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Life After Death (The Coldest Winter Ever, #2)A teen so I was extremely excited to receive an ARC of the seuelWhere do I begin with reviewing this I find the seuelWhere do I begin with reviewing this I find challenging to write bad reviews and I Took me a minute to figure out what to say I don t like trashing anyone s work It s hard writing a book But listen this might be the worst book I ve ever read Idon t know if there s time to cancel this publication but if they can they definitely should Scrap the whole premise and start anew I need to erase this from my memory and hold on to The Coldest Winter Ever those sweet memories of passing a beat p copy of that book around my high school let that be my last Memory Of Winter Santiaga Because ThisI M of Winter Santiaga Because thisI m so I ll just say it this book is a homophobic sexist bestiality filled mess that The Elvis Enigma (Vegan Vamp, uses religion in a veryweird way I guess this is magical realism But dog finger fucking is where I really tapped out Maybe magical realism should be left in the hands of a skilled writer I m just reallypset thinking about how this was the last book I read in 2020 an awful book to close out an awful fucking year No stars Do NOT recommend Thank you to Netgalley for approving my ARC reuest in exchange for an honest reviewI ve been looking forward to this seuel for years I consider The Coldest Winter Ever to be a classic and I ve re read it several times since I initially read it in high school That said I went into Life After Death with extremely high expectations but ltimately I am very disappointed I gave it 1 star but even that feels like a stretchI couldn t even finish it To be honest it felt like Life After Death was written by a completely different author The storyline was very messy and confusing Several times I would stop to try and nderstand what was happening and what point Sister Souljah is trying to make I tried really hard to push through in hopes that it would get better but it was so bad that I just had to stop It pains me to write a review like this but it s the truth I don t recommend this book and I m not sure I could ever pick تاريخ جهنم up another Sister Souljah book again after this chanelereadswell Let me just start with sis what in the entire hell was this Also I m about to drop spoilers so if you don t want to know why I gave this such a low rating go ahead and click out scroll past do what you have to doWhen I read The Coldest Winter Ever back in 99 it wasnlike anything I d ever read and I ve always read a lot Up Apple Pie Homicide - A Cozy Mystery until then there wasn t a wide variety of streeturban lit Donald Goines was one of the originators of the genre but his books were most popular in the early 70s and were mostly out of print by then as were Iceberg Slim s books So Sister Souljah she who inspired some and was a controversial figure for others in the 90s revisit the role she played in Bill Clinton s 92 presidential campaign was a fresh new voice in the realm ofrban lit I was 28 when I read CWE and it wasn t the amazing read others said it was in my humble opinion but like I said it was a different voice I read Midnight based on a character from CWE years later and was also 2am Thoughts unimpressed So why would I read Life After Death given hownderwhelmed I was by her previous work Growth I thought that surely 22 years later the author would recognize that even readers who were teens when CWE first came out were grown now Like grown grown Unfortunately it appears neither the author her characters nor her writing have grownWinter Santiaga is still the The Winds of Winter unlikeable delusional chick she was in CWE For the life of me I can t figure out how your only claim to fame is that your father was once a big time drug dealer in the 90s and you think that should earn you respect well into your 30s The book opens with her in jail serving a 15 year bid because as you ll remember from the end of CWE she got sentenced for being in Bullet s car which was full of drugs and guns and had been rented with her credit card She s just about to get released and has secured a reality TV show gig that will center on her release from jail along with a few of her recently released jail crew Girl what In what world would anyone care about watching that based on her She was someone with no claim to fame other than who her father was and people are supposed to be interested 15 years later when she gets out of jail I guess this was supposed to be like Mob Wives right Dealer DaughtersAnyway Winter makes these ridiculous reuests for her reality show including her father s release from prison where he s serving a life sentence designer clothes with a matching white mink I guess she s the Lisa Raye of the prison set a red carpet from the door of the pr. Er father’s empire reset his crown andltimately to snatch Midnight back into her life no matter which bitch had him while she was locked p But Winter is not the only one with revenge on her mind Simone Winter’s young business partner and friend is locked and loaded and Winter is her target Will she blow Winter’s head off Can Winter