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O do Because even though Evelyn had nothing to do with Nathan s death all of her The Obituary research and work depend on her being able to keep Martine a secret You see clones are essential They have a purpose They can provide body doubles for politicians or high profile individuals They can provide organs for those with terminal illness They help scientists study the human condition But it s not like they are actually human They are grown from a human in a laboratory They don t haveights Their lives are not their own They are manipulated and controlled and carefully observed by the humans who have created them And when they have completed their purpose they are terminated and disposed of as biological waste They don t have families or friends or connections They don t get married or go to school or join book clubs To actually create an off the Selbstbewußt auftreten record secret clone to live an actual life with someone is very unethical And for one to be pregnant with a human s child Evelyn could kiss her career goodbye if it was ever discovered So Martine s problem becomes Evelyn s problem And Evelyn cannot help but feel disdain for this thing that shares her face but is so obedient and subservient and focused on everything that Evelyn isn t But what happens when theole of a clone ceases to exist What happens when that clone finds a new ole and a new job What if *Someone Gives That Clone *gives that clone to ead and decision to make What happens when that clone becomes self awareThis novel is very well written The pacing is excellent I had absolutely no idea where any of it was going and couldn t put it down in places It was a very uniue premise and the author delivered a very fast paced thriller with just enough action and just enough scifi elements It is a book that asks very important uestions that are in fact A History of Early Modern Southeast Asia, 1400-1830 relevant in this day and age with all of the new technologies and uestions surrounding AI Because honestly how different are AI and clones Aren t clones just AI with cells instead of wires How far away do you think we are from this advancement I thought that all of the ethical and scientific inuiries this author brought to the table were legit and very well thought out andesearched I also have to commend her on her characterization Both Evelyn and Martine were very well developed and thought out characters filled with nuance and different aspects of personality that came out in different ways The entire novel is from Evelyn s perspective and I liked that at times she could be a downright awful human but the glimpses we see of her humanity and conscience Ferdinand, der Mann mit dem freundlichen Herzen reallyesonate and are very well done Martine also is a great character who is definitely different from Evelyn but traces of her genetic host also start to peek through as the novel progresses Pieces of Evelyn s history also come to light which weave into the narrative flawlessly It is a wild Alcora - O Acordo Secreto do Colonialismo ride It didemind me while I was eading of Blake Crouch s Dark Matter and I could see some great AI influences as well such as Westworld and Blade Runner with a touch of Stepford Wives in there too I will definitely be looking at this author for her future endeavors and I urge anyone who likes any type of contemporary tech scifi to check it out as well My only criticism eally is the ending which I just thought was too neat and tidy and was the only part of the book that was predictable I had seen so much creativity the whole way through this book that when I saw such a convenient way of ending things I felt let down However overall this is a solid 4 saw such a convenient way of ending things I felt let down However overall this is a solid 4 and a big ecommendation Thank you to Netgalley for providing an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest eview I know that February 2021 is lightyears away but please do yourself a favor and add this thrilling Before Copernicus read to your TBR now A little bit of The Wife Between Us a little bit Blake Crouch and add in a dash of Big Little Lies and Killing Eve and you ll become acuainted with The Echo Wife If the science fiction aspect makes you wary please know that this facet isn t intense as this stilleads as a very mainstream thriller I can t wait to see the cover that is chosen and to find out what other eaders think of this one Many thanks to the publisher for providing my eview copy Wow that was a crazy Health and Wellbeing in Childhood rideRTC ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley Frankenstein meets Recursion in a bar and then The Wife Between Us shows up and a brawl breaks loose and everything goes to hell this book is AMAZING and I can t wait for y all toead it 11 stars. D is dead and the Caldwell wives have a mess to clean upGood thing Evelyn Caldwell is used to getting her hands dirty When they said all happy families are alike this can’t be what they mea. ,

