PDF FREE Dogs of God: Columbus, the Inquisition, and the Defeat of the Moors Ù James Reston Jr.

I ve got mixed feelings about this Reston has clearly done "his research He credits a number of Spanish and Portuguese experts "research He credits a number of Spanish and Portuguese experts the period and uses uite a few contemporaneous sources Excellent He s fairly even handed in representing the perspectives of the Jewish Muslim and Catholic players of the time and uses excerpts from scriptural passages sensitively so we get a feeling for their faiths as motivating force and consoling influence Very Good The factual content is absorbing and much of it was new to me I was taught by Dominican priests and nuns and never knew that members of their order were the first inuisitors There were descriptions of 15th century water boarding I found similarities to the thought police of Chinese society under Mao and East Germany under the Stasi and was reminded that human nature doesn t change Reston made me think about group behaviour systems of government abuses of power and the power of religion all still very relevant But he needed an editor There were a number of annoying sweeping statements and emotive assertions and generalisations I imagine he wanted this to be accessible to a 21st century audience but some of his idioms were incongruous And inconsistencies and redundancies eg describing ueen Isabella as gushing enthusiastically really distracted from the content And he eg describing ueen Isabella as gushing enthusiastically really distracted from the content And he to Richard III as though Shakespeare s portrayal were historically accurate Perhaps I m being pedantic but that kind of thing detracts from the overall effect of the work Some time with a good editor would have tightened up his prose and given it a measured tone And perhaps this would have made a good article or two rather than a bookIn general I m disappointed But he certainly makes me want to read about the period Maybe two and a half stars Pretty interesting contextual history of Columbus and the Inuisition Worth the read So much *wonderfully written history out there and so ittle *written history out there and so ittle In this book Reston shows the intersecting histories of Isabelle and Ferdinand s reigns the battles to win back ands Hardcore physical child abuse lost to Muslim peoples the Expulsion of the Jews the Inuisitioneading up to the terror of Toruenada and Columbus voyages of discovery amazing scholarship and good writing I Handbook of Agricultural Entomology learned aot of surprising things For instance the pope apparently tried to reign in the From the acclaimed author of Warriors of God comes a riveting account of the pivotal events of 1492 when towering political ambitions horrific religious excesses and a drive toward international conuest changed the world foreverJames Reston Jr brings to ife the epic story of Spain’s Dogs of God: Columbus, the Inquisition, and the Defeat of the MoorsSe Somehow it never occurred to me that the Inuisition was happening at the same time as Columbus journeying to the New WorldI was also intrigued by Ferdinand and Isabella s apocalyptic mindset Ferdinand seeing himself as the Bat who would conuer Jerusalem before the second coming of Christ and Isabella may have thought herself to be the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary or at the very east the apocalyptic woman clothed in the sunVery good food for thought but the presentation of the info found within could use

bit of polishing I found of God to be cohesive than The Last Apocalypse so we re getting there Interesting Facts I Learnt about the Spanish Inuisition Nobody expects the Spanish Inuisition Monty Python Toruemada the prime mover behind the Inuisition was the son of a converso ie he Previously when I thought of 1492 I thought of Columbus reaching the western hemisphere But so much happened in Spain in that year The book makes a good case for separation of church and state Here was a country where Christians Jews and Muslims had ived side by side peacefully and by the end of 1492 most of the Jews and Muslims in Catholic Ferdinand and Isabella s Spain were either dead baptized or scattered to the winds The horror of the Spanish Inu A very interesting in a disturbing sort of way about the Inuisition Christopher Columbus and the crusade against the Moors Learning just how much the Inuisition was a convenient way for the Spanish monarchs to fund the royal treasury thereby making it possible for them to continue in their battles against the Moors was very eye opening The religious components seemed to be somewhat secondary to the opportunity to confiscaste property That being said the focus on the ordained uality of Isabella and Ferdinand how they were chosen by God on a mission from God and doing God s work and using this is a tool to further their political objectives was fascinating The corruption of the Vatican "and the power hungry Cardinals and Pope was over the top It "the power hungry Cardinals and Pope was over the top It gives one pause to read about the very bloody history of Christianity This would be in interesting book to discuss in a group composed of Christian Jewish and Muslim particpants By and arge a fine treatment of a broad theater of activity Reston gives adeuate treatment to the Reconuista th. Nd Columbus’ expedition to America and to chart a Spanish destiny separate from that of Italy With rich characterizations of the central players this engrossing narrative captures all the political and religious ferment of this crucial moment on the eve of the discovery of the New Worl. ,


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Onarchs and reprimanded them about A Gypsy Promise letting the inuisition go outside of the rules ofaw But he was all too happy to accept the results when they ignored him 909 This is a book about something I know next to nothing about and which I was reading as peripheral research I m writing a novel set in Florence between 1492 and 1498 what s going on in Spain is useful to know I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book it s Imprisoned with the Alien Rohilian Warrior lively well shaped and full of telling incident But every single thing it said about Savonarola and Florence was wrong or ateast the most sensational possible reading of the facts and the same goes for Rome and the Borgia papacy So that casts doubt for me on the authenticity of the stuff I didn t know and wanted this book to find out about Spain the Moors the expulsion of the Sephardim Toruemada and Columbus If this is his prejudiced partial Protestant reading of Savonarola how on earth can I trust him on Toruemada Before I read this book I knew I knew nothing Now I don t know what I know I cannot in good conscience recommend this book to anyone which is a great pity A well written book with a journalistic flair but based on false estimates about the nature of medieval and ancient religion Reston begins by claiming that medieval Spain represents the apogee of tolerance and cross fertilization "Between The Three Great "the three great However his only evidence of this is that Jews Christians and Muslims Masterplots II lived side by side No attention is paid to the ghettos and cultural clashes of these centuries Reston only manages to praise Moorish rulers and spares no hyperbole in painting Islamic rulers as paragons of tolerance and cultureNot surprisingly he grossly mishandles early Christian faith claiming that ancient Christians were almost entirely passive about heresy up until the fourth century Hereurks the revisionist and anti Catholic canard that it was the great credal activity of the Fathers that introduced the concept of heresyThis book is only insightful then if one s only understanding of the period is out of balance than the views presented here Still the book only manages to provide an eually anachronistic model instead There s solid history to be found here but also uite a bit of melodrama Reston s good at making me think about time periods in ways I never would have otherwi. Ffort to consolidate its own burgeoning power by throwing off the yoke of the Vatican By waging war on the remaining Moors in Granada and unleashing the Inuisitor Toruemada on Spain’s Jewish and converso population King Ferdinand and ueen Isabella attained enough power and wealth to fu.