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The Flight to Lucifer

Harold Bloom ½ 7 Read

To Arcturus Let this stand as an object lesson to all critics who would write A total dreamscape Still have only the aintest idea of what the book was about critics who would write A total dreamscape Still have only the Pirates, Ships, and Sailors faintest idea of what the book was about am now acuainted with a bunch of namesrom the gnostic mythology "And With Faint Impressions Of Impossible Interactions " with aint impressions of impossible interactions unimaginable beings with ambiguous outcomes and steep though indecipherable conseuences Odd I m tempted to say Bizarre iction on gnosticism by one of the subject s experts Bloom s disinherited work bears some similarities to Lindsay s Arcturus in its minimalism and cadences that resemble primitive cave paintings with words Like Arcturus it also sets up a philosophical dream like seuence on a distant planet replete with warring philosophies that aintly echo a Socratic debate The center of the debate revolves around the Pleroma a gnostic concept and the characters efforts to ind it among a maelstrom of Luciferan orces preventing it rom manifesting Some may not maelstrom of Luciferan orces preventing it Princess Baby, Night-Night from manifesting Some may not this several act play or sorts in a bizarre unholistic environment since the utterances of the characters are difficult to decipher but the arcane dialogue shifts so many directions in interesting and profound ways each page reuires multiple re readings It was this sort of uncanny dialo. Ontent derivesairly directly The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post from gnosticism In Lindsay the passionate giant Maskull the thin intense Nightspore are takenrom Earth to the planet Tormance by Krag a mysterious Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution figure who's a residue of the true godhead Muspel unassimilated by thealse creations of Tormance's demiurge Crystalman Bloom's novel reproduces this On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock formula with names drawn directlyrom gnostic history cosmology Maskull becomes Thomas Perscors thru ire identified as an incarnation of Primal Man Nightspore's correlate is Seth Valentinus a reincarnati. I read this book because I m writing novel based on gnostic myth and want to know how other writers have incorporated the theme into their want to know how other writers have incorporated the theme into their Unfortunately The Flight to Lucifer is one of the worst novel I have read it has potential as the writer himself studying gnosticism extensively but the poor execution made this novel is definitely not a good example of using gnosticism in iction I ound a hardback copy of this book at the old Volume II Bookstore in East Rogers Park Chicago and purchased it despite its price because it promised to have something to do with the topic of my undergraduate thesis Gnosticism and much to do with one of my much to do with one of my novels David Lindsay s Voyage to Arcturus Sadly I must agree with Bloom s own estimation of this his sole novel It is terrible an abortion Nini far inferior to its model Harold Bloom wrote a seuel to David Lindsay s A VOYAGE TO ARCTURUShttpwwwgoodreadscombookshow10What a nut Risible hooey At least it s short One of the worst novels I have ever read A dull graduate course in gnosticism and hermeticism barelyictionalized No plot no characters to speak of only Symbols and Mystery and a whole lot of Who The Fuck Cares If possible even duller than its source material the intolerable A Voyage. Bloom's I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) fascination with David Lindsay's philosophicalantasy led him to compose a seuel in 1979 The Flight to Lucifer his only work of Flight, Vol. 7 fiction Though reviews were positive he disowned it His self conscious theoretical interest in the nature ofantasy literature weighed it down too heavily He's said he'd remove every copy of the book rom every library if he couldLindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus supplied the concept of a voyage thru space to a planet created by a demiurge other incidental eatures of the book However most of its Gue not its minimalistic narration that drove Lindsay s Arcturus to success eventually after a ailed start It s very nice in a way to see it recaptured in a slightly different way in Bloom s Camp Rex follow up Howard Bloom is the old curmudgeonly vanguard of the Western Canon and has written extensively on the Anxiety of Influence It s clear heell sway to those neuroses here with his sole novel The Flight to Lucifer Bloom paid to have the book go out of print and will buy
copies of the 
of the when he come across them To Destroy Them The destroy them The of Lucifer is basically a retelling of David Lindsay s Voyage to Arcturus albeit much directly and with the Gnosticism explicit Very little plot and character but a ton of veil through Symbols and Mystery While Voyage to Arcturus is a parablemorality playdream manifestometaphysic I read this years ago and didn t care or it much at the time due to the peculiar execution Some of the ideas and imagery made a lasting impression on me though I m occasionally reminded of this odd book by odd events in my life particularly ones in which the contrasting approaches of struggle and transcendence come into ocus Derivative is a truism This is a rewriting of A VOYAGE TO ARCTURUS but with the Gnosticism explicit. On of the theologian Their guide is an Aeon Olam an emanation of the true god Lucifer is controlled by Saklas gnostic name Touch of Enchantment for thealse creator Olam has brought Perscors to Lucifer to When Dads Don't Grow Up fight Saklas has brought Valentinus so he can remember his true self This is also drawnrom Lindsay However the details of their adventures differ in the end Perscors cripples Saklas changes the order of things on Lucifer whereas Nightspore's victory is to escape Crystalman's clutches see reality as it is tho vowing to return to Earth to Miles from Kara free other.