dodge the bullets Or will at least one bulle. Should ve stayed dead tbhhonestly no one asked for this it was awfulThis picks p 15 years after the first book Winter awfulThis picks Orders to Kill up 15 years after the first book Winter just finishing her prison sentence and is offered a reality show why anyone would care about her I have no idea She wasn t a celebrity her dad was just a drug lord in the 90s but anyway She says she ll do the show but only if her conditions are met her father being released from prison he s in jail for life for murder so wtf a mink coat a red carpet and Bentley for when she s released we won t even get into hownrealistic they were and how she should be grateful she s even getting offered a reality show but this is WiNtEr SaNtIaGa The day she leaves prison she s shot and killed and the reader is taken on a journey throughout her life after death in purgatory or hell it felt like hell to me I was in hell reading thisThis was just so stupid There wasn t much of a point to this book After getting to a certain point where she gets turned into snake after doing anal I know no words I skimmed to the end to see what happened It was stupid and lacklustre Sister Souljah tried to put some Islamic spin in there that if you confess to Allah you will be forgiven which is fine but the way she went about it was deplorable Sister Souljah s writing also hasn t grown in the 20 years since the first book and it s very apparent in Winter s character and the dialogue Lord Conrads Lady (Conrad Stargard, used I get that Winter snlikeability was perhaps supposed to serve as a lesson but it just made this hard to readThere was literally no point nor reason for this to be published There s better literature by black authors without an anti abortion homophobic rhetoric I might add Read in Colour s Review is a good echo of my thoughts Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Ok review is Dont Read Poetry up on my blog read belowI was really excited to read this because I loved The Coldest Winter Ever and Midnight and really thought that Sister Souljah could do no wrong So believe me when I say I am so sad that I have to give this one a less than stellar review But it just didn t do it for meThe book is based on Winter s life after she has died so think heaven hell devils God etc That alone was a bit of a shock to me given the style and content of Sister Souljah s past books Unfortunately the storyline endedp being completely disorganized and all over the place I didn t even know what was happening half of the time The writing was subpar not at all the niue style that I have come to know and love from Souljah s books The characters that popped p wer 25 at bestI ve thought long and hard about this and I just can t give this book than a 25 If you are looking for that feeling you felt while reading The Coldest Winter Ever and even the Midnight series you are not going to get it There was JUST NO THRILL FOR ME ABOUT no thrill for me About or so chapters in I figured out what the book was solely about Let s just say the title speaks for itself literally The last two chapters is what made me give it a bit love on the rating The Santiaga family was hottest on the block nobody was messing with them even while locked The Affair of the Blue Pig up Winter had a crew in lockup She had plans for them to star in a reality TV show when they were released They were going to make their appearances and make their money but nobody will come close to looking better or making money than Winter Santiaga she will make sure of that She was the star of the show the main attraction However one of her crew members figures out Winter wasp to no good and has her own plan of dealing with Little Miss Hot Shot Winter just irked me the ENTIRE time She literally did not learn a thing after serving 15 years in prison Brooklyn is where she grew Visual Group Theory (MAA Classroom Resource Materials) up Brooklyn is hood You know what they say you can take the girl out the hood but you can t take the hood out the girl This definitely rings true for little ol Winter Lots of religious and cultural lessons which one can take and learn from for sure There are some triggering and controversial topics that are broughtp as well rape sodomy abortion to name a few Just read it with an open mind don t have high expectations like I did or else you will be just as I was highly disappointed Alsowas anyone else annoyed with the number of times the word further was sed or was it just me Yikes Firstly thank you to Netgalley Simon Schuster Canada and Sister Souljah for approving my reuest for an advanced readers copy of the long awaited seuel to Coldest Winter Ever in exchange for an honest review Like many millennial black women Coldest Winter was a formative reading experience for me as. Instant #1 New York Times Bestseller Instant USA TODAY Bestseller The long anticipated seuel to Sister Souljah’s million copy New York Times bestseller The Coldest Winter EverWinter Santiaga hit time served Still stunning still pretty still bold still loves her father than any man in the world still got her hustle and high fashion flow She’s eager to pay back her enemies rebuild .

