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Ly he separates the idea of great talents what he refers to As Interpreterslike A Great interpreterslike a great is not Mozart for example even though heshe plays well and geniuses the Mozarts are people who create something new that hasn t been seen before Worth reading even if you read nothing else in this collection Other stuff that was pretty goodHis arguments for Beat and what it is His definitions are meant to clarify a lot of the philosophy of the Beat movement I don t know if they clarify too muchbut I think I caught a few details that I didn t know before Probably one of his most interesting observations in On the Beats is The dope thing will die out That was a fad like bathtub gin The stuff you have to wade throughSports While he makes some really great arguments for why baseball strategy walking the best hitters etc makes for dull games and players who don t know how to swing for the fencesfor the most part the sports sections are dull The games and seasons he writes about are long gone and the immediacy of a sports article doesn t reverberate through the ages like we would
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Even for a like Kerouac JennyPlace for the StolenUnderground Writing Project Fans of Kerouac know that his books are than just stories about hitchhiking and looking for kicks they re also about his jazz influenced literary style In this collection of writings in addition to discussions of the Beat Generation and the meaning and origin of the term beat as he employs it Kerouac comments on writing his own Allen Ginsberg s Gregory Corso s William Shakespeare s James Joyce s He Kerouac comments on writing his own Allen Ginsberg s Gregory Corso s William Shakespeare s James Joyce s He about hitchhiking the photography of Robert Frank jazz and bop and his hometown of Lowell Massachusetts There is a statement defending the novel The Subterraneans against obscenity charges and a description of Murnau s film Nosferatu Included is his essay On the Origins of a Generation which originally appeared in Playboy As well there is a description of a bullfight that is worth reading for the way that Kerouac s attitude toward the event changes in the middle N gives his Essentials of Spontaneous Prose and defends his novel The Subterraneans compares Shakespeare and James Joyce describes the cafeterias and subways of Manhattan goes to a ballgame and a prize fight and reflects on Céline on Christmas in New England on Murnau's Nosferatu on jazz bop. ,

Vampires were also thought to be the souls of ordinary living people which leave the body in sleep and come Upon Other Sleepers In The other sleepers in the of down fluffso don t sleep in your duck down sleepingbag in Transylvania or even in California they say Actually don t worrryscientifically speaking the only blood sucking bats in the world are located in South America from Oaxaca on down Kerouac obv knew than he was sharing The problem making it your policy as a writer to take a bunch of speed and sit down at a typewriter and let your fingers fly ntil you feel like stopping and then calling whatever you just wrote a book is that nless you have been planning the thing in your head for seven or eight years like with On the Road your book is going to be a big piece of crap with a few really great sentences here and there Challenging to ReadJust completed this volume of collected writings I would recommend it as an introduction to Kerouac I ll definitely want to travel with him On the Road someday but this sort of reading leads to a strong desire for a less strenuous effort for awhileSurprisingly it was not the further road stories essays on writing or baseball nor his other musings that I found the most Interesting Rather it was his dystopian future world fiction cityCityCITY with the alternative ending promising a life of hope that I truly enjoyed But even that story left me tired from considering all that was implied in the text and in need of rest Best part about this bookThe sections where Kerouac talks his writing style There are two selectionchapters that cover this spontaneous prose The Essentials of Spontaneous Prose and Belief Techniue for Modern Prose Both are kind of checklists but how to lists might be accurate Interesting downright fascinatingthough I m not 100% sure what to do with stuff like 14 in Belief Like Proust be an old teahead of time But I can certainly get behind 29 You re a Genius all the time I tell myself this everyday HeeheeAnd speaking of genius the essay Are Writers Made or Born is AWESOME Basical. In these ncollected writings Jack Kerouac portrays himself in his life He hitches a ride to San Francisco with a blonde goes on the road with photographer Robert Frank rides bus through the Northwest and Montana records the blues of an old Negro hobo talks about the Beats and how it all bega. F the essay In someways I feel Kerouac has been over rated as a writer but when he is on he is on This is a great collection of his writings when he is in a true Kerouacian zone His writing on Jazz needs to be added to the Jazz writing cannon His defense of the Subterraneans One Of The Best One of the best he ever wrote is excellent If you want to introduce someone to Kerouac try this book The Dharma Bums and Subterraneans When you buy these apocryphal books you are taking a gamble hoping that there is something worth reading in the pile left that wasn t already issued in the main canon of a writer s works With some people it is disappointingly meagre OFFERINGS THAT SHOW YOU NOTHING NEW that show you nothing new the writer that sully the perfect picture you had or at least taint it This book was a pleasant surprise Kerouac on classic literature on sport and Kerouac doing science fiction This would serve not only as an essential for Kerouac but as a good introduction to his work as well One of the first Kerouac books I ever got was a copy of Dharma Bums that was printed sometime in the mid 70s The cover has a picture of two longhairs canoodling in the grass during one of those gauzy burnt Bonsai from the Wild umber sunsets that seemed to only happen on Bread LP covers Beneath the picture there s a little blurb that kind of makes my skin crawl It says something along the lines of by Jack Kerouac the swinging daddy of the psychedelic generation the man who started it all This collection isn tp there with Kerouac s definitive works by any means But if your image of the man is of some slick haired dude in gabardine slacks snap A great collection of Kerouac ephemera Arranged thematically there s something here for every stripe of Kerouac fan covering a wide range of his writing career NEVER ever disappointed by jack what a fucking legend never read any of his essays Graveyard Shift until now and i have to say they are profoundly excellent through them i can get to know what his everyday life was like what was going on on his mind when he wasnt writing novels much love again and again. And tellss what he's thinking about And in the closing piece cityCityCITY we're treated to Jack's science fiction vision of the futureTable of Contents Robert Creeley Thinking of Jack A Preface On the Road On the Beats On Writing Observations On Sports Last Words cityCityCITY Editor's Note.