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Polluted My sober journey is a self help book written by Dirk Foster He takes on his personal story to explain the way he overcame the issue of alcoholism I dare to say that from the very beginning the title of this book caught my attention and then it was fully held throughout the reading Undoubtedly this book serves as a useful resource material for reflection on the idea of how important is to change bad habits on

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Overcoming addiction a really long process sometimes even a life process In this case the author oes from being destructed to being happy when he finally achieves sobriety We can lear. Have you ever asked yourself if you drink too much or too often Millions of people around the world uestion the amount and freuency of their drinking and the effect it has on happiness and health Polluted My Sober Journey a first hand account of one man’s path from the destruction and despair of an alcohol fueled life to the freedom joy and purpose he found in sobrie.
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Polluted! My Sober Journey

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From either alcohol or drug abuseGetting clean can be a very scary experience and this book a very scary experience and this book Class of 92: Out of Our League guide anyone hoping to start down that path understand what they will be facing It brings a lot of unknowns to light that can alleviate concerns and help someoneetting sober or direct someone helping a loved et sober Dirk Foster describes his way out of addictions Written in the first person Foster is honest and self critical of his past lifestyleWe learn from the book that he was first person Foster is honest and self critical of his past lifestyleWe learn from the book that he was years old broke and lived alone in Los Angeles and he would drink every day smoked drugs and was all the time around other alc. Y of the answers you might have about living free from alcohol and finding the joy and peace you deserve With honesty clarity and humor Dirk Foster shares his own journey from an addiction that nearly killed him to a life filled with love beauty and success Polluted My Sober Journey offers a fresh approach to understanding sobriety that will open your eyes to a new way Of Livin. livin. N how to be happy by controlling our mindset and calming our Mindthrough An Interactive Form an interactive form calming our mindThrough an interactive form narration the author invites us to ask some uestions to ourselves he makes us think deep and he helps us break with things that do not let us be happy I would thoroughly recommend this book I found it really helpful and inspiring The author of Polluted My Sober Journey Alcohol Addiction and The 7 Stages to Getting Clean has 12 years of sobriety to draw on to write this uide for anyone interested in exploring sobriety The book is full of anecdotal stories that could be very helpful to anyone hoping to et *SOBER. TY FOR MANY PEOPLE * Ty For many people is a mysterious and scary concept How do I et sober What is it like to live sober Will I ever have fun if I stop drinking This book will demystify and clarify what it's like for people who are curious about sobriety and want to live free from the uilt shame and regret that often accompany alcohol and drug abusePolluted My Sober Journey provides man. ,