[The Cursed Land Magic The Gathering] E–book Ò Teri McLaren

Teri McLaren develops characters and a storyline with such wonderful underlying depth The protagonist of this story transitions from a point of weakness

And Self Doubt To 
self doubt to Read a ood third of the book and was not enjoying it at all Really do not like books whose characters are either totally *evil or totally ood interesting this book *or totally ood Interesting Different this full of plot lines but lacks character depth while also hitting many stereotypes A lot of stilted dialogue as well Maybe it s just that I m not familiar with the characters or storylines from this set buy I found The Cursed Land to a bit slow moving and with some very unlikeable main charactersI was also not fond of the background sexism throughout the story especially as it s just accepted and thus shown to be right and acceptable The clan elders pitch a fit that Logan made his daughter Aylith the Keeper because the Keeper has always been a man As it turns out Aylith is the Mender but not in her own right Nazir the bad uy for most of the book by the way has to help end the winter season the Keeper s job and heal the world Then as soon as that s done Arn another uy is immediately chosen by the rebirthed Clan Tree as the new Keeper What the hell So much for A wizard s Prisoner of Midnight greed wounded the land Can a woman s magic heal it the blurb on the cover of the book I feelravely misled And though this might be the library s fault this is not a YA novel Nazir is just about 30 in this story and Aylith is only a few years younger There are prevalent themes of sexual violence and other adult topicsthemes throughout none of which read like or are presenteddealt with as I have ever seen in a YA novel This signals to me that The Cursed Land was meant for a adult audience mid twenties at least than what it is labeled as However I do BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. give the author points for not making Aylith and Nazir wedded or lovers or rapist and victim When I read the two lines shall join that s what I was really afraid wasoing to happen and it didn t Brownie points to whoever resisted the impulse to bring all the forshadowing that leaned in that di. Set in a magical and compelling world called Dominia this story is based on the hot trading card a. The Cursed Land Magic The GatheringThe MTG collection that truly has no connection whatsoever to previous titles The most essential element of the story is laid out in a prophecy in the prologue and in the rest of the book we et to watch that prophecy come true I thought this book was relatively straightforward and a bit predictable The presence of the prophecy did not help with *that predictability though I will admit that something I was expecting to happen throughout the entire book didn t *predictability though I will admit that something I was expecting to happen throughout the entire book didn t unfold the way I thought I also enjoyed the shrouds which were little creatures kind of like mimics but of fabric specifically I ve never really seen mimics or their like rendered in written fiction before and I think they re cool in eneral so it was fun to see them here Aside from the predictability another thing I wasn t thrilled about with this book was the writing It tended to jump from one character s point of view to another with no page breaks and it was jarring and often unnecessary I can excuse this in some works when I can tell it was done for a reason but in this instance it "Just Felt Like The " felt like the didn t have a solid understanding of point of viewAnother little thing that bothered me was this one instance in which a character changed clothes while their hands were bound since I don t think that s actually physically possible It was just a passing thing that came up on one single page but moments like that feel really sloppy and completely pull me out of the story as I m left to wonder how it could have ever happened Interesting book I especially enjoyed the dream like seuences in which Aylith descends into this otherworldly realm to uncover her mission as the Mender and to et rid of the anger in her heart There was an ancient rending which has created a rift between the House of Haen and the House of Nohr Nazir and Malvos are initially opposed to Logan and Aylith Aylith is entrusted with the Memories by which one can resurrect spring There is a religious theme here of an original break in the world that reuires a healing and a subseuent resurrection Aylith is a Christ like figure. Nventive new book series to explore breathtaking new adventures featuring the characters of the am.

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Rection to fruition All in all I was kind of disappointed in this *Book I Really Hope *I really hope other books on MTG lore are better The absolute worst book I have ever struggled to et through The writing tone is monotonous scatter brained thoughtless and non descriptive I have never had an author lose my focus and attention uit like this one and I m including boring textbooks from school in that list of all time horrible reads My own stubbornness kept Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı giving this book a chance so I neverave up on it but I wish I had been a uitter Teri McLaren is now the reason I will no longer waste another "MINUTE OF MY LIFE STUMBLING THROUGH " of my life stumbling through awful book If you enjoy the early Magic lore like I do stay far away from this book and author Booooooooooooring I Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines get what the author wasoing for but the easiest way to kill your novel about MAGIC is to set it on a plane where its defining feature is a complete lack of manaI feel like the plot was way too simple and the author kept throwing in bizarre twists to keep it moving when it was The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River going to wrap up too soon The same two people were captured and either releasedescaped how many times It felt really unplanned and half assed the entire time and the entire overarching conflict seemed manufactured and in the end meaninglessThe bar isn t high for something like this and it couldn t even clear the bare minimum andive me one character worth caring about a plot that made sense or even one decent scene of action Instead we THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy get some crap about an acorn an invasion of a neighboring tribe where they just evacuate the town and nothing happens someuy feeds himself to #a iant frog and people can t do magic other than shooting reen or blue fire from their #giant frog and people can t do magic other than shooting River Bodies (Northampton County, green or blue fire from their Okay but definitely lackluster storytelling Not much is resolved toward the end and it felt as though they were running out of pages to tell their story and just rushed the last fourth of the book A bit of a bummer but I was warned that the non cyclical Magic novels were written like this Reminds me of a long short story I did not finish this not for me This is the first book in. Me MAGIC The Gathering Fans of theame which has sold over one billion cards are turning to this