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Pencer has been gone in the same way the song talks about it being 7 hours and 15 days since you took your love away The song and the book share the same melancholy and the achingly torturous daily reminder of how life is so different without the person you love by your sideAnna is an amazing character that I felt privileged to meet as she moved from hiding under the duvet to being dragged to salsa classes by friend Gabi and standing up to her domineering and possessive mother in law GayleLove and loss and how bereavement affects us in different ways is EXPLORED THROUGH *GAYLE S LOSS AS A MOTHER *S LOSS AS A MOTHER through Gayle s loss as a mother Anna loss as a wife and Gabi s loss of a relationship that just isn t going anywhere It is raw and real deeply sad but also life affirming as Anna begins to find courage and comes to terms with moving onShe is helped normously by the unseen Brody caught in his own personal torment and who just happens to have acuired a phone number that used to belong to Spencer Anna at her lowest Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities ebb has rung the number before just to hear her dead husband s voice but this time on New Year s Eve it is a stranger s voice who answers BrodyI want to wax lyrical aboutvery chapter of this book but can t spoil the story for would be readers There was just so much of Brody s fear that I could relate to and understand and this is why in places the tears kept fallingAn xtremely thoughtful and compassionate novel this book made me cry but also sows plenty of seeds of hope If I could award it 10 stars I would because not only is this a love story it is also about the freedom we give ourselves if we can only face up to our fears and learn to let goAnna and Brody will STAY IN MY HEART AS FICTIONAL in my heart as fictional models for being brave honest and prepared to face ach day no matter how hard that isAnd just in case you are worried about the book only being able to make you cry it does make you smile tooThank you to Fiona Lucas the publishers and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this inspiring and heartfelt story in Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between exchange for this my honest reviewRead it I was a little apprehensive when I delved into this after recently having lost my sister I will admit the descriptions of Anna s grief was so true honest and poignant I wouldn t be surprised to learn Lucas is grieving too They werextremely painful to read but also gave me strength that someone understood some of what I m feeling The guilt and regret are sometimes as strong as the pain of lossThe characters were wonderful and I was so moved by their stories that this will stay with me long after finishing I honestly think I feel stronger mentally because of it A strong novel with a powerful message that I won t forget Thank you Fiona Lucas How can you move on if you can t let go The Last Goodbye was a beautifully written story about Anna who s grieving over the sudden loss of her husband Spencer Anna calls Spencer s phone to hear his voice on his voicemail as she grieves until one night someone answers Brody a man also grieving the loss of someone he loves and suffering from anxiety and agoraphobia now has her husbands old phone number He talks to Anna any time she calls Over the course of a year these two grow closer They support The Day Christ Was Born each other through their grief and helpach other to see the light again This was a slow burn but it was heartbreaking and heartwarming She beautifully depicted Brody s character You could just feel his fears and anxiety Your heart broke for Anna and Brody both It was wonderful watching their relationship blossom 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set even never meeting Abby s best friend Gabby was also an amazing friend and co heroine in this story This was a reallymotional beautiful story Thank you harpercollins and netgalley for an ARC for my honest review bookstagram books netgalley thelastgoodbye I have received this ARC from NetGalley in The Seventh Witch exchange for an honest review The Last Goodbye just tugged on my teeny tiny heart strings In it you will meet Anna and she is a very interesting character She lost the love of her life Spencer and calls his number just to hear his voice I honestly have no idea what I would do if I was in her shoes but the way she is coping with this awful situation seems kind of normal At least to meSo one day she calls the number and isxpecting his lovely voice but then someone actually picks up Now at this point I probably would ve screamed and hung up Just because I m And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake extremely awkward and probably would ve shat my pants Especially when you aren txpecting someone. ReverBut three years ago Spencer was tragically killed in an accident and Anna’s world was shattered How can she ver move on when she’s lost her soulmateOn New Year’s Eve Anna calls Spencer’s phone number just to hear his old voicemail greeting But to her shock someone answersBrody has inherited Spencer’s old number and is the first person. .

