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Any Human FaceIn 1983 Alex is asked by his mentor and lover Bruno to hold on to a few bags for him for a few days When Alex returns to Bruno s lace after taking the bags to his own apartment he finds Bruno murdered and mutilated Scared Alex decides he has to get rid of the bags which turn out to contain Fettan photo s and sells them to a I read it all in one go soerfect was the construction of the narrative and the unfolding of the characters over the decades One of the main themes about the ubiuity but at the same time the curious ower that visual images retain is impressively well done And the ortrait of the thoroughly nasty art curator is hilarious and erfectly accurate in my experience A very enjoyable low key thriller set in Rome about the discovery of a set of mysterious hotographs which seem to bring bad luck to anyone who has the misfortune of getting near them Well not bad luck so much as bad guys who want the The Villain: The Life of Don Whillans photographs destroyed and don t hesitate to kill for them Theortrayal of both rotagonists as well as the minor characters is nuanced and believable Rome one of my favorite cities comes alive beautifully This is not your run of the mill thriller with a neatly wrapped up ending There are no explanations just hints as to what might have happened which works very well here It s grim and dark and I was glad there was a happy ending at least in the romance department which shows just how much I was rooting for these characters A noir novel set in RomeAny Human Face by Charles Lambert is set in the bleaker backwaters of Rome on the edges of the gay community each chapter Like A Snapshot In Black a snapshot in black white The Leitmotiv throughout the novel is a collection of hotographs of convicts which asses from one hand to another and eventually ends up in the ossession of Andrew Caruso who runs a delapidated book shop La Piccola Libreria in the city Moving between the 1980s and 2008 the hotographic uality of the chapters serves to highlight the intrinsic isolation of many of the colourful characters who breeze in and out of the storyline all the while set against a lurking resence of menace The storyline and characters sometimes have a Pasolini like uality which really anchors the novel in the Eternal CityAnd from this book we discovered the restaurant L obitorio un di Trastevere which serves Times of Bede pizzaiu buona di Roma Bruno and Alex drop in early on in the Has anyone been there what did you think Really enjoyed this book I just enjoyed it the story the way it is writtenjust generally loved itnothing else to say Very much enjoyed this complex and beautifully written book Some reviews have called it an Italian gay thriller Yes it isbut it has far greater depths and understanding of the human state than that implies Intricate murky worlds of crime and some wonderful almost Dickensian grotesues revolve around a uest for friendship acceptance and love You may begin this book thinking you know where the corruption lies You will end it with your eyes opened up to something far sinister and infinitely less alatable I m bringing back this review in support of author Charles Lambert s new novel A View from the Tower Christopher Moore should write a gay James Bond Or maybe I should Film rights would be snapped up in a jiffy Stick around kids I m tossing out million dollar ideas like condoms at a Pride Parade Charles Lambert s new novel Any Human Face is being called in the *UK PRESS A THRILLER SET ON *press a thriller set on seamier fringe of Rome s gay scene However if you come to Any Human Face expecting The Bourne Gay Identity you ll be disappointed If you come looking for weighty believable human drama set within multi layered. Andrew Caruso has been a second hand book dealer in Rome for thirty years when a collection of old hotographs changes his life forever He finds the City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York photos among theossessions of his ex lover Michel; the images The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 possibly fromolice archives are fascinating but when Andrew and his art critic friend Daniela decide to launch an exhibition the shop is raided the day befor. Political intrigue then you ve turned the right ageI think that the Guardian *s description of the setting as the seamier fringe of Rome s gay *description of the setting as the seamier fringe of Rome s gay is a bit o backhanded homophobia Yes there is a character who shoots some ornographic Rome s gay is a bit o backhanded homophobia Yes there is a character who shoots some ornographic and Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields probably video too but he s rather a Mother Hen type who takes care of any stray gay or bird off the street He s on the noble side than the seamy side and the main relationships in the story are uite sensitive not sleazy All the sleaze murders areolitical and unrelated to sexual identity Yes there are some graphic sexual moments but only to reflect what occurs in real relationships I mean likeyou ve done it right suireI would describe this novel rather as a thoughtful character study of a uirky gay bookstore owner and sometime artantiuity dealer named Andrew in Rome who stumbles into a Learner Strategies in Language Learning political vipers nest involving high leveloliticians and Vatican officials doing very bad things At its core the story is about Andrew s struggle to overcome heartbreak from his Dangerously Placed past and learn to love again This book being a literary work and not a hack best seller Lambert manages to integrate some thoughtful commentary on writing art andhotography as well by having the main character try to set up an art show in his bookstore Lambert creates an interesting juxtaposition between theorycritiue and reality through this art show The co curator of the show expresses a complex gibberish of analysis to explain how the Just Destiny photographs in the exhibit are Art When the reality is that one of thehotographs reveals an actual crime being committed it s a Paradise Run performativehotograph if you will that is FUCKING EVIDENCE OF A crime i will not identify so as not to spoil it but you can robably guess Soehemfuck your critiue Of course Lambert isn t anti intellectual but he certainly shows how literary and art theory can tie itself up in a knot of incestuous bullcrapJust as in his short stories Lambert doesn t grandstand as a writer rather he creates a compelling reality and allows the characters to express themselves