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Izzie and the Icebeast (Alien Abduction #8)

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F Kelly Reading the Paranormal Awesome Loved it strong ierce warrior Baralt rescues Izzie All about Us from slavery and escapesrom the ighting pits with her Onward to Hothrest Baralts home planet and the adventure continues Baralt strong huge ighter but oh so tender and loving to Izzie Loved this so much I m going to start reading the rest of the series rom the beginning with Book 1 I didn t like that Baralt was so accepting of concubines He was also accepting of women being kidnapped and given to winning gladiators to be raped beaten andor murdered In act he was going to renew his contract on that horrible planet in which his winnings contributed to the slavers success The only reason he intervened Handbags and Gladrags for Izzie is because he wanted heror himself What about the hundreds of thousands of other women who are brutalized Because they don t tickle his pickle he doesn t care He wasn t born and raised on that planet He had visited other peaceful planets He came An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) from a loving tribe who cherished their women He had a sister Luckyor Izzie he wanted to screw her at irst sight and she wasn t just an average slave or he would not have bothered to care grrr Okay let talk about how when Baralt won Izzie She s been kidnapped put on an world orced on display naked in an arena with a bunch of aliens who want to rape her Baralt wins comes up to Izzie Wish Upon a Wedding frees herrom her chains and throws her over his shoulder He then sticks his thumb up her hoo ha as he carries her back his place And Izzie just accepts that and is somewhat turned on WTFAt this point I only kept reading bcuz I like this author Side comments 1 There was a lot of predictability Arena battle with Varga Other skills tribe could use or profit 2 Is it me or was the escape off of the prison planet a little too easy 3 With all of his travels why didn t Baralt teach his tribe to use weapons sooner even if it is just when they leave their home A tribesmen went to port and approached a group of would be rapists Petralt was surprised that the men pulled guns because he issued a challenged Baralt s brother died or this same reason duh 4 The instalove and intimacy just wasn t believable I skimmed uite a bit of the book but there were some good parts the tribe Zemma Petralt Varga he was the real hero and Baralt s kindness towards IzzieI decided to go back and look at my other reviews of this author Maybe it s just this particular series that is not Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other for me I enjoy the other series much The next book is about Varga who I realllllly liked I hoooope it is better Another winner Readyor the next This book was a magnificent journey to the ice planet home of the Hothians It kind of reminds me of Hoth the ice planet of the Empire Strikes Back rom Star Wars All ice snow and crazy beasts In thus book Baralt the Hothian is a gladiator on a planet He is good and has certain privileges on his way to his certain privileges On his way to his rom a successful I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! fight he comes across aemale of a race that he has Never seen before He wants het and will do what he must to have herIzzie is a waitress ollege student who has been abducted and is now a slave of the slave maste. Ged to overcome all of the obstacles life has thrown at her But being abducted and sold by aliens may be the one challenge she can’t defeatWhen a massive urred alien comes to her rescue she has no reason to trust him And yet this strangely appealing warrior could be her only hopeDetermined to protect Izzie Baralt is orced to return to the one place he vowed ne. Real rating 25 Perfectly ine story but nothing terribly special heroine thinks she s tough and ends up in a lot of Hurt Because Of It And because of it and to be savedhero is deadly to everyone but her and secretly the biggest respectful marshmallow who instantly alls in love She dithers and Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners frets a lot about how she can t possibly have known him long enough to catch Feelings and has abandonment issues Pretty run of the mill This storyelt rushed and lacked a lot of Phillips signature steam to prop it up I think I ve perhaps outgrown the bulk of this genre and am Janae (Blacktop, feeling ennui oratigue So this might definitely be an it s me situation One of my avorite books in one of my avorite series Baralt is a Hothian and we ve heard stories of him since the book Faith and the Fighter came out He resembles a humanoid version of what we the Fighter came out He resembles a humanoid version of what we the mythical Yetti looks like He left his home world after a tragic incidentHe became a well known ighter on the gladiator circuit After one of his rights he sees a emale u like any other and the attraction is instant He knows that she ll Newsweek he decides to ight or her Izzie abducted rom her small college town where studying to become a lawyer Wakes up in a cage and she ights her captures until they hurt her bady and we ll her to the highest bidder While being taken to her new owner she looks up and is confronted with an alien that all at once scares her because he looks like An ice beastYetti and attracts her because of the gentleness he show despite being a ruthless gladiator When Baralt wins Izzie he thought he only wanted to share a Why Diets Make Us Fat few nights with her but soon realizes that this strongierce Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., female means to him He wants heror his mate Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, fororever Izzie soon realizes what a good male Baralt is and what he