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Which made liking and being able to get through the book kind of difficult for me But to ach her own I m sure others will njoy Love Your Life much than I did simply because they find Ava amusing and ndearing instead of annoying af andor they are just overall less tetchy with MCs than I am Nevertheless I can t deny that Love Your Life is chock full of the very wit and charm that have become a staple of all Sophie Kinsella s books If you re looking for a uick laugh or something to transport you out of the real world for a short while Love Your Life is the perfect book to help you on those fronts I am a big Sophie Kinsella fan and have read the majority of her books I actually prefer her standalone novels over the Shopaholic series So of course I was xcited to get my hands on a copy of this book Unfortunately I wouldn t place this one among my favorites but verything came together uite nicely by the nd so at least I finished it on a positive noteAva lives in London and signs up for a remote writers retreat in Italy Attendees are ncouraged to not share their real names with the other writers and to avoid giving out other personal info So Ava goes with the flow and chooses to go by the name Aria Pretty Buried easy and she ll never see these people again anyway Well she hits it off with a guy going by the name Dutch and they have a nice little romance at the retreat But now its time to pack up and go back home While Aria and Dutch seemed like a perfect match in Italy they also didn t know anything aboutach other s past When forced back to reality in London do these two have a legitimate shot at loveI ll admit by the nd of the 1st chapter I was already getting nervous about this one Things did start to pick up once Ava was at the writers retreat but my first impressions about the characters were pretty spot on As the story progressed Ava became and annoying and don t come after me dog lovers but her dog Harold got on my nerves as well I probably share way personality wise in common with Matt aka Dutch than I do with Ava so that could factor into my opinion as well Honestly though I think poor character development was the main reason I struggled at times with this bookThe good news is at the very nd I finally got Ava and understood what others saw in her And the same thing applies to her group of friends Had they clicked sooner with me in the story this would have been a much better read for me Much of what I love about what this author brings to the table didn t shine through until the last few chapters I do think a below average Sophie Kinsella novel is still better than about 80 to 90% of other books in the chick lit genre And I got to nd the book with a smile on my face which is always a good thingI was provided an advance digital copy by Netgalley and the publisher All thoughts xpressed are my honest opinion I have always loved Sophie Kinsella s books Can You Keep A Secret and I ve Got Your Number are two of my favorite books However I had felt it hard to connect with her last couple books and was uestioning whether she would remain an auto read author for me I am happy to see Love Your Life redeemed her for me and I really njoyed the book It features romantic and whimsical Ava who is an aspiring writer that attends a writing retreat in Italy where you have to call veryone by an alias Ava who is now Aria meets Dutch at the retreat and the two instantly connect and fall into a whirlwind romance By the nd of the retreat their feelings have volved and they both believe they are in love and want to try their hand at a real relationship love and want to try their hand at a real relationship the real world When Aria and Dutch aka Ava and Matt return to London and their real lives they are surprised to discover how completely different they are Ava is a vegetarian who has many different career aspirations but can t uite seem to finish any Her apartment is filled with furniture she has rescued and books she has purchased because she believed no one lse would buy them Her lovable dog Harold has purchased because she believed no one lse would buy them Her lovable dog Harold also a rescue who is rambunctious and often causing trouble On the other hand Matt is xtreme straight laced working for his family company and lives in a cold and modern high rise with art that Ava can t begin to understand The two try to navigate how they can make their relationship succeed Can they find anything they are compatible with I really njoyed reading about Ava and Matt While I seriously uestioned whether they should be together at times throughout the book by the A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, end I really was rooting for them The friends wereverything in this book I loved both Ava and Matt s friends The Shadow Reader especially Tucker They added so much depth and humor to the story I couldn t getnough of them Overall I would give this one 4 stars and am Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies excited for Sophie Kinsella s next book Thanks to NetGalley and Random Press Publishing for sharing this ARC with me inxchange my honest review Love Your Life is an ntertaining book It is a typical Sophie Kinsella book with a cute story line fun characters romance and laughs Sophie Kinsella s books always make me happy and this is no xception Love Your Life is a perfect book for something lighter during 2020I highly recommend Love Your Life to all Sophie Kinsella fans and anyone looking for a Capes to a remote writers' retreat in coastal Italy She's determined to finish writing the novel she's been fantasizing about The Power Of A Choice even though it means leaving her close knit group of friends and her precious dog Harold behindAt the retreat she's not allowed to use her real name or reveal any personal information When the neighboring martial arts retreat is canceled and a few of its attendees join their small writing community Ava now going by Aria meets Dutch a man who seems too good to be true The twombark on a baggage free whirlwind love affair cliff jumping into gem colored Mediterranean waters. .
Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella is another fun lighthearted romp from the author of the beloved Shopaholic series of which I am a huge fan Ms Kinsella and I must share a similarly uirky sense of humour because I always find myself laughing out loud at many of the antics of her hapless heroines This one will certainly make you smile as you mbark on Ava s rocky road to romanceAva is on a writers retreat in Italy when she meets Dutch a pseudonym given the class rules of remaining anonymous for the duration of the course The attraction is almost instantaneous and the two pursue a romantic and idyllic holiday tryst But when the retreat comes to an nd it is time to reveal not only their names and nationalities but their true selves Will the romantic idyll continue when Ava and Dutch return to their veryday lives and will xpectations be met or left wanting Is happily The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right ever after in fact better left to the writers and readers of fiction and fantasyI thoroughlynjoyed this story and found myself rooting not only for Ava but for nearly all of the colourful cast of supporting characters I did feel that Ava tended to analyze situations in a similar process to one Becky Bloomwood and I loved her all the for it I am already looking forward to devouring Ms Kinsella s next literary treatMany thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group Random House for this ARC I always love Sophie Kinsella s warmth and sense of humor and both are on full display in this sweet book I love Kinsella so I didn t read the blurb and just dove in which I think is a good way to go with this book because it doesn t take the Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling expected chick lit path In the beginning our heroine is at a writer s retreat in Italy where no one gives their real name She goes by Aria and meets a gorgeous man named Dutch They have a whirlwind romance but come to an agreement not to askachother any real life details including names And that s just the beginning of this sweet affectionate bookWithout giving away the plot I have to say there were several uniue heartwarming aspects I loved most One is Ava s dog Harold who is a character unto himself Another is Ava s close friend Nell Nell has a serious illness and all her friends rally around her Her disability is presented always in a realistic kind and well considered way As someone who has had my own health challenges in the past I love to see disabled characters thriving in books particularly romantic books like this one And my final two favorite things were the two main characters As always Kinsella creates a magical and vibrant world in which you can totally lose yourself I always Monsieur Pain emerge happier after reading one of her colorful novels which are always a little deeper than they first seemI give this book 4 plus stars It s a great heartwarmingscape when you need a little runaway time to another place where you can feel good about life love and the world like say in the middle of a pandemic or a contentious presidential lectionThanks to middle of a pandemic or a contentious presidential lectionThanks to Random House and Sophie Kinsella for the advance copy of this sweet and warm book I am looking forward to reading Harold the dog s book next Despite being predictable than a virgin s period Love Your Life was at its core a pretty fuckin hilarious and ber cute read Without a doubt it was a step up from Sophie Kinsella s last novel I Owe You One which was uncharacteristically lacking the signature spark that I ve come to xpect from her books Thankfully with the publication of Love Your Life which I d argue is #Her Funniest Book Yet It Would Seem That Ms Kinsella #funniest book yet it would seem that Ms Kinsella reclaimed her mojo and laid the fears to rest that I Owe You One was anything than a one time fluke Love Your Life xcelled where most rom comschick lit novels consistently fall short having full fledged supporting characters While most books in the genre tend to have nondescript one dimensional stock supporting characters whom you wouldn t be able to tell apart with a gun to your head Love Your Life was the rare but welcome xception to the rule apart with a gun to your head Love Your Life was the rare but welcome xception to the rule character brought something different and fresh to the table The friend characters were all fun and interesting in their own right and it felt like they served a greater purpose than simply filling the designated rom com role of proverbial BFFsidekick whom the female MC can bitch to and get Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. either conflict inducing or conflict resolving advice from when shit goes down with the token boy toy I can count on one hand the books that I ve read in which the supporting characters outshone the MCs and now Love Your Life is definitely among their number I can honestly say that Ava s friendsspecially Nell and Sarika were my favorite not to mention the funniest characters in the bookWhere the problem lies however is in the unlikability I m coining a new word here call me Shakespearina of the female protagonist and MC Ava If you looked up the definition of likable heroine in the dictionary Ava would be pictured as an antonym to be sure Ava is the archetype of your veryday astrology ho She s all perky and wannabe hipster and I know Matt because I feel his nergy which at first was super funny but didn t take long to really get under my skin She s just not someone I really liked or could connect with as a character. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of I Owe You One an utterly delightful novel about a woman who ditches her dating app for a writer's retreat in Italy only to find that real love comes with its own filters As close to perfect as romantic comedies get Jenny Colgan New York Times bestselling author of The Bookshop on the CornerCall Ava romantic but she thinks love should be found in the real world not on apps that filter men by height job or astrological sign She believes in feelings not algorithms So after a recent breakup and dating app debacle she decides to put love on hold and s.

