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Ctions that may have placed her in harm s wayThe rivalry between the two clans has been long standing and many would like to see Bryce fail It s hard to overcome so many ears of hate and prejudice Trust is hard won and easily broken Plus someone is years of hate and prejudice Trust is hard won and easily broken Plus someone is hard to inflame the tempers of both clansBryce is a terrific character He feels bound by his father s dying wish and et drawn to Akira himself "Her strength and courage are something he admires and he enjoys "strength and courage are something he admires and he enjoys verbal battles He s first angry at Evan s refusal and rude comments about Akira then jealous once Evan shows some interest in her He s a strong leader and has the respect of his men He also has a tender side He tries to see to her comfort and is upset by the accidental pain he causes her He does have trouble with trusting her and her familyAkira is brave intelligent and resourceful She s also stubborn She puts her own needs and desires below those of her people She s no pushover physically either She has skill with a blade and eventually manages to talk Bryce into giving her one of her own She has a blind spot when it comes to her clan and doesn t believe any of them could possibly be behind any of the incidents She also believed all the MacPhersons Bryce s clan were nothing than brutal barbarians with no regard for human life When one of the many plots against the peace ends up with the death of Evan Bryce becomes chief and intends to marry Akira himself The truce called for her to marry the chief of the clan it didn t say it had to be his brother He was the one who believed this Was The Path To Peace the path to peace he was attracted to her But can he trust her They both want an end to the fighting but she is there against her will and bad things have happened to both sides I want to briefly mention another character that was unusual Bryce and Evan had a third brother named Sim He s deaf but can read lips and doesn t speak His brothers protect and provide for him They re set on teaching him to fight but Akira wants to teach him academics so he can keep the books She and Sim become good friendsJennifer Hudson Taylor has created a great book that not only captures a romance between two interesting people but deals with an issue that is very timely Both these characters had to decide whether they were willing to trust each other and God with the the events of and their lives In this economy I think many of us can relate to needing that same kind of trust Things look terrible to us but God has it all in His hands Very enjoyable so far I enjoyed the use of the Marriage by Proxy law made me laugh it s so sneaky This was well writ This was an freebie It is really not well written for example the gratuitous highland accent in a book written about a period when modern English did not exist is distracting rather than charming with too many ers and dinnas and it has a very preachy Christian overtone any novel about this time would contain religious references but this book has an overtly modern Christian theme that doesn t fit with historical religious beliefs of a time 2 centuries before the Protestant ReformationThe plot is predictable and the pacing speeds up when it should be slow for example during the death of a major character and slows when it should speed up The characters are basic Romance clonesShe gets 2 stars because at least she didn t put them in contemporary clan tartans I just wish she had done research on other themes as well such as language and religion This is a Christian romance This book had a nice flow to it and I did want to finish reading it to find out all that happens But I found myself less and less interested I have the second book but won t be reading itI was really hoping there would be a lot to the romance but it almost seemed a side story And that was disappointing The action was not really actiony the violence not really violency and the drama not dramaee There was just something lacking about all of it The main character really believed in God and talked about it non stop and that bugged just a little This book was very clean Even the violence was clean. Rises between their families Clearly a traitor is in their midst Now the one man Akira loves no longer trusts her and her own life is in danger Can Bryce look beyond his pain and seek the truth Will Akira discover the threat against her before it’s too late How will God turn a simple promise into bountiful Highland blessing.

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Ess someone is sobbing hysterically I don t feel any tension reading a prayer Technically speaking this would rate a 25 star but the sweet story warrants rounding up instead of downHere is the perfect example of the difference between a good storyteller and a good writer The story telling is wonderful in this book both Akira and Bryce are basically good honest and compassionate people trying to do what s right for everyone while striving to maintain a level of happiness for themselves The reader grows to love them both as they struggle with other s expectations and their own growing feelings amid the backdrop and barbarity of medieval Scotland The Christian aspect is obvious but presented in a very unthreatening but uplifting way making it part of the tale rather than an aside from itIt s in the actual writing of the story that it falls apart The sentences often seem elementary the transitions very basic the dialogue bordering on kitschy and the overall flow somewhat clumsy It feels like a novice writer trying to tell a great story If one doesn t mind or is able *to overlook all the shortcomings in the writing style this could be a very enjoyable read *overlook all the shortcomings in the writing style this could be a very enjoyable read Blessings is a fresh gently romantic intelligent read set in ancient Scotland Akira MacKenzie and Bryce MacPhearson are caught between their two opposing families To bring peace Bryce vows to his dying father that his father s heir Evan will marry the MacKenzie s daughter Akira Bryce kidnaps Akira on her wedding day and whisks her away to the MacPhearson castle But vengeance follows close on their heels and a member of Akira s family murders Evan Bryce s elder brother To keep his promise to his father it now falls to Bryce to marry Akira But can a marriage begun on mistrust and the hatred of generations succeed The The Piper in the Wind young couple contends with the difficulties of being married to someone they re not sure will ever truly care for them They live under the constant threat of the two families rearing up in war And as love begins to flower the awareness grows that there is a traitor in their midst who will commit murder to keep the clans apart I love it when an author knows