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For this novel Emma Stonex takes inspiration from the Eilean Mor lighthouse mystery on the Flannan Isles in the Outer Hebrides in 1900 where lighthouse keepers disappeared She shifts the location and time to Cornwall in 1972 where at Maiden Rock 3 lighthouse keepers disappear in the odd circumstances where the inside locks are on and the clocks have stopped There is the assumption that the men were swept away by the sea but other theories and rumours abound In 1992 3o years later a writer interviews the wives and irlfriends of the men Helen Jenny and Michelle women who might have found comfort in coming together to assuage their Ratscalibur grief but instead splintered apart In a unsettling tense and atmospheric narrative that shifts between the men in 1972 and the women in 1992 the author explores the psychological impact of the place the isolation of being a lighthouse keeper and therief the women experience All had separate secrets that are slowly revealed amidst the evocative and rich descriptions of the seas and location The difficult relationships between the men Arthur Black William Bill Walker and Vince Bourne are portrayed as the dynamics shift between them There is the strange account in Arthur s log of a big storm yet the seas had been calm at the time This is a beautifully written mystery a story of love loss fear betrayal deception and The Million Dollar Goal (The Million Dollar Series, grief tinged with the supernatural Stonex s novel is informative and insightful about the demands and challenges of being a lighthouse keeper and the highlight for me is the detailed and complex relationships between the various characters Many thanks to Pan Macmillan for an ARC 1972 All three of the Maiden House lighthouse keepers have vanishedThe clocks have both stopped at 845The table is set for a meal for two not threeThe log entries tell of a storm not recorded elsewhere The tower is Bolted shut from the inside1992 Author Dan Sharp is writing a book hoping to solve the Maiden Rock Mystery Trident House says the case is closed and won t speak of it The wives who should ve have bonded together over this incident are estranged and only one is talkingThis book appealed to me because I LOVE atmospheric stories and a bit of Supernatural The mystery of what might have occurred was intriguing But this book is actually HISTORICAL FICTION based on lighthouse keepers Thomas Marshall James Ducat and Donald MacArthur who disappeared from a remote rock light on the island of Eilean Mor in the outer Hebrides in December of 1900 It in NO WAY implies that these characters resemble the real men or that this is what actually happens but imagines a story based on this event An unsolved mystery based on a real event The doctored log book which also noted the low spirits of the men and stopped clock are fact as was the discovery of a set of oilskins apparently not worn despite the reported storm according to information shared by the National Maritime Museum wwwrmgcouk The Flannan Isle Mystery was also the basis for the 2019 film The Vanishing So if you are looking for a Supernatural story based on the first paragraph as I was you will need to LOOK elsewhere this is NOT that kind of book BUT if you are intrigued by this real bit of history and would like to read this author s idea of what might have occurred this story is fascinating though a bit DRY in its story telling style Theratuitous killing of a dog is briefly described35 rounded upAvailable now The Lamplighters is inspired by a true life mystery when three lighthouse keepers disappeared from a lighthouse without a trace in 1900 Here the action is moved to 1972 when the lighthouse keepers disappeared from a lighthouse known as Maiden Rock and to twenty years after their disappearance in 1992 The characters in this novel are entirely fictional In 1972 we are The Selected Poems given chapters from each of the lighthouse keepers Principal Keeper Arthur Assistant Keeper Bill and Supernumerary Keeper Vince Their chaptersive us an insight into the realities of life in an isolated island lighthouse and how that plays with the psychological mindset of each men We are also A Shark Never Sleeps: Wheeling and Dealing with the NFL's Most Ruthless Agent given insight into the relationships that the lighthouse keepers have with each other and with their wivespartners back on sure Each man is carrying different secrets that are slowly revealed over the course of the knowledge toive a full picture of what happened in that lighthouse In 1992 a novelist sets outs to uncover the truth behind the mystery of the men s disappearance and in these chapters we are introduced to the wivespartner of the men Helen Jenny and Michelle As with the men s chapters set in 1972 the perspectives from each woman helps to further set the scene of what the relationships between each of the men were like and the secrets that are revealed by these women ive background to the strained relationships between the lighthouse keepers The book is uite slow paced and filled with lots "Of Red Herrings To Throw "red herrings to throw reader off the scent as to what truly happened And early on this was enough to hold my attention but somewhere along the way I began to et uite tired of the narrative style I particularly didn t enjoy the way the chapters set in 1992 told the story To me there was too much detachment of emotion using the one sided interview style especially I began to et frustrated and bored by how many sentences began with I this and I that It made the prose feel incredibly perfunctory and lacking in any sort of enjoyable rhythm I also wasn t a fan of how the book attempted to bring in a supernatural element with the character of the silver man and whether or not he had any relationship to a mysterious character that of the silver man and whether or not he had any relationship

To A Mysterious Character That 
a mysterious character that on the lighthouse late on in the read It made the story difficult to follow and didn t add any beneficial intrigue to the storyline in my opinion But I was interested in seeing how the book would turn out and could possibly have rated somewhere between three and four stars that was until I ot to the 85% mark in the book WARNING ANIMAL ABUSE It was at this point that there was what I felt a needless description of the torture and murder of a family pet dog that a young child was forced to watch I felt physically ill as I read this It made me incredibly upset and disgusted at this book Had I known this book had a passage featuring such horrific animal and child abuse I would not have picked it up to read This is where I really wish content warnings were standard as part of book blurbs because from the blurb I would never have envisioned this story to feature such a disturbing and violent passage I didn t want to continue the novel once I read that passageway but felt I owed it to the author publishers and NetGalley to finish the novel so I could ive a complete review If it had happened in the earlier part of the novel rather than so close to the end at 85% I would definitely have DNFd it I had been some. They say we'll never know what happened to those menThey say the sea keeps its secretsCornwall 1972 Three keepers vanish from a remote lighthouse miles from the shore The entrance door is locked from the inside The clocks have stopped The Principal Keeper’s weather log describes a mighty storm but the skies have been clear all weekWhat happened to those The Lamplighters