Ison to a new Bentley etc Completely ridiculous foolishness As She Exits The Jail She S Shot And This Is exits the jail she s shot and this is things go left just in case you didn t think they d already gone left She wakes p in what seems like purgatory First she visits her jail crew and finds out one of them shot her same chick who held a grudge for 15 years and slashed her face in CWE Then she visits an over the top palatial estate where she sees Midnight with one of his wives don t ask and instead of pondering her death she s trying to figure out how she can have sex with him Like sis don t you have important things to worry about Then it really gets gets and with him Like sis don t you have important things to worry about Then it really gets
"gets and good "
and good mean even ridiculous she becomes the son of Satan s sidechick Y all Y ALL She s joyriding through hell and is completely On Good And Bad unfazed Like on some he s got a nice ride and sexes mep well what could a girl ask for At some point her turns her into a snake and then a dog and then I Dexter Sinister uit because life is short and who has time for bullshitI don t know how this got greenlit What editor read this and was like this is it Did they think this would get by based on her name alone Yes I m betting they did This was some hot garbage full of a materialistic character who has learned absolutely nothing in her 33 years on earth and then takes her astounding ignorance on a roadshow through hell Iit about 35% in because I couldn t imagine it getting any better and didn t want to see how much worse it could get I know the bookstagram kids were really excited about this one but nah fam Save your coins and your time Oooh I don t know about this She literally means life after death or what does death after life look like and I really try to avoid writing negative reviews I mean really what is the point in that To hoot and holler about how bad something is doesn t make a whole lot of sense So this is a caution review Souljah literally yes literally wrote a book about life after death wow The first clue you have that something is amiss is the publisher blurb It says so little about the contents that s generally a red flag This is a very dark book I had trouble sleeping after finishing Most of the book takes place in the Last Stop Before The Drop which is a sort of purgatory but complete with earthly things cars fashion attitudes sex crazy sex some involving dead humans and animals and demonic devils I was waiting for some justification for all the madness and towards the end of the book just a teeny bit arrives Not enough to redeem the novel but at least letting a little light in after pages of darkness It s just a bizarre novel in every facet of the word You will Diary of a Worm undoubtedlyestion how the decision to publish was ever agreed Misappropriate (Death Dwellers MC, upon So as a caution approach carefully be ready for a what happens when you die tale If you are into that kind of thing this book will work for you If you were looking for the continued story of Winter Santiaga on Earth in Brooklyn NY that book has not been written You ve been warned Why Souljah why Perhaps her purpose was to have folks thinking about how their living could impact their afterlife Believe me you don t want to spend any time in The Last Stop Before The Drop the County of the Ungrateful the State of Ignorance and the Land of Arrogance I think it s funny that all of the 5 star reviews have nothing to say about the book probably because there s nothing good to say and they probably are simply leaving the stellar review because they know the author it s the only reason why I could think they d leave a 5 star review especially without gushing about the book I m not even sure what to say about this book that others haven t already explained in their reviews he I was one of the girls who grewp reading The Coldest Winter ever way before I had business reading it It changed the way I viewed my own life and I wanted nothing than to be like Winter Santiaga Waiting 20 years for this book I thought I wouldn t be able to put it down but Life After Death was a hard read Not because it was hard to follow or particularly difficult in verbiage but because Winter is still Winter and I didn t realize I needed Winter to grow p I needed Winter to be the mature version of herself and all the things we loved about her super fly cunning business minded loyal and raw It turns out that being an adult doesn t make Winter mature and our heroine is not as loveable as she was in her youth If anything this book was a pusher for Prison Abolition because prison her worse It stunted her growth took away 15 years of her life so that a 33 year old woman is still 18 in the mind and that s dangerous I pushed mysel. T blast Winter into another world Either way Winter is fearless Hell is the same as any hood and certainly the Brooklyn hood she grew p in That’s what Winter thinks A heartwarming heart burning passionate sexual comical and completely original adventure is about to happen in real time raw shocking soulful and shameless True fans won’t let Winter travel alone on this amazing journ.