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Woman Evolve: Break Up with Your Fears and Revolutionize Your LifeRaw on courage we aren t sure we possess If fear didn t Feel So Comfortable And so comfortable and wasn t so expensive indecision would vanish and confidence would emerge I have to be honest and say it Took Me Way Too Long To Read me way too ong to read book but not for the reason you might think I will preface this review with I am not a huge follower of Pastor Roberts I ve never sat and watched one of her sermons or attended a conference My familiarity with her is rooted in social media posts and the occasional short video sent to me by friends When I was given the book I read the first two pages and stopped refusing to pick it up for almost two weeks As I ook back on it now I know it was because my spirit knew this would be a painful journey Woman Evolve asks the hard uestions forcing readers to be honest with themselves in uncomfortable ways and can be triggering for some You have to decide for yourself why you want to read the book Are you ready for what comes nextPersonally I needed help seeing deeper into what was stopping me from operating at my highest potential I was afraid to but eventually jumped in so that I could answer the hard uestions I kept a journal making sure I was as honest as possible every time my pen hit the paper because I knew I would need to ook back and remind myself that I know I can do this This for me is uitting my job of over a decade to pursue my own business I m grateful to the friend who recommended me to the Launch Team because this book was exactly the push I needed to send in my resignation finallyI recommend this book to every woman who is ready to step out of what has always been comfortable and step into who God has called her to be Woman Evolve is the mantra that every woman will have to answer as it relates to her identity and ife Even as moms we see ourselves transitioning from one version of ourselves into the next version We can t do that "Unless We Are Willing "we are willing evolve Woman Evolve is a command and this book will help women assess what they need necessary to grow Identify the areas where you re stuck Identify the things you need to do better How do you create healthier habits and routines to evolve on the inside The goal is that your outside begins to reflect what s happening on the insideThe author shares personal stories in the book The idea that the fears and insecurity in ife that we think will change us forever in a negative way are often the things that help us rebuild our A Northern Light lives in powerful ways that we could have never imaginedToisten to my interview with the author go to my podcast at Solid study of Eve s story I LOVEEEE my some SJR She knows just how to preach yet remain contemporary with the times I think this is an awesome read for Christian women currently struggling with courage or self confidence issues in their If You're Missing Baby Jesus: A True Story that Embraces the Spirit of Christmas lives I personallyoved the advice yet wasn t necessarily going through most of the topics myself which is the only reason I couldn t rate it higher Overall good Christian book from such a powerful femal. Elf as God sees you and trusting Him with who you really are how to come out of darkness and pursue a real relationship with God why it’s important to truly care for yourself setting in motion the beautiful seed that God planted in you and running to become who you were meant to beYour fears and insecurities may have changed how you viewed God others and yourself but in Woman Evolve you can breakthrough and use past mistakes to revolutionize your ife Like Eve you don’t have to ive your future defined by your pa. Ing to the work I didn t know what to expect when opened it but what I experienced was way better than whatever I could have expected Thank you for this Sarah Jakes Roberts thank you for doing it regardless of what it cost you For making sure that we commit to evolving Trust in the unknown isn t a result of having answers to every uestion that plagues my mind It is a belief that progress and unanswered uestions can coexist I wish I had

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to read hard copy instead of Anne Perrys Christmas Crimes (Christmas Stories, listening to the audiobook simply because there are so many journal worthy concepts theories I wanted to write down In this book Sarah forgives Eve and brilliantly uses the story of Eve biting the apple to explain the importance ofooking past the worst mistakes we ve made in our ives in order to see the blessings that developed from those mistakes Here are 5 of my fav concepts from the book 1 There s a difference between criticism and correction Along with knowing your ove White Water language we also need to know our correctionanguage This is the The Slave Dancer language other people use to correct us It s how we are able to receive correction It is in our best interest to identify the best way we want to receive correction so that we don t feel as if we re being attacked or criticized 2 Self care is important but soul care paramount Soul care is the deep care of one s self It s not about doing the superficial things that we do for ourselves such as getting our hair or nails done Instead it s about doing the things needed for our emotional well beingike prayer and meditation and journaling 3 Identify our There are certain situations "In Life That Shifts Our "life that shifts our Things that we haven t forgiven ourselves for But this book et us know it s ok to release it Let it go Just as Eve did 4 Never compare yourself to others When we compare we are measuring