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The Pinebox Vendetta by Jeff BondThis story of two families that have dominated the political landscape of America since the Revolutionary War times just isn t for me I m not usually into political books but characters that isn t for me I m not usually into political books but characters that can care for can make such a book good for me Yet I could not connect with any of the characters in this book The two characters that I would most likely connect with turned me off with their whining blaming and unwise decisions This may be better for folks who can grab onto the big picture of the story but I surely didn t identify with either of the powerful wealthy get what you want at all costs political families Samantha Lessing is the main character at all costs political families Samantha Lessing is the main character the best thing she could ever do for her daughter is to take her daughter and leave her horrible marriage Instead she uses the excuse of her daughter to stay with a man who is bad for both of them This is the first book in a series about the Pruitt Gallagher centuries old war and they don t care who they take down with them Thank you to Jeff Bond Books and NetGalley "for this ARC I absolutely LOVED The Winner Maker Sadly Bond s second book was not " this ARC I absolutely LOVED The Winner Maker Sadly Bond s second book was not me but when I saw that The Pinebox Vendetta was a political thriller I thought this would be a eturn to the writing style that I found so intriguing in the first book I was wrong I struggled to finish the book and once finished I wished that I had not The Pinebox Vendetta centers around two incredibly power political families in the US Wealthy Corrupt into every facet of business entertainment politics across the continent they control nearly everything well no they do control everything The outlier in the story is Sam the once girlfriend of a family member and Yale graduate The story unfolds at a Yale Ejercito y Milicias En El Mundo Colonial Americano reunion where there isape sexual abuse murder lies corruption cover up and that s just part of the story Sadly as I was Power Engineering: Advances and Challenges Part B: Electrical Power reading this I hadunning scenarios in my head of all of the factual politicians who had committed this very same offenses and the I ead the sickened I became Fiction Reality Truth as Fiction the lines were. From the author of The Winner Maker and Blackuest 40 comes The Pinebox Vendetta a genre bending thriller that combines a love story cold case murder mystery and political blood feud – told over the course of a single breathless weekendThe Gallaghers and Pruitts have dominated the American political landscape dating back to Revolutionary times The Yale University class of 1996 had one of each and as the twenty year eunion approaches the families ,
So blurred and making the horror of it all seem so normal made me sick The ONLY eason I finished the book was because I kept waiting for accountability Someone had to be the good guy Surely Sam would turn them in tell the story step up to the plate But no No one ever does and as we know even if she had she would have tarred and feathered and her life would have been uined by the families I had a visceral eaction to the book obviously Maybe that is a good thing But I hate the families I had a visceral eaction to the book obviously Maybe that is a good thing But I hate it exists and I hate that it is far truth than fiction I was invited to Read An ARC Of This an ARC of this political drama by the author who had liked my eview of one of his other books Blackuest 40 but with the warning that it was a very different genre It s the beginning of a series about two wealthy dynasties who have battled for political power for hundreds of years focussing on a black sheep from each family who happened to be at Yale University together Sam Lessing a struggling documentary New York filmmaker in a failing marriage travels to her twenty year college eunion with her teenage daughter hoping to Pancreatic Cancer: A Patient and His Doctor Balance Hope and Truth reconnect with old friends and interview people about the legendary Pinebox Vendetta a centuries old feud between the Conservative Pruitts and the Liberal Gallaghers Rock Pruitt is a loathsome misogynist bullyemind you of anyone whose political career was derailed by the death of his oommate Derek in his first year Jamie Gallagher an ideologically driven dreamer went to Africa to save the world but died trying to assassinate an evil dictator Both were in her graduation class and she s always egretted not continuing the brief Abu Telfan: Or, the Return from the Mountains of the Moon, Tr. by S. Delffs romance that had ignited between her and Jamie at the end of their studies and wondered why Rock was never prosecuted for Derek s death Over the course of theeunion weekend old secrets will be aired enmities
"revived and public "
and public uined as the vendetta fires up againI m interested in and enjoy eading about politics although don t understand the American system This was an entertaining introduction to some wonderfully loathsome characters bu. Re on a collision courseOwen Gallagher is coasting to the Democratic nomination for presidentRock Pruitt – the brash maverick whose career was derailed two decades ago by his association to a tragic death – is back Rainer Maria Rilke: Gesammelte Werke (German Edition) ready toeclaim the mantle of clan leaderAnd fatefully in between lies Samantha Lessing Sam arrives at eunion weekend lugging a otten marriage dumb hope and a portable audio ecorder she'll use for a public adio style documentary.
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T it s important to ealise this isn t a complete story just the beginning of a saga otherwise you could be disappointed by the ending as much is left unresolved and just the beginning of a saga otherwise you could be disappointed by the ending as much is left unresolved and is not served It s not a long book and so much is left unexplained including exactly what the titular Pinebox is hopefully this will be evealed in future booksI liked the sly humour and caricatures neither side is spared although the author s sympathies are clearly to the left and the cynical way the Gallaghers would put forward an amiable male moron for the Democratic nomination while his clever successful businesswoman cousin pulls the strings felt sadly ealistic while the powerful Pruitts cover up all wrongdoing by the monstrous Rock and still consider letting him un for state office also emblematic of all that s wrong with the country s system There are no very likeable characters here even the nice well meaning ones like Sam and Joss are a bit too self interested and make some silly decisions this wasn t a problem for me in this caseThe antagonists were wickedly entertaining I would ve strangled Abe with his power cable he s such a pathetically petulant loser There is a sort of love story and sort of murder mystery but they aren t central to the plot although I didn t see the denouement coming at allRecommended to those who enjoy an accessible saga and don t mind waiting to find out what happens next My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the arc and to Jeff Bond for bringing it to my attention What a fun start to a series I had no idea what I was getting myself into but it definitely turned into a pleasant surprise This was a super uick ead and was full of suspense and intrigue The characters were a great mix of a little bit of everything all loveablehateable to the Same Degree Anyone Who Enjoys Political Thrillers Will Find This degree Anyone who enjoys political thrillers will find this thoroughly entertaining I m excited to To Russia with Love: An Alaskan's Journey read Third book I veead by this author and I have enjoyed each one though they are totally different The strength in this book to me was the character development Each character was Punk Pedagogies in Practice real and ha. On the Pruitt Gallagherivalry – widely known as the pinebox vendetta What Sam uncovers will thrust her into the middle of the ancient feud upending presidential politics and changing the trajectory of one clan foreverThe Pinebox Vendetta is the first entry in the Pruitt Gallagher saga a series that promises cutthroat plots power grabs and unforgettable characters stretched to their very limits by the same ideological forces that Student Movements for Multiculturalism: Challenging the Curricular Color Line in Higher Education roil America tod.