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Ut the story on its head and left me with an anguished need to know The rest of the story unfolding was well crafted Particularly the pace at which the truth behind Mattie s relationship with William is revealed I would definitely classify this as Survival Horror a subgenre I tend to really enjoyCertain aspects of this reminded me of the themes in Adam Nevill s The Ritual a book I also enjoyed uite a bit That whole examination of the idea of better the devil ou know than the devil Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day: My Autobiography you don t Additionally a bit of Mattie s character arc made me think of dear Rosie DanielsIt was an intense bloody mess at times My toes were curling my heart was racing and I appreciated how Henry wrapped it upThere were a couple of little things where I felt like I may have wanted a bit out of the narrative but overall this is a great freaking storyThankou so much to the publisher Berkley for providing me with a copy of this to read and reviewI love the way Christina Henry s mind works She s brilliant and I will continue to pick up everything she writes until the end of time Survival is the name of the gameMattie is trapped on a mountain trying to survive from what and from whom Mattie cannot remember a time before she and her husband William lived on the mountain But what she does remember is not to make her husband upset EVER When she finds the mutilated body of a fox in the woods they begin to suspect that perhaps they are not alone on the mountain after all Soon Mattie and William hear noises in the night loud shrill noises The forest gets uiet Sshhhdo not make a sound The animals know something is not right SurviveSoon three strangers show up with cameras investigating a strange sighting in the woods They say they are cryptozoologists in their spare time Mattie knows their appearance on the mountain will go over like a lead balloon with her husband He has the whole Hulk vibe Representation Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices Culture Media and Identities Series you wouldn t like me when I m angry Near the Bone had me from page one While some are calling this a simple story I think it is a straightforward story about monsters The part that grabbed me the most was not knowing The author for most of the book allows the readers imagination to take over Nothing is scarier than the monster we create in our mind We do not know what is really out there Is it a bear If not a bear what Is it some other creature Why what big clawsou haveBe warned as I stated above there is than one monster in the book One we know of right from the beginning and one that is lurking out of sight watching waiting choosing the right time Which monster is the scariest The monster in front of us or the one hidden in the darknessThis book does deal with uncomfortable and heartbreaking issues including domestic violence There is but I will leave it at that This sucked me in chewed including domestic violence There is I will leave it at that This book sucked me in chewed up and spit me out I believe may be polarizing for some For me I loved the themes of survival and monsters I also had Mattie to root for I clung to hope silently wishing she would survive But will she Will any of them make it off the mountainBe afraid of things that go bump shriek howl bellow in the night This was my first book by Christina Henry and I look forward to reading of her books This really hit the spot and proved to be a fast dark and creepy readThank ou to Berkley Publishing Group and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my ownRead of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostscom We came up here to do some research and now we re in a horror movie with a monster and an unkillable redneck with a gun Holy shit What a rideA gripping thrillerhorror with supernatural elements Mattie has lived with William for as long as she can remember Anything she remembers from before is clearly just made up in her head William says she is his wife and must obey him in all things he punishes her if she doesn t They live in a cabin in the mountains Mattie is not allowed to leave the cabin for any reason But when William notices tracks larger than any animal he has ever seen he believes it is a test He must kill this beast Christina Henry builds the suspense really well I was never sure what to be afraid of the beast or William the psychopath It leads to an adrenaline fuelled climax My only gripe is view spoilerthat the psychopath It leads to an adrenaline fuelled climax My only gripe is view spoilerthat don t find out about the monster But I guess that s the point the mystery Also the random part about William being a drug dealer seemed a bit out of left field hide spoiler This was so freaking good This book is so atmospheric and creepy and AMAZING I can t imagine being stuck on this snowy mountain with this abusive asshole and also dealing with the fact that there s a super scary monster creature roaming around out there This is exactly the kind of shit I love in horror books fear of the unknown This book reminded me of so many other books I ve loved like Bird Box and Room This book made me feel like I was right there on that mountain and it was soooo suspenseful I was gripped from start to finish I felt so much for Mattie as a main character and I can t believe all the shit she went through in this book it s unimaginable Here s the reading vlog where I read this book. Nge cries in the night something with sharp teeth and clawsWhen three strangers appear on the mountaintop looking for the creature in the woods Mattie knows their presence