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Ute fun story Anyone looking for a happy story Love Your Life is for you This book will make you laugh and you will feel like the characters are your friends Anyone that is a hopeless romantic and sick of online dating will love this bookThank you NetGalley and Random House for Love Your LifeFull Review One of my common complaints with romances and women s fiction with romantic lements this novel is the latter is that I don t fall in love with the hero In this book I liked the hero just fine but found the heroine insufferable She s relentlessly upbeat and it got Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, exhausting She keeps trying to ignore all the ways she and Matt aren t actually compatible and her mantra isssentially Stay positive Look at it this way and not the way it actually is Ava and Matt meet at a writing retreat in Italy where they re not supposed to tell Il morto di Maigret each other any personal details about themselves including their real names So while they are falling in love with the people they are away from their jobs family and friendsverything is magical When they return to their real lives many things about the other person s life drives them batty The nding is good This is a fun novel but not my favorite book of Kinsella s Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book which RELEASES OCTOBER 27 2020 Now AvailableThis is a romancecontemporary book I have read mixed reviews about this book and I was getting scared to read this book because I really have been looking forward to this book I have to say I loved this book so much The beginning was a little slow and I really did not love how fast the characters fell in love but then the book token a 180 turn This book is so different then most chick lit or women s fiction This book had a real feel after the first a little bit I have to say the characters where well developed and ach of them where so much fun to follow I really loved Harold and I think that dog really brought the book to life I have read a few other Sophie Kinsella books and I love how she does her chick lit books Her books follows there own path and breaks away for that other books I was kindly provided an copy of this book by the publisher The Dial Press or author Sophie Kinsella via NetGalley in xchange for an honest review about how I feel about this book and I want to send a big Thank you to them for that Love Your Life or Ava Land and Matt Land was uite an Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition entertaining and sweet novel Thend of the book left me with a big smile on my faceYet the beginning of the book didn t do it for me I thought oh no this is an insta love story which is my least favorite How wrong was I Very I nded up liking it uite a bit than I thoughtMost surprisingly was that I liked all the main character s friends too There is Nell who has some serious health issues but she doesn t play the martyr and she can be brutally honest Sarika who only wants to date someone who lives close to her home Too far away it s a deal breaker She s using a her home Too far away it s a deal breaker She s using a app s algorithm to narrow the perfect guy for her Then there s Maud who is impossible to say no to When she asks YOU FOR A FAVOR YOU DON T EVEN REALIZE for a favor you don t ven realize re agreeing to do it To avoid saying yes it s best not to Sexual Secrets engage herOn Matt s side his friends and flatmates Topher and Nihal were both amusing and in their own way supportive of Ava They were both good guys Topher despite his antisocial personality and Nihal with his multiple robotsNow getting back to the main characters the book begins with Ava She likes to start multiple things at the same time but doesn t really finish any of them Her new thing is she wants to write a book She wants to write a historical romance novel and for this reason she joins a writer s retreat in Italy There she meets Dutch who s real name is Matt Dutch was joining a martial arts retreat but after it gets canceled hends up in the writing one Ava and Matt have a spark and soon they become an item By the time a real name is needed they discover they both live in LondonLondon changes verything for this couple Going back to the real world reveals they both live in LondonLondon changes verything for this couple Going back to the real world reveals huge differences They don t seem to agree on anything including food Ava is a vegetarian Matt s a carnivore There is also Ava s dog Harold who can destroy a shirt in ten seconds or disappear any good steak in a millisecondFor me the last third of the book is where the story shines I liked the way Sophie Kinsella s characters in this Chic LitRomCom novel resolved their issues in a full circle kinda away45 FangsCliffhanger NoA complimentary copy was provided by Random House via Netgalley in xchange for an honest reviewMrsLeif s Two Fangs About It Facebook Twitter Instagram Yes This is hilarious humorous ntertaining heartwarming This is a real winner I m a big fan of author s works and her last two books I owe you one and Surprise me were a little disappointing for me Actually since I ve read I ve got your name I haven t found any of her books so much adorable I truly missed her optimistic clumsy but likable heroines and smartfunny feel good stories like first books of Shopaholic series and Can you keep a secret Twenties girl But here are the good newsThis book brought back the author s old time books vivid laughable xhilarating heart churning motional sarcastic cl. And Purely Sexual exploring the splendor of the Italian coast Things seem to be perfect for Aria and DutchBut then their real identities Ava and Matt must return to London As their fantasy starts to fade they discover just how different their personal worlds are From food choices to annoying habits to saunatiuette are they compatible in anything And then there's the prickly situation with Matt's The West Transformed: A History of Western Civilization, Vol 1, to 1715 ex girlfriend who isn't tooager to let him go As one mishap follows another it seems while they love ach other they just can't love ach other's lives Can they reconcile their differences to find one life togeth. ,
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