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5 stars I see it has a cover now Love itThe Echo *Wife Child Support, for the Non-Custodial Parent, Alabama Edition (Series 1, for the Non-Custodial Parent) reminds me of why Iead in times like this First *reminds me of why I L. Munatius Plancus: Serving and Surviving in the Roman Revolution read in times like this First all let me mention this may be the earliest I have everead a book It s so early the cover has not been eleased yet and the synopsis is brief I cannot wait to see the cover The Echo Wife will be published on February 16 2021 and mark your calendars I promise you won t want to miss it It s the most uniue domestic suspense story I think I ve ever ead It takes place in the future and there s cloning involvedIn short I absolutely loved everything about this book Even with the futuristic angle it felt entirely Realistic And Transportive My Head Spun With and transportive My head spun with twists It s a creepy smart emotive exciting page turner and yeah I loved it I am certain we ll be hearing about The Echo WifeI The Organization Man received a gifted copy All opinions are my ownMany of myeviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom and instagram wwwinstagramcomtarheelreader This is a 2021 elease that is getting heaps of early praise and while I give it high marks for originality it was not at all what I was expecting and although very thought provoking I m not sure that it s going to top my list of 2021 favorite booksEvelyn Caldwell s husband has been having an affair with Evelyn Caldwell or to be exact with Martine a genetically cloned eplica made from Evelyn s own award winning The Ufa Story: A History of Germany's Greatest Film Company, 1918-1945 research After a day that begins with a confrontation between Evelyn and Martine and ends with a body bleeding out on the kitchen floor everyone involved has to think fast and keep the lid on the whole experiment before it all comes crashing downIt s a crazy interesting concept who wouldn t be slightly neurotic and than a bit enraged that your husband decided to trade you in for well you but just a better version I d probably want to murder him too While I loved the premise the execution was a bit too sci fi for my taste There were lots of lengthy descriptionsegarding cloning One of the main The Guardian Team: On the Job with Rena and Roo reasons I decided on pre law in college was because it was one of the few majors that did noteuire extensive math and science credits so needless to say science is just not my thing I found myself skimming much of the second half of the book for that The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives: A Student Introduction reason That being said though I also found myself super invested in all of the characters even though none of them are very likable and oddlyooting for both Evelyn and Martine There were some interesting twists along the way although I thought an even salacious murderous ending was being perfectly set up for and could have been easily accomplished I did find the parallels between Evelyn and the father she partly idolizedpartly despised to be telling and chilling at the same time The whole nature v nurture debate is something I am fascinated with anyway and I thought about Evelyn s progression long after The United States and Peru: Cooperation -- At a Cost reading the last page Overall there are some great aspects to this one and I m uite surprised that I m not absolutely gushing over it I veead that Gailey is an up and comer in speculative fiction and I don t doubt that one bit as the writing and storytelling are brilliant maybe it is just not my genre per se 35 stars Information Security Governance rounded up to 4 What would you do if your husband stole youresearch in order to clone himself a better version of you so that he could finally love you I MEAN DAMN WHAT A PREMISESource Westworld understandable version meets Stepford Wives and Orphan Black kind of story is freshly baked from the oven I see five sizzling well deserved shiny stars dancing above my head This is entertaining mind bending grey cells frying soul shaking heart throbbing adventure than I expected This is absolutely deliciously my kind of extremely crazy story imagine your husband eplace you with another version of you What would you do Scream cry call a contract killer suffer from depression commit to kill the other version of you or accept the defeat and work on cloned eplicas of Tom Hardy at your lab last option is the best choice but unfortunately the heroine of this book didn t make wise choices like me Okay let me ephrase it our Brilliant Scientist Evelyn S Husband Nathan Is Not Happy That scientist Evelyn s husband Nathan is not happy that is a workaholic heartless cutthroat bitch who prefers to live in her lab and work 247 for your scientific experiments it s true I think JJ Abrams inspired by her when he named his production company Bad Robot because most of the parts she acted like eally mean Widow of Dartmoor robot hardly process human feelings And of course she doesn t want to have. The Echo Wife is a non stop thrillide perfect for Dark Calling readers of Big Little Lies and enthusiasts of Killing Eve and Westworld­ Martine is a genetically clonedeplica made from Evelyn Caldwell. The Echo WifeA baby It s unnecessary esponsibility Prinzipien Der Gemeinschaftlichen Kosten- Und Schadenstragung Im Seerecht Und Au�ergew�hnliche Formen Der Haverei Im 18. Jahrhundert right She s working way too much important