their historical setting This is true of Jennifer Hudson Taylor This author breathes the Scotland of warring clans castle ramparts clays and swordplay Yet she weaves her vast knowledge of the history into a fast paced story in such natural waysou are transported to that era You can hear the rolling r s within the dialogue and smell the Scottish pines and heather You can feel the soft highland mist against The Proposal your skin I highly recommend this book For several nights I tucked myself into bed with it This story unfolds with easy to follow twists and turns And ifou like a gentle love story and an inspirational read in a book that isn t going to jar ou with unpleasant images and about 300 pages then this is one ou ll enjoy This book is actually worth 6 stars but 5 is the highest I can go I loved everything about this book and read it in two sittings This is the Scottish version of Romeo and Juliet except this story is FILLED with honor loyalty sweet romance clean action and a WONDERFULLY happy ending This debut book is sooooo underrated it s one of the best reads I ve come across this Addicted to Womanhood Book One year This is historical what i considered medieval times fiction but everything about the story is unconventional the characters LOOOVE LOOOOVE LOOOOVE Akira the two warring families the betrayal and the love I highly recommend this book I m fortunate to have gotten a print copy The reader will be sighing with satisfaction during and after the story has endeday for Highland Blessings I go weak in the knees at the thought of a Scottish warrior Not only is Bryce strong but he has characteristic loyalty to family he s sinfully handsome and wants to fulfill his dying father s wish The problem lies carrying that out His elder brother is chief and has no intention of tying himself with a rival clan to make peace The lady in uestion Akira is just as strong willed as she is beautiful He can t help but admire her and regret the Becomes a witness to Bryce she struggles to overcome her anger and resentment when he forces her to wed him hoping to end a half century old feud between their clans While Akira begins to forgive and Bryce learns to trust a series of murders leaves a trail of unanswered uestions confusion and a legacy of hate that once again. ,
Highland Blessings is a novel set in Scotland during the late 1400 s From the very first page the characters came alive and real You are drawn to the characters INTO THEIR STORIES AS THEY their stories as they are together Birk MacKenzie signs a peace settlement with Cedric MacPhearson to end the half century old feud between the clans It states that the MacKenzie daughter will marry the MacPhearson son to bond the two clans together Cedric MacPhearson is attacked on the way home from that signing One of his sons finds him before he dies and Cedric tells him of that settlement and his desire that it be kept despite the fact that a MacKenzie warrior is the one who dealt the mortal wound Akira MacKenzie is the only daughter to the Laird of the MacKenzie clan She has a strong personality She relies on the Lord to guide her Fear does not stop her from acting or speaking when she feels she should She understands doing something for the greater good around her and Batman: Arkham Asylum - A Serious House on Serious Earth yet is not immune to her need for love She struggles with wanting to escape and doing what she knows she must Bryce MacPhearson is the second son to the MacPhearson Laird He is honorable and kind While he leads his men with a strong hand he can also be seen as compassionate He didn t grow up under a mother s attention so he is unsure of how to react to Akira on many levels He starts out trying to make sure his older brother fulfills his duty to marry the MacKenzie Things don t uite end up the way he planned There are villains in the book that are unseen and some that are obvious from the start The secondary characters in the book are as real to the reader as the main ones Some we get to know while others we only get a glimpse of who they are In this book we learn how even when we think things are not for our best God can work them out in a way that is better for everyone We see love is a choice We can choose to love or hate others When we chose love it changes everything As someone who started reading historical romances at a very early age I found the same adventure and excitement in this book WITHOUT the unneeded sex scenes It is very well written and I enjoyed it greatly I read it all in one night because I just didn t want to put it down Yes I have a habit of doing that The love and romance were in the story but Jennifer Hudson Taylor showed us that certain things just didn t have to be in the book to make it good It is appropriate for any age and something a mom wouldn t have to worry about her daughter readingThis is another wonderful book for Christmas It is such a joy to read these first novels and look forward to many from them God is really blessing those who want to write for Him and bring Him glory I hope to join their ranks in the near future Set in 1473 in Scotland Jennifer Hudson Taylor s debut novel is definitely a bookou want to read This novel was an exciting book to read Bryce MacPhearson rides in on a large gray horse and sweeps the bride away right in the midst of her wedding A shock to say the least but between two fueding families a downright declaration of war it seems However Bryce isn t trying to declare war he is keeping a promise he made to his father as his father died The MacPhearson s and the MaKenzie s have been fueding for a half century and no one really knows why Bryce s father and Akira s father pledged peace and their children to wed in order to end the fued but a warrior kills Bryce s father and the fued continues Bryce is determined to see peace and if kidnapping Akira and bringing her to wed his brother Evan the cheiftan of his clan will bring that In the 1400 s when this book was supposed to take place everyone was Catholic Catholics when this book was supposed to take place everyone was Catholic Catholics tdon t pray like Protestants There is no praying to God or Jesus directly Once is Never Enough you pray to the saints and Mary to intercede with God onour behalf The plot was stupid pacing dragged and the characters were generic Using Successful Employee Communications yee re in our speech doesn t make it a Scottish book I hate how inspirational books throw a prayer in every chapter and think it covers the fact that there is nothing going on in the story and unl. Highland Blessings is the story of a highland warrior who kidnaps the daughter of his greatest enemy and clan chief to honor a promise he made to his dying father Bryce MacPhearson a highland warrior kidnaps Akira MacKenzie on her wedding day to honor a promise he made to his dying father While Akira’s strength in the Lord. Highland Blessings