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R to find their other halves they "Come To Realize That They Are The "to realize that they are the match for each other Throughout their adventure they help each other in many different ways and enjoy the time they spend together Although they are two different characters they come to find friendship within each other This can teach children that they can make friends with anyone not just who they think they have to be friends with There is also humor in this story that will causes some giggles and enjoyment as the reader reads I think this story is very uniue and creative I love how the story shows real world characteristics such as a laundromat or a guy on a bike things that could be real outside the story Then there are these characters Sock and Mitten that cause readers to use their imagination because socks and mittens of course are not living objects Their facial expressions make them come to life in the story as the illustrator does a great job in showing emotions They both stand out and are a focus on every age with their bright ink and blue colors The colors throughout the book are inviting to the reader by being soft and layful Also the text is very easy to read with its bold black letters Gordon D Smitten 2006 New York Simon SchusterThis is the story of a one sock and one mitten who each lose their mate They meet on the street and go

looking for their 
for their They encounter many obstacles but together they triumph They decide that they don t need their match to be whole They decide to be each other s matches They are smitten I would say this story would be on the interest level of kids in grades K 2 Smitten is a sweet book about a mitten and a sock who have lost their artners and become friends They have adventures and misadventures involving dogs bicycles the laundromatsubway tracksa knitting store It s a story about friendship and taking care of each other It would Times of Bede probably work for areschool storytime and it would definitely work for a bedtime story A solitary mitten who had lost the other one of her The Catechism of the Council of Trent pair and a stray sock fallen out of a laundry basketair up in order to find their respective City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York partners in this sweeticture book romp from authorillustrator David Gordon Somewhat the worse for wear after their travails in the ark they find their way to a laundromat and have great fun getting clean Later when Sock is stretched by Likely friendship between a sock and a mitten who are both lost singles in a city ,
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Reviewed by Me for Kids TeensReadToocomMittens and socks always come in airs I ve yet to be able to urchase only one mitten or one sock "EVEN THOUGH MY DRYER HAS A " though my dryer has a habit of eating only one at a time In SMITTEN a lost mitten atop a fence and a lonely sock dropped from a laundry basket set about on a uest to find their missing artners When the trampling feet of school children a trip into a waste basket two dogs and a subway train get through with them neither mitten "nor sock are looking or feeling their best Fortunately after a trip "sock are looking or feeling their best Fortunately after a trip the washer and dryer and a visit to a knitting store and the aid of a helpful how to book both mitten and sock are almost as good as new And each has found the erfect air in one another This is a truly delightful bedtime story or a book Davids Sling perfect for a beginning reader After turning the lastage you can t help but be smitten yourself Sock and Mitten have both lost their air As they band together to search for thier missing other half they face many dangers and help each other through In the end they realize that instead of being alone they ve found each *otherThis book is AWESOME Do I have to say it again AWESOME Sock and Mitten rock My *book is AWESOME Do I have to say it again AWESOME Sock and Mitten rock My art is the knitting scene Check it out OMG A must read The story and illustrations are hilarious A lost sock and mitten find friendship and adventure This author has done work on animated movies like Toy Story He has also written some other children books that are a spin on well known fairy tales The Ugly Truckling Three Little Rigs Hansel and Diesel Very cute I mean manly This lint free love story of a sock and a mitten is a fun book for all ages Even though it may be geared towards children I Learner Strategies in Language Learning personally love this book and can read it over and over again The author has actually done concept work for Pixar which makes sense as to why I enjoyed this book so much Even adult s love children s movies such as Toy Story and Bug s Life so I am sure they will love this book as well Reading this story as a teacher or aarent will allow for great bonding moments as well as opportunities to discuss friendship Not only that but since both children and adults will love this book it is something that will connect both that they can share in commonThis story allows readers to see the true meaning of friendship As Sock and Mitten go on an adventure togethe. With an unparalleled style and even imagination Gordon resents a story about an un. ,
Wo dogs laying tug of war and Mitten becomes unraveled after her yarn is Just Destiny pulled by a subway car each one of theair helps the other out Perhaps rather than continuing to search for their lost Paradise Run partners they should accept that they are meant to be together That they are smittenAfter reading David Gordon s Extremely Cute Animals Operating Heavy Machinery some time ago and finding it rather uninspiring I wasn tarticularly motivated to ick up this earlier icture book That said the title Smitten struck me and the cover artwork looked cute so I decided to give it a chance I m glad I did as I found the story engaging and fun I Help Me, Jacques Cousteau particularly liked the scene in the laundromat and the artwork appealing Whereas I found Gordon s style rather flat in his later book here it just felt stylized and cartoon like Itrobably helped that I found Sock and Mitten and their story far engaging than I did the eponymous cute animals of the other book Whatever the case may be this is one I d recommend to anyone looking for children s stories about friendship in general or the idea that friends can be found in all sorts of shapes and sizes in Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen particular SLJ says Theersonified garments are engaging LOL "Less scientifically this is a cute love story between a match less sock and mitten who becomeyou itsmitten Would "scientifically this is a cute love story between a match less sock and mitten becomeyou guessed itsmitten Would fun for some kind of Matchmaker storytime Porcupining Stinky Smelly Feet little kids will like the bright digital illustrations and the ride in the laundromat dryer while older kids will may chuckle over lines like You should have told me you were wool Read it to find out how one sock can hold two knitting needles Cute cute book about a romance between a single sock and a single mitten Lots of food for thought for older kids is hidden in the simple story There *is a good lesson about staying with the *a good lesson about staying with the old friends vs choosing the shiny well dressed new friends who may come along Excellent story of loyalty and roblem solving Great for classroom use and for reading aloud to kids at home too What a delightful story This is currently a favorite at our house We have read it every night for the ast 2 12 weeks Lovely illustrations and sweet story line about a sock and mitten who are both lost and are searching for their other halves After uite a few misadventures they discover they make a Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide pretty goodair and are smitten Too cute. Ull of Wie war das noch? Schulwissen, neu aufpoliert pairs and how differences can't stand in the way of aerfect air Full colo.

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