I would like to thank the author for the ARC copy of this book via NetGalley in xchange for an honest reviewAnna is grieving the loss of her husband On New Years Eve she calls his phone number only to have someone The Pocket Wife else answer On the othernd of the line is Brody a man who is also grieving a loss as well as struggling with his mental health Both Anna and Brody are lost Neither of them feel as though anyone they ve talked to before this New Years Eve phone call has been able to truly understand the pain and grief they feel As their phone calls become freuent the pair find themselves helping The Color of Our Sky each other overcome hurdles that they truly felt they would never be able to overcome Along the way will they also find love I was wonderfully surprised by this book I went into itxpecting a typical fast paced romance between strangers What I found in this book was SO MUCH Fiona Lucas portrays just how important it is to talk about your grief and how vital it is to have someone who understands what you might be going through Sometimes this person is your best friend or family but maybe just maybe it could be a stranger on the other nd of a phone call In this novel grief brings two people together to overcome the biggest challenges they ve had to face and through their relationship they overcome fear and mental illness as well This book had me tearing up multiple times as the characters were just so real and authentic I cannot wait for other people to have the opportunity to read The Last Goodbye This book is a long journey but it needs to be since it s a book about people who are grieving and stuck in place And there aren t going to be uick remedies for that but there will be a progression one which is believably laid out by the author over the course of slightly than a yearThe book opens with Anna who lost her husband a couple of years previously and is still sheltering under the numbness After one particularly low vening Anna calls her late husband s old phone number A number she s held on to just so she can call and hear his voice on the message Except this time there s no reassuring voicemail recording Someone actually picks up Thus begins the slow development of a new friendship that offers Anna the listening Obsession ear and patient advice that she s been unknowingly yearning forLike me you might not always be able to relate toxactly how these characters are acting Like me you might occasionally feel frustrated by the things they do or don t do In a way the reader becomes an Cabaret: A Roman Riddle extra member of the concerned friends brigade Wanting to see the grieving person move forward a little sooner but ultimately forced to recognize that grief takes uniue pathways and that the person will probably get to where they need to be in thendAlthough the subject matter was serious I wouldn t say this was a hard or tragic book to read It was poignant but not xhausting The premise strained my credulity ver so slightly not the strangers becoming friends over the phone idea but that it would take Anna SO long to realize that she was the one who had been doing all the talking It seemed like uite a one sided friendship for a while But what did sell me on the book was the concluding section The motional progress and the ultimate payoff were uite satisfying The writing was really good Although it s a contemporary book it felt fairly timeless because its focus was rightly on the character s internal worlds Thanks to NetGalley and William Morrow and Custom House for this advance review copy ARC provided by NetGalley for an Honest Review This was a really beautiful read about two people finding solace in one another after years I knew this book would make me cry and so I was somewhat nervous of how upset it would make me feel all the while knowing I wanted to read it and feel whatever sadness it threw at meThis book is a slow burner with an adrenaline pumping near to the nd development Not adrenaline inducing in terms of twists or reveals as this is not a mystery crime or thriller book but a beautiful and poignant thriller book but a beautiful and poignant story that made me feel as if my heart had stopped whilst I was reading Its uiet power and devastatingly accurate sense of loss and grief held me spellbound as I met and journeyed with Anna bereft and heartbroken that her husband Spencer died and left her aloneThe 1990 pop song by Sinead O Connor Nothing Compares 2 U came into my head as I was reading The Last Goodbye as Anna keeps a tally of years months and days since Poignant hopeful and full of motional power an unforgettable story in the vein of PS I Love You about two people learning to love again after great loss perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes and Josie SilverHow can you move on if you can’t let goSpencer was the love of Anna’s life her husband her best friend her rock She thought their love would last fo.

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To pick up So yeah that most definitely would ve happened if it Was MeBetween You And meBetween you and I loved Anna and Brody because they could both lean on another and heal The one thing I didn t like was how damn pushy her in laws were I wanted to punch them when they were like you can t be happy now that he s dead and gone Uh no that s not how this works Everyone grieves and heals in their own way Which this book did a great job diving into that It just bugged the heck out of me when people would say Anna wasn t doing it right There is no right or wrong t doing it right There is no right or wrong to any of this So yeah some things right or wrong to any of this So yeah some things me but the overall book was really good I really njoyed The Last Goodbye The story is very interesting and kept me invested the whole time I was invested in Anna s life from the beginning It is tragic that Anna lost her husband but I njoyed how she is working to figure out how to move on and be happy without forgetting him She is trying not to hurt anyone s feelings or lose anyone in her life Anna is struggling with what to do and doesn t feel like her friends and family understands When Brody answers Spencer s old number Anna now has someone that understands her Brody has xperienced a loss in his life but also has secrets I njoyed Anna and Brody s friendship developing ven when they didn t know The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis each other s last names or what they looked like Brody is a very interesting character so Injoyed learning about his life too The Last Goodbye is motional and a great storyI listened to the audiobook narrated by Antonia Beamish and thought she did a great job The narration added fit well with the story and I m glad I listened to the audiobookI recommend The Last Goodbye for fans of Jojo Moyes and Josie SilverThank you Harper Audio William Morrow and NetGalley for The Last GoodbyeFull Review Coming Soon 45 story about a woman coming to terms with loss I will preface by saying that if you have xperienced a loss and are still struggling with the motions of it read with caution Anna lost her husband tragically three years ago and now she is just going through the motions of having a life She is trying not to worry those around her some of whom like her best friend Gabi are pushing her to move on and fall in love again and feel things that she is clearly not ready for Her parents have moved to another country and she doesn t want to worry them ither On the opposite spectrum her mother in law Gayle is still mourning her son s loss in such a way that she seems to be trying to compete with Anna s feelings of loss But most importantly in all of those relationships is Anna s with herself she is not coping and it s heartbreaking He was the love of her life and without him she has shut down One New Years she calls his phone to hear his voice on the voicemail and is surprised when someone answers only to find that her husbands phone has been reassigned She soon begins a friendship with the new owner Brody who although he can relate to her loss and is so helpful to her psyche is not forthcoming with the details of his own lossThis is a lovely story and I really felt the reality of all of the characters although I have to say Brody was a bit underdeveloped to me I wanted to know him a bit The audiobook was really great Just Cause even though there was only one narrator Antonia Beamish did a really bang up job of bringing life to all of the voices I found myselfager to get time for a walk and allow myself to continue the story and got to the point where I was just sitting listening to it at length I loved that Fiona Lucas really addressed that grief is different for veryone and gave value to that and showed how that realization occurred to ach character in the book Although heart wrenching to hear their stories and not frothy and light it wasn t all serious all the time and I really njoyed listening to it and loved Anna s character and felt like she was a friend and I was happy to follow along on her journey I recommend you give this audiobook or the physical copy a try when it publishes on June 8th 2021 to see if you could say goodbye Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Audio for the advance reader copy of this lovely audiobook 45 A very well written story I listened to the Audiobook and the narrator was wonderfulThis book is about grief and coming to terms with it and moving on Anna has lost her husband 3 years ago and is struggling one New Year s Eve She decides to call his cell phone just to listen to his voice on the greeting. Who truly understands what Anna’s going through As her and Brody’s phone calls become lengthier and freuent they begin opening up to ach other and slowly rediscover how to smile how to laugh ven how to hopeBut Brody hasn’t been ntirely honest with Anna Will his secret threaten verything just as it seems she might find the courage to love aga. ,

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