ourselves to someone else s results when we didn t have their start someone else s results when we didn t have their start Be careful who you bond with Some of our friendships are only healthy because we are sick When you are sick you find someone that understands your disease and you bond over that pain I am greatful that Sarah Jakes Roberts wrote this book with openness and willingness to help others Her voice words her anointing and journey has helped so many people As I ook forward to reading this book where she shares her journey and insight within her Sleep with the Fishes life with us it gives me a feeling of contentment to wait because I know the meal is going to be greatIt is coming from a woman with a beautiful aroma because as we all know she worked hard to get where she s at Even if this book stinks LOL I will still have respect for effort It s going to be such a pleasure to have this book in hand and in presence I also know as my eyes gaze the pages myips read the words and my mind take in the words I will embark on this journey that pastor Sarah has delivered to myself and so many others I was provided a free copy of the book by the publisher for reviewOur fears pretend to keep us safe Our faith demands we T failure should not be the focus Your focus should not be on who you were but rather the pursuit of who you can become In Woman Evolve Sarah helps you to understand that your purpose in ife does not change; it evolvesMaking her mistake in the Garden of Eden Eve became the first woman to deal with rebuilding her ife in the aftermath of her past Eve knew better but she didn’t do better With scriptural essons and Sarah as your guide you discover and work through past issues and uestions that haunt you seeing yours.

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Get ready to have your mascara run "Your Wig Shifted And Your Edges Snatched "wig shifted and your edges snatched SJR takes us through a naked journey of self discovery reflection reckoning and transformationReading an advanced copy of Woman Evolve and Sarah Jakes Roberts takes us on a transformative journey through the A World on Fire life of the be trodden Eve With an in depthook into the Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life life and the decisions of Eve a mirror has been placed before the reader I was able to see so much of myself in theife of Eve Roberts poses a uestion towards the end of the book Do you have what it takes to throw another seed in the direction of your destiny That statement was both reflective and refractive Roberts has penned a book that will transform the ives of the women and maybe men who will iterally bruise the head of the serpent who cunningly tricked Eve in the garden and who tricks some of us now Very well done I can t wait to have a hard copy that I can annotate Just because you ve messed up doesn t mean you ve missed out God s purpose and plan for your can still prevail I am super excited to read this book Sarah s amazing ability to tell a story and relate it to the events of the Bible in the most modern and detailed manner is what keeps me walking this journey with her Evolution is part of human nature however to have someone who has such understanding and wisdom to interpret the seasons and do so with an alignment to the word is pure joy I have no doubt that this book will hit home for millions of people I am soooooo excited to read this book Every single one of Sarah s books that I ve come across and read have seriously shaped my journey in some way or another and I am always 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate learning so much from her whether it be through the podcast her sermons and of course her books She s helped me navigate SO much of my journey as a believer follower of Christ and has played a key role in helping me to fully embrace the woman I am becoming in Christ as well as my purpose in Him I went to the 2020 Woman Evolve event and can honestly say the atmosphere was incredibleeverything God envisioned for herife she will see come to fruition and this book has come RIGHT ON TIME Thank you Pastor Sarah for being obedient to the call of God upon your The Oxford New Greek Dictionary lifethank you for revolutionizing your fears and for daring to reach behind you and bring other women forward with you Iove you I see you and I absolutely cannot wait to be able to read this gem The first 2 chapters of Woman Evolve The Cello Suites : J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the search for a Baroque masterpiece literally brought me to tears I have been struggling recently so much is going on I have aot of uestions and things happening on the inside of me But these first few chapters just gave me a whole The New Job Security lot of hope permission to speak out what is happening on the inside instead of pretendingike nothing is happening It was very real addressed real issues and struggles it was raw amazing to read it was cathartic in a ot of ways As I took a breathe through the tears and I was able to identify the
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I really to know in this seasoncommitt. Sarah Jakes Roberts with ife The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis lessons she’searned and new insights from the story of Eve shows you how the disappointments and even mistakes of your past can be used today to help you become the woman God intendedWho would imagine being friends with Eve the woman who’s been held solely responsible for the fall of humanity and cramps for thousands of years Certainly not Sarah Jakes Roberts That is not until Sarah discovered she is ike Eve than she cares to admitEveryone faces trials and everyone will mess up Bu. .