things She s the brilliant Evelyn Caldwell aising star of scientific innovations with brightest future ahead of her But her dearest husband cheats on her with a woman looking exactly like her Actually he s dating with cloned O Sabor dos Caroços de Maçã replica of hers Whattttt And now he wants to divorce And this is not only mouth dropping part of her unbelievably uniue story the clonedeplica is pregnant Only the Hunted Run right now WTF Did Iead Edgar Cayce's Hidden History of Jesus right How could be scientifically possible But Evelyn s dear clone Martine is expecting And she meets her with the shop to show her growing baby bump and Evelyn tells her the ugly truth about theeason she s been created From now on if the story is not crazy enough for you Just wait for Martine s urgent call on the phone She panicked barely breathing and she seems like losing it As Evelyn goes to the house Martine shares with her ex husband she finds out her ex lying on the floor in blood bath Martine says it was self defense and Evelyn Women and Disability: The Double Handicap replies Let s bury him Still not crazy enough for you Wait for it Evelyn and Martineealize a search party can begin sooner they will be prime suspects of Nathan s *mysterious disappearance Or at least Evelyn is gonna lose everything her Hostile and Malignant Prejudice: Psychoanalytic Approaches researcheseputation and freedom because nobody knows *disappearance Or at least Evelyn is gonna lose everything her The Devil's Playground: A Century of Pleasure and Profit in Times Square researcheseputation and freedom because nobody knows is existence She is illegal So they decide to work on a new clone The Culture Chamber replica They llecreate Nathan to solve the problem Yesss I know you Whispering Coves re hooked and I stopight now I already gave so many juicy details But I assure the story s conclusion is twisty and shocking Yes there are Bees: An Up-Close Look at Pollinators Around the World revelations and surprises to comeOverall It was one of the best amazing shocking dazzling phenomenal sci fieads of this year I highly ecommend it to genre lovers I couldn t put it down It s smart its dark humor captivates you and you don t want to let it go Special thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan Tor Books for sharing this emarkable ARC with me in exchange my honest eview I truly loved it so much I mean no offense but holy shit this premise Imagine you are a brilliant scientist with award winning esearch You are the the master of your field Resumes from all over congregate on your desk because everyone wants just A CHANCE TO BE YOUR NEXT RESEARCH ASSISTANT IMAGINE chance to be your next Word and Image: An Introduction to Early Medieval Art research assistant Imagine that certain technology is advancing because you thought of it And then imagine if thatesearch was stolen from you by the person closest to you to be then used against you in the worst way possibleEvelyn Caldwell is that brilliant scientist who singlehandedly discovered how to program specific personality traits into human clones Evelyn Caldwell is married to a fellow scientist who does not have 18th the brainpower of Evelyn and has always been a little The Compact Guide to World Religions resentful of her success and then by association her preference of her work over her marriage Evelyn is uick witted a uick tongued She is dedicated to heresearch and her work and does not have the time or the will to have children or The Nudist on the Late Shift: And Other True Tales of Silicon Valley really be a dedicated wife She is uick to anger slow to apologize and stands out in a male dominated fieldSo when she discovers her husband is having an affair she is bound and determined to expose the cheating arsehole So when she discovers a secret house with a perfectly manicured front lawn white picket fence and you know the whole domestic nine yards she bargesight in to discover who the mistress is When she meets Martine her whole world comes crashing downMartine is sweet She is domestic Maternal Obedient Docile Slow to anger and slow to speak uick to please everyone around her especially her man Every single thing that Evelyn swore she would never be The one thing these two ladies have in common their DNAMonths go by and Evelyn is nursing some pretty serious wounds Wounds that she cannot share with everyone lest someone find out what her husband has done and all of her life s work gets defunded When Martine calls Evelyn and asks to meet Evelyn accepts against all her better judgment And then Martine drops another bombshellAfter a eally big outpouring of emotions where Evelyn tells Martine A LOT OF TRUTH Evelyn goes home to be alone get eally drunk when she gets a call from MartineAnd then things get Tätiges Leben: Pluralität und Arbeit im politischen Denken Hannah Arendts really complicatedAll gifs aside this book was pretty awesome It definitely has a scifi backdrop with all the talk of human cloning and what not but is a very solid thriller as well After Nathan s death Evelyn and Martine must put their heads together to figure out what ’s award winningesearch She’s patient and gentle and obedient She’s everything Evelyn swore she’d never beAnd she’s having an affair with Evelyn’s husbandNow the cheating bastar.