naturally I found Andrew to be absolutely convincing as a real human being Although the book is not as fast aced as you might expect a thriller to be when Andrew was in actual Help Me, Jacques Cousteau physical danger in the story my heart was racing and I couldn tut the book down Any Human Face has uite a few interesting characters including the Mother Hen character I mentioned before who dresses like a tribal ueen or brothel keeper in swathes of flowery curtain Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen pajamas And the bitchiest rich hag of an art gallery maven you ll ever come across I thoroughly enjoyed this novel as a taste of Rome and the inner life and struggles of Andrew to make a life for himself despite his fears of aging of failing and than anything else of being lonely Iicked this book up on a whim from the discount section at a local book store I like to get a feel for some new authors and genres that I might not have read otherwise This book was one of the few in that category that I really enjoyed it was a The Book of Mordred pleasant surpriseAs far as LGBT fiction goes I haven t read very much but it was a refreshing change oface I felt the characters were handled realistically and respectfully which felt nice as a readerThe setting of Rome was interesting and although I ve never been it felt like a realistic depiction That in and of itself was Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide pretty interesting and helped me to keep with the book Not that it was aroblem after a bit of a slow start I definitely wanted to see the book through after I was about a uarter throughThe writing was somewhere between decent and good There were certain Wie war das noch? Schulwissen, neu aufpoliert passages or descriptors I really enjoyed but forgot. E the opening and the display seized with surprising violence In his uest to understand the significance of theictures Andrew crosses aths with Alessandro a journalist who knows about their history than Andrew can imagine But Alessandro offers hope as well as information hope in a world where kidnap subterfuge and even murder are the norm; a world of criminal intrigu.

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To flag to eventually add to this review and the rest was always alright at minimumMy biggest complaint with the book was the abrupt slightly cheesy ending It felt like another 25 Gods Callgirl pages could have really added a lot to the book whether or not that included our main characters Perhaps the author would say that view spoilerromance was the realoint of the book and not the Forever I'm Yours photograph mystery but I would disagree if you spend 45ths of the book on something and then discard it at the last moment that decision will inevitably disappoint several readers hide spoiler For me this was about love and friendship than a thriller though the mystery around thehotographs is gripping At first I found the time shifts a little dislocating but once the threads weave themselves together and the narrative begins to gel I couldn t ut it down Charles Lambert s writing is wonderfully controlled and relaxed at the same time Dizzying thrilling funny sad and sexy I give this book four and a half And it makes you long to go back to Rome I feel a bit awkward about giving low ratings to books by Goodreads authors sorry if anything I say offends My opinion appears to definitely be a minority one so erhaps you shouldn t ay too much attention to it Any Human Face opens with a line from Marilynne Robinson s The Gilead Any human face is a claim on you because you can t help but understand the singularity of it the courage and loneliness of itI mulled over this for uite a while before starting the book It s a rich uote and one that signals that Any Human Face seeks to be something than a stock gay thriller It robably succeeds in this but maybe to its detrimentI had some major issues with this novel 1 Although the lead characters Alex and Andrew were very different men this didn t come through to me in the writing As Renoir perspective shifted from one to the other andarticularly when it shifted from Nebular Sammelband 5 - Galaxis in Panik past toresent I struggled to differentiate them They seemed to blend into a single unitI hope I m not spoiling anything by saying that the two men come together in the end it doesn t take a genius to redict Maybe the author had deliberately set out to highlight the similarities between them so *THAT WHEN THEY FINALLY DO COME TOGETHER THEIR PERSONALITIES *when they finally do come together their ersonalities to become a bigger greater whole As a love story this really worked #As A Thriller It Interfered With The #a thriller it interfered with the I needed to be instantly at step with each character as each chapter began but this didn t happen It regularly took me a few Bakunin: The Creative Passion paragraphs to settle my mind around whatlot thread was happening to which character2 I struggled to accept the logic of some of the book s central The Donegal Woman precepts view spoilerThelot revolves around a series of mugshot Martha's Chickens and the Pirates photographs that are dangerous We know that they are dangerous because they cause Marco to be murdered in the opening chapter Both of the leads haveossession of them at different times but I didn t uite understand why they didn t just take them to the The Necromancer, or The Tale of the Black Forest police where they appeared to have originated I know that the explanation in both cases was that it was out of respect for their deceased lovers but this just didn t seem to wash The most obvious example of uestionable motivation was when Andrew refused to tell his kidnappers how thehotographs had come into his Amstel Girl: Playing With Destiny possession Torotect Michel who was already dead To rotect SandroAlex who he has literally only just met I didn t understandWhile on this oint of logic flaws why did the kidnappers have a A Diary of Darkness: The Wartime Diary of Kiyosawa Kiyoshi photo of Andrew from 30 years ago And why did they let him go when they found thehoto if they had been known to kill before and knew that he could identify them Aaaargh my head hurts hide spoiler. E in which no one is safe or above suspicion Meanwhile in a cellar a kidnapped girl hopes desperately for rescue Part thriller art love story Charles Lambert's second novel is both gripping and exhilarating; brilliant and hard edged it clearly marks Lambert as a name to note 'Charles Lambert writes as if his life depends on it He takes risks at every turn' Hannah Tinti.