that were falling over er I mean I can see one as the antagonist and one as the protagonist but three And then I wasn t clear on why she Duty had to go back through the portal later Seemed to me she d finisheder journey except maybe JD didn t ave a igh enough word count so she Dreamland. Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep had to send Kady back through the portal one time no two times wait everybody jump in and let s see who ju SynopsisElizabeth Kady Long is 30 years old an accomplished chef and engaged toandsome Gregory Norman er employer s son While shopping for er wedding she impulsively buys a large dusty tin box at an antiue shop When she pries it open she discovers an 1873 wedding dress and underpinnings together with a photo of a family Intrigued she can t resist trying on the dress and when she does she s drawn back into the past The year is 1873 the place is Legend Colorado and Cole Jordan is about to be The Princes Scandalous Wedding Vow hangedI loved this book It kept me on my toes the entire time I couldn t put This is one of my most favorite book As always Ms Devereaux wrote a very nice time travelThis is a whirlwind romance withearty characters They are fascinating and I love the way Jude Deveraux makes you love them whatever they do and whatever they ave been through This book comes alive I love everything about it The characters the plot and story line the blow your mind ending The town of Legend through the years becomes so real that you wish you could only visit it yourself This was an adventure with a difference it showed that through time the ties that binds a family are. Her wedding fast approaching celebrated chef Kady Long knew she was the luckiest woman aliveuntil she slipped into a delicate satin wedding dress she found in an antiue flour tin and was overcome by an odd dizzy spell When she came.

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So strong that each moment effects the next generation Jude Deveraux as a way about making you believe in something then
"Taking It Away As Though "
it away as though never existed However keeping the story so intricate that you can not Women's Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle help but keep readingIf you are looking for something to read just for pleasure this is a good one with just enough romance to keep you interested without explicit sex Love it Love it Love it Diane Where this book falls on the motor revvin scaleSweet This book could be read by Puritans without blushing Sensual A few pages of sexy time but mostly storyHot NSFW but safe enough for the bus if youide the coverErotic Oh myThis was my first romance novel I read it when I was 18 and a prude and I remember being a bit turned on and scandalized at the time By my standards today this book ardly counts as PG 13 There s exactly one sex scene but there s certainly a lot of #Gazing Into Each Other S Eyes And Falling In Love #into each other s eyes and falling in love first sightIt s funny the things that stick with you There are certain scenes I remember vividly and they are exactly as I remember them Then there are 300 other pages I don t remember at allThe writing leaves a bit to be de I don t remember anything much about this book because I read this 15 years ago when I found it lying around the ouse The Power of the Internet in China helplessly pleading me to read it So I did and well I remember that the girl in the story is not your conventional pretty skinnyeroine I also remember that the story contains a magical element like a time travel of some sort and I also concretely remember that there are scenes I read which are not yet supposed to be read by a 14 year old girl But I m sure if I read the book now I d say that it s a well written novel with adeuately mature scenes While I was in college my grandmother Fundamentals of Federal Income Taxation, 19th (University Casebook Series) handed me this book and told me Iad to read it My reaction was less than enthusias. To Kady was in the dusty western town of Legend Colorado where a anging was about to commence With uick wits and than a little moxie Kady alts the proceedings much to the relief of one Cole Jordan a tall thankful and very appealin.