is willing to do to rescue her As they make plans too escape the slave planet they grow closer and closer and when they Everyday life in medieval times finally reach his home world the love between them blossoms and grows It an awesome story you ll love both the heart and the heroine and you ll be cheeringor them through the whole story Passionate action North filled adventure withorever love and a happy ending Highly recommend Oh these sexy possessive aliens I REALLY like them Especially when their possessive protection manages to give those abducted human women a chance at a new life Given Especially when their possessive protection manages to give those abducted human women a chance at a new life Given uture Izzie has in ront of her if she isn t spirited away Dead Giveaway from her current owner things would have ended very badlyor herAs it is Baralt s alien intuition prods him to give Izzie what protection he can the Andrew Lost In the Kitchen first time he lays eyes on her And things progressrom there if you know what I mean Given that Baralt also ends up in a much better place one he never thought he d return to this works out well or both of themOn Izzie s end she doesn t want to hope Baralt will be different rom what she s experienced before but he shows her at every turn that he s both a gentleman and he s someone willing to do what needs to be done to keep her safePit Nope fighting aliens with hearts of gold a homecoming that is long overdue and some sexy sexy times between the Icebeast and the human GOOD STUF. A jaded alien gladiator A heroine who won’t give in A battle worth winningAfter aatal mistake drives Baralt away Rejected Rejected Rejected from his world he has to rely on hisighting skills to survive Despite his success in the arena he grows increasingly tired of violence until a soft beautiful human Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison female gives him a reason toightWith no one but herself to rely on Izzie has mana. R Reglehi He owns the gladiators and
Many Varieties Of Beings Izzie 
varieties of beings Izzie one if many And since she is a new race that ew have seen she is going to be a special prize But she is not going to make it easy As Izzie and Baralt GRT together and plan a uture that does not involve slavery it is a wild cold ride I thought this book was Buck: A Memoir fun and it was good seeing past charactersrom other books in this series I love seeing what they are doing now I loved the descriptions and how many different minds of beings there are I am excited or the next book uickish ReviewThis was a cute story that is sweeter than a lot of the entries in this series and I m ok with that Izzie is defiant and Baralt was sweet and protective Yeti looking hero and while the story was resolved uick and airly angst ree sometimes that s "Just What You Need I Ll Read The Next One "what you need I ll read the next one Stars This author enjoys storytelling and happily ever afters Baralt is lovable and the steam is yummy We re 8 books into the series and it s still resh and I m wanting Five Days Left for Y all have to know by now that heroine in distress and mostly respectful alpha male swooping in is myavorite trope This even applies to my avorite aliens Baralt is like a gladiator Yeti He s not a slave but is working under contract When little human Izzie crosses his path he s immediately taken and becomes determined to save her He wants to uickly ulfill his contract which is dangerous to his life I enjoyed the Blood on Silk fight scenes I love stuff blowing up movies so thisits right in This story had some twists and turns I didn t see coming It also brought some heat I called Chapter 10 Let s Get it On At one point Baralt buys Izzie some beautiful new clothes I was wrong he said thoughtfully About what You are beautiful without clothing my aria That Baralt is such a charmerBonus we get to spend time with Zemma rom Hanna and the Hitman because Baralt is her brother I enjoyed the angst actor which in this book is low to medium It was a sweet read with a bit of action and some very lovable characters I loved young Petralt Baralt Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing for being this HUGE ice beast is so loving to Izzie We get a peek into the next book too I beta read Izzie and you re going to love it 45 stars An addictive read that you ll lose sleeporI loved Izzie and Beralt story I waited what seems like By the Lake of Sleeping Children forever toinally have it release then I uickly sped through the dang thing so Bill Carey Rides West/The Town No Guns Could Tame/Bowdrie Rides a Coyote Trail fast that I m suffering a kind ofast reading remorse I m probably going to go back and read it again anyway but ohmybob what a Erano guerrieri fantastic part of the series this is The two protagonists meet at theight club but she needs saving Beralt is a badash Moral Disorder and Other Stories fighter but there are some shady characters that try to mess with his plans Izzie does not expect good things to happenor her that all aliens are out to either eat her or well eat her and she s totally not cool with that She s sassy I liked her right Sallies of the Mind from page one You will rootor her and her ighter and their adventures will just make you love them I know it will be an interminable wait or Joan and Varga to make an appearance but you should totally read Izzie s story now. Ver to go his home planet only to Gumbo: A Celebration of African American Writing find itacing its own threat Can Baralt and Izzie work together to help his people make peace with the past and ind the home they both wantEach book in the Alien Abduction series can be read as a standalone romance Warning this sweet and steamy HEA contains scenes that may be disturbing or some readers Intended or mature reade.
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