will anger William Terrible things happen when William is angry. Ary things the creature does happens off the page Because of all these vagaries for like 90% of the book I was convinced the monster was a metaphor for WilliamMattie it turns out has been living up there on the mountain with him since she was eight Yeah ou read that right Almost right away ou figure out how that happened nothing about this book is subtle or complex Anyway I thought that would leave her with some deep psychological scars and maybe the monster was all in her headNopeAnd lord that ending It s so abrupt There is a main plot line that doesn t get resolved and not in an open ended way where the reader is left imagining what might of happened No it s just not addressed at allAll in all I think this book suffers from trying to do two things at once Had this been a domestic thriller with Mattie trying to survive and escape William it might have worked had both characters had depth Or as a couple alone on a mountain trying to evade a monster But the two were combined in a lazy undeveloped way that makes this an incredibly underwhelming book when lazy undeveloped way that makes this an incredibly underwhelming book when know what the author is capable ofwebsite blog facebook twitter instagram This book I feel like I ve been on the library list for six months and I know I reuested it be purchased after getting denied an ARC so this was a massive disappointment Near the Bone is half Elizabeth Smart kidnapping and half And the story itself Don t even get me started on the godawful dialogue Or the fact that someone s arm can be ripped off and they are in shock and unable to move one minute but then somehow manage to get a second wind and become not only completely cognizant My biggest gripe with thrillers these days is the way characters react to things So when a human heart gets thrown at them and they look at each other and then say hey wanna make some grilled cheese I can t take it seriously XD Also one of the most abrupt endings I ve ever read You get answers to absolutely nothingReview to come on my YouTube channel DNF 26% no rating I m so glad this was an Overdrive loan This is my 2nd Christina Henry book and my last Christina Henry book This is an author that simply isn t for me 40 Stars This was such an engrossing horror novel After reading several of her novels I have come to realize that Christina Henry knows how to tell a good story and she proved it again with this new release Near the BoneThis is the kind of horror novel that will really appeal to thriller readers like myself who love the tropes surrounding kidnapping stories Mattie is a compelling protagonist who is stunted by her early captivity and clearly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome Her social and educational deficiencies made sense but it did make it a bit frustrating to read from her perspective at timesYet while this story will appeal to thriller readers this book should definitely be classified as horror I loved the narrative choice to hide much of the horror from the reader which made it so much suspenseful And Psychological I Was Gripped psychological I was gripped the story from the very beginning and it held my attention the entire timeIn terms of a story this one was fairly simple et very effective I thought the ending was very predictable While not the most innovative story it still made for a very enjoyable read Like the author s previous horror novel The Ghost Tree I found this one to be very accessible This would be a great place to start for readers looking to get into the horror genre I always appreciate that Henry avoids the kinds of problematic content that often plagues the genreOverall I really enjoyed this novel I would widely recommend it to both new and seasoned horror readers alike If Jane of Gowlands you are looking to get wrapped up in a thrilling supernatural tale of survival then this is an excellent one to pick upDisclaimer I received a copy of this book from the publisher For as long as Mattie can remember she s lived on the mountain in a desolate cabin with her overbearing husband WilliamWilliam is brutal in his treatment of Mattie saying it s his job to make her a dutiful wife She is terrified of him and feels hopeless There is no way out for herLet s pause for a moment shall we Trigger Warning for abuse pretty much any kind of abuseou can imagine If this is a topic that is at all sensitive for ou please proceed with cautionOn the day that Mattie discovers a mutilated fox near their cabin everything begins to changeThere s something else in the woods Mattie can sense it They re no longer aloneSure enough strangers soon appear on the mountain searching for the mysterious creatureMattie is desperate for them to leave William will get so angry that they re there and bad things happen when William gets angry Near the Bone is one of those delicious Horror novels that it is best to start reading knowing as little as possible Going into this I had only read the publisher s synopsis which they kept incredibly vague Kudos on thatAfter the first say 20 pages I thought it was one thing Then there was one line one little hint where I perked up and thought this isn t going to be what I thought at allI love those little trickeries Perhaps it wasn t even intentional but it flipped everything I assumed abo. In together She must never make him upset But when Mattie discovers the mutilated body of a fox in the woods she realizes that they're not alone after allThere's something in the woods that wasn't there before something that makes stra. Thanks so much to Netgalley and Berkley for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest reviewThis is how for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest reviewThis is how do a horror and thriller combo It was just the right blend of scary and mysteriousMattie lives high in the mountains with her husband William While checking their animal traps one day during the winter she finds a dead fox on the path cut open but not eaten or taken by the predator that killed it What follows is classic horror movie discovery of a creature the hunt other people getting involved and the long night fight for survival and the author has done an amazing job at thatBut where the book truly shines is in the element of character You see the creature in the cold dark forest isn t the only monster that preys on Mattie and sometimes ou don t have the sharp claws and vicious fangs to reveal a predator s nature sometimes humans are the worst monsters of allWhile this book definitely shows that dark side of human nature it also excels at showing the resiliency hopefulness and brave sides of humankind as wellHighly recommended For non horror fans this one is only moderately scary in the creature feature department If The Proposal you like thrillers the horror in this one probably won t phaseou much Whoo boy this was Not Good Let me throw the obligatory SPOILERS warning out now because I have some things to say about this book that need to be said Things that I wish other reviewers had included in their critiues so I could have saved myself from reading thisThe TL DR version of this book is Woman gets the shit kicked out of her by her husband and then gets hunted by him AND a monster Trigger warnings for abuse rape violence gaslighting victim blaming murder and goreI ve read Christina Henry before and this is a far cry from what I expected In her dark fairy tale retellings she was witty imaginative and entertaining Compared to those this book is woefully lackingA longer explanation of this book is that our MC Mattie lives alone on a mountain with her husband She finds a dead fox and she and William the husband realize they have a monster problem Then a few Prey young adults who have no business being the ones to hunt the monster show upOne of my biggest gripes about this is that the blurb in no way preparesou for what Addicted to Womanhood Book One you re walking into There s this line She must never make him upset about William because Terrible things happen when William is angry Soeah it s hinted at that maybe he s violent but FFS ou need to be a bit clearer about that when the entire first half of the book is almost solely comprised of him beating her LITERALLY senselessHe is always upset He is always doing terrible things to Mattie It s not like she can act a certain way to escape his abuse or predations like the blurb makes it seem It s just an unrelenting onslaught of violenceAnd it s done terribly I ve read abusive husbands before A great example of one can be found in Kiran Millwood Hargrave s The Mercies That man is terrifying The depiction of abuse is insidious and unsettling in a way that stayed with me for weeks after I finished reading it His character was as repulsive as it was compelling And it s all incredibly subtle which made it that much harrowing to readIn contrast William is nothing but an archetype It s like Henry researched the physical aspects of abuse and none of the psychological ones Why does this man hit his wife What is his reasoning His rationale All we re given is because Jesus and the way it s presented falls so flat that William comes across as nothing but a one dimensional Evil HusbandI want to make it clear that I in no way expect abusers to be written as sympathetic characters but in order to make any villain even remotely compelling they have to have some sort of depth and there was none hereTo make matters worse his character makes zero goddamn sense One moment he s being hyper protective of Mattie coveting her desperate to keep her hidden from zero goddamn sense One moment he s being hyper protective of Mattie coveting her desperate to keep her hidden from man because he s clearly terrified of someone finding out what he does to her and then losing her and not ten minutes later he beats her unconscious on the side of the mountain and leaves her out there after dark knowing that a monster is nearby Mattie manages to drag herself back to their cabin in the darkness barely able to walk obviously grievously injured and concussed and William refuses to unlock their door even though she s screaming to walk obviously grievously injured and concussed and William refuses to unlock their door even though she s screaming the monster is out there with herAnother thing that makes zero goddamn sense is how she could barely walk or function after William assaulted her hasn t eaten in over 24 hours hasn t slept spent the night cramped up hiding in their outhouse but when William ells at her to hurry first thing the next morning she s able to run After not being able to walk than a step or two just hours beforeNo That s not how it works You don t get beaten so badly that Once is Never Enough you can t walk are starved then sleep deprived and then are suddenly able to run likeou just needed to catch Successful Employee Communications your second windNow about that monster It s hard to be afraid of something whenou describe it as a large bear and then only let our characters get shadowy glimpses of it It s hard to be afraid of something when most of the sc. A woman trapped on a mountain attempts to survive than one kind of monster in a dread inducing horror novel from the national bestselling author Christina HenryMattie can't remember a time before she and William lived alone on a mounta. ,

Near the Bone