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Superb coming of age story which shows a maturity in Strand s writing Cause my monsters are real and they re trained how to killAnd there s no comin back and they just laughed at how I feelAnd these monsters can fight and they ll never say dieAnd there s no oin back if I et trapped I ll never healYeah my monsters are realMONSTERS by ShinedownAah Alaska goin back if I et trapped I ll never healYeah my monsters are realMONSTERS by ShinedownAah Alaska a beautiful place to Eagle's Gate go Aurora Borealisno not the stripper the Northern Lights how I would love to see them for myselfCool fresh air No overcrowding During the summer there are days when the sun never fullyoes down think of the movie INSOMNIA with Al Pacino and Robin Williams and in the winter it never fully COMES UP THINK 30 DAYS OF up think 30 DAYS OF thing is and scientists have actually proven this it is colder than a witch s tit They did an experiment with a coven of witches I think the main one is called Kris or something and found that yip now it is not just a saying any Documented for future study I m sureThis story takes us back to 1979 in Fairbanks Alaska when a fourteen year old boy called Curtis Black saw his best friend World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi get abducted by a serial killer He recognized the man couldive all the relevant info yet there was absolutely no proofCurtis knew he had to do something before another kid disappeared The only option he had left was to confront the man and force a confession out of him somehow But how can a chubby teen best a big strong serial killerStay tuned for next week s episodeOkay just fucking with youWhile I am A Huge Strand Fan Especially With His huge Strand fan especially with his of humor this book felt adult in its approach Sure there was some humor though he was light on it and there were some terrible things happening to the main character especially but this book is not a horror It is a really well written thriller by someone who knows how to et from A to B without oing the long wayIt is absolutely worth the read for both horror and thriller fans and I can recommend it to anyone who loves coming of age storiesMr Strand this might be one of your best stories yetHighly recommended Curtis Black is a young man that witnessed something horrifying in Fairbanks Alaska. 1979 Somebody has been abducting children in Fairbanks Alaska One of the victims was fourteen year old Curtis Black's best friend ToddCurtis saw it happen He knows ex. Autumn Bleeds Into WinterMe a nervous fucking wreck Lost count of the number of times I found myself screaming and cursing at it and I m pretty sure I now have high blood PRESSURE ALL THANKS TO JEFF STRAND all thanks to Jeff Strand endorsement I can Who Is Muhammad Ali? give to a horrorthriller I loved this book FantasticI m uite a fan of Jeff Strand s work I loved Ferocious dug his wolf Hunt and now I liked thisuy This one is a lot down to earth than the other two There are no zombie animals no werewolf psychopaths instead you Don't Worry, Eat Cake: A Coloring Book to Help You Feel a Little Bit Better about Everything get real psychopaths Jeff Strand has the ability to make you care about characters and have a decen Do you rememberrowing up taking on that serial killer down the road The one that kidnapped your best friend in the Middle Of The Night Right Before Your Eyes If You of the night right before your eyes If you then you I received this audio book from the narrator Joe Hempel This is my honest review of Autumn Bleeds Into Winter I m oing to be honest this cover and title drew me to this book I had been eyeing it but I haven t read a lot of Jeff Strand so I wasn t sure I know what s wrong with me When I saw Joe offering the audio book in exchange for reviews I pounced And I am so so lad I did Autumn Bleeds Into Winter is the story of Curtis and his friend Todd Curtis sees his friend being kidnapped one night After the police fail to arrest the person Curtis takes things into his own hands What follows is a slow downward spiral How far will Curtis o to et justice for Todd Joe s narration is so perfect for this book He adds another enjoyable element to an already ood story I could listen to him read anything That s it Jeff Strand has officially secured a spot on my favorite authors listThis is the fifth Strand book I ve read and just like the ones before I freakin loved it Autumn Bleeds Into Winter is Jeff Strand s best book to date Granted I haven t read all of Strand s books but I ve read my fair share of them and I ve yet to be disappointed But with this one he has reset the bar to an incredibly high levelYou can read Steve s entire review at Horror DNA by clicking here WowThis is one of the best coming of age stories that I have read in years You should make it a point to read this. Onfront Mr Martin himselfAnd this is just the beginning of the terrifying storyFrom the author of PRESSURE and MY PRETTIES comes a nerve wracking coming of age thrill. ,

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His best friend s abduction Curtis saw it all o down but unfortunately the police cannot find evidence that supports what he saw After trying to cope with what he assumes is the death of his friend Curtis pays a visit to the kidnapper This did not o well Now Curtis needs to find a way to avenge his friend and et this psychopath behind bars Now Curtis needs to find a way to avenge his friend and et this psychopath behind bars he snatches up another kid and murders them too This will not be easy but there is too much at risk to failI FINALLY took the plunge and indulged my TBR With Something By Jeff something by Jeff I have wanted to read my TBR with something by Jeff Strand I have wanted to read work for what seems like forever but just didn t make it happen AUTUMN BLEEDS INTO WINTER is a fun and uirky read that I really enjoyed I have always heard that Strand has a way of adding a funny twist to some really horrific scenes and although this book was far from horrific it is dark and thrilling The narrative is just so entertaining and kept me deeply rooted in the story Honestly I could listen to Curtis Black and Gerald Martin duke it out in an endless barrage of witty interrogation style confrontations foreverAUTUMN BLEEDS INTO WINTER is an edgy coming of age thrill ride through the vengeful psyche of a stubborn teenager Jeff Strand will have you laughing the whole time I definitely recommend this book for anyone needing to et out of their horror comfort zone and read something a little punchy and edgy This book is a definite slump busterAutumn Bleeds Into Winter by Jeff Strand HORROR FICTION NEWSLETTERhttpshorrornewslettercomsignupIG INSTAGRAMCOMTHEBOOKDADTW TWITTERCOMTHEBOOKDADFB FACEBOOKCOMTHEBOOKDADGR GOODREADSCOMANDREWFOWLOW How Many Times Can a Kid Screw UpStory 45 Stars Autumn Bleeds into Winter by Jeff Strand is an excellent coming of age story about a 14 year old boy who witnesses his friend being kidnapped Well this kid has cojones than brains and decides to solve the case The Ancient Greeks: Ten Ways They Shaped the Modern World getting into all kinds of trouble along the wayI uite enjoyed this story but towards the end the turnarounds became ridiculous I mean how many times can a kid screw up There were a fewory moments but nothing awful The end was pretty coolHighly Recommended This book made. Actly who did it But he can't prove that it was his neighbor Gerald Martin The authorities find no evidence of the crime There's nothing they can doSo he's oing to
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