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Nothing But Blackened TeethElse it s a recipe for disaster Add in the ghostly residents who don t have the ghostly residents who Don T Have Time t have any time mortal nonsense the most beautiful prose I ve read this year and the most excellent breaking of the 4th wall and you have a masterpiece on your hands Khaw s writing style is so elouent she could write an essay on watching grass grow and I would want to read it Between the heart achingly vivid setting and the cringingly obnoxious characters seriously I kinda wanted them all to die NOTHING BUT BLACKENED TEETH is everything a horror books should beI freaked out a little bit reading this book It wasn t in although I did double my bathroom shadows for ghosts Don t judge but because this is simply so well crafted It doesn t slap it bulldozes I was legit muttering what the f what the f who gave her the right what the f as I read this because it was so flawlessly executed Every line has been sharpened like piano wire It s Celebrate a wedding Having always wanted to get married in a haunted house the bride to be insists they pla. ,

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A dark scary grimy novella infused with Japanese folklore
and a bunch 
a bunch shitty people getting what comes to them in a haunted mansion Out in Fall 2021 Note i received an early ARC after reaching out to a contact at Nightfire like please don t let me miss anything when you start publishing next year like a total napologetic dweebI ve got to keep it real on this review I read it two days ago and I m still not sure how to adeuately put my thoughts into words Maybe it s because I haven t read a horror book in a while maybe it s because I just haven t read this author Before But In Any Case but in any case was one of the best books I ve read in a while and I ve been on a streak of amazing booksNOTHING BUT BLACKENED TEETH is a glorious truffle of horror at its finest When a bride and groom decide to get married at a haunted Japanese historical site and invite along their three best friends all of whom have drama with everyone. At an abandoned Japanese manor five friends still together despite secrets and fraught histories gather to. ,
Errifyingly good and an absolute must read for 2021Now excuse me while I go add this author s entire backlist to my TBR W O W this really goddamn good I m always on the hunt for a Good Ghost Story And Japanese ghost story and Japanese enchants me so this book was the perfect flavor of creep fest for my delighted heart With a short page count this book packs a big punch Every page absolutely oozes dread and Khaw isn a short page count this book packs a big punch Every page absolutely oozes dread and Khaw isn scant on the scares The prose is lush and poetic with some of the most visceral DESCRIPTIONS I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED IN I have ever encountered in horror novel The way Khaw brought Japanese y kai to life or Murphys Law unlife was chilling and striking in eual measure If you like books about groups of awful people getting what s coming to them when they taunt a haunted house or Japanese horror this is going to absolutely tickle your fancy Spooky and atmospheric saturated with Japanese myth and lots of blood A good read to put you in the mood for fall. Y a game to tease the dead from their restBut they needn't have called The house already knows they are the.