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Thouse keepers in 1900 from a lighthouse in the Outer Hebrides Interesting accounts of this true disappearance can be found by oogling the Eilean Mor lighthouse This fictional novel moves the event to a Cornwell lighthouse in the Atlantic miles from the shore In 1972 three keepers vanished from Maiden Lighthouse under mysterious circumstances The detailed description of the sea was enthralling In vivid rich prose it describes the coldness the rey sky and ocean its churning waves the fog mist howling wind and the tossing of the supply vessel I could almost taste the salty sea air and felt momentarily on the verge of seasickness The book emphasizes the importance of the three lighthouse keepers personalities their ability to et along or at least tolerate their differences It is a lonely solitary life spending long periods of time away from wives and شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى girlfriends The longing for their loved ones on land must be endured or for some their isolation may come as a relief Secrets and deceptions emerge that leads to anger resentment and even madness with a supernatural element Those on the supply ship in 1972 find an empty abandoned lighthouse a heavy door locked from the inside a table set for only two and clocks stopped at the same hour Even stranger the Principal Keeper s log indicates a fearsome raging storm when the weather was calm What was the fate of the three men Twenty years later in 1992 their women are struggling with sorrow abandonment and resentment over the lack of answers from the company s investigations They have not found any closure for the tragedy A well known author of fictional naval thrillers intends to write his first non fiction book on the disappearances and hopes he can solve the mystery As he interviews the women he explores their feelings and he uncovers long held secrets emotions of love and loss deceptions anger betrayal andrief They admit their feelings towards their men who vanished Women who should have formed a sympathetic and friendly union after the tragedy were driven further apart afterwards The book portrays their unfulfilled often lonely lives and their struggles to move on I don t think I have ever read a book that so vividly describes the chill of the North Atlantic its storms the raging ocean loneliness and the dynamics of people living in isolated close uarters I felt I had uestions than answers at the end of this compelling intriguing novel Well done 35 stars An interesting book and I ve always been fascinated about the story that this was lightly based on It went off on a lot of tangents that didn t always The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) go anywhere but I still really enjoyed it I love aood mystery and knowing this was based on a true story made this book stand out to meThree lighthouse men have disappeared whilst on shift at the lighthouse the building is empty and they have vanished without a traceThe story alternates between 1972 before the men disappeared and twenty years later where a writer is seeking to find out what happened to the three missing men The mens wives are interviewed and it soon becomes apparent that secrets have been withheldThis book kept me intrigued as I tried to work out what happened to the lighthouse men and I loved reading about their jobs and what working on a lighthouse would be likeDefinitely an author I will look out forThank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review In 1900 three lighthouse keepers disappeared from the Eilean Mor lighthouse in the Outer Hebrides They were never found and there has been no explanation for their vanishing In a well constructed novel Emma Stonex reimagines this event by transposing the time to 1972 and the location to this event by transposing the time to 1972 "and the location to rugged coast of CornwallThe result is a multi layered novel that fuses atmosphere "the location to rugged coast of CornwallThe result is a multi layered novel that fuses atmosphere mystery with personal and societal psychologyThe plot is carried forward in two time periods 1972 and 1992 The 1972 period explores the inner thoughts of the three light keepers and slowly reveals their individual personalities backstories and interactions with each other and their wives and Riding Hard girlfriendsTheir voices interweave with each other in an almost musical tapestry to reveal their isolation loneliness and ability to cope with the awe inspiring natural force of the sea The 1992 timeline focuses on the women who have been left behind and their evolving ability to cope withrief and loss as well as their retrospective reflections on their relationships to their lost loved ones as well as to each otherThis narrative construct creates a slowly evolving mosaic of secrets anxieties and personality developments that reveal the inner core of each of the protagonists The development of their individual personalities comes slowly and subtlyAs I read I formed an image of Salome tantalizingly removing her seven veils At times I agonized for a uicker reveal but resolved to lay back and let the story come to meTwo external forces loom over the story and add an aura of tension to the storyThe first force is the sea In the opening seuence we are reminded of the sea s power and capriciousness through the description of a difficult shore landing of a relief boatAll the characters spend their lives influenced by their proximity to this majestic natural forceTheir relationships sense of self and well being are periodically influenced by the vagaries of a force beyond their controlThe second external force is the influence of Trident House the controlling administrators for the lighthouse enterpriseAlthough subtly portrayed in the novel we are reminded that the protagonists live in a company controlled town This entity determines the living arrangementslife shifts and social hierarchy Arabian Challenge governing the lives of each of the men and women in this storyThey live in company owned houses that place them close together yet constrict the range of their emotional responses to each otherAlso looming over their lives is the light from the tower This light stands as a beacon that marks time in their lives and possibly offers alimmer of hopeThe interplay of these factors present a portrait of an insular but multi dimensional society that I will remember for a long time Visit the locations in the novel the fictional one and the ones which inspired the novelA novel to transport you to a real life locked room mystery set in a lighthouseThere s something about a locked room mystery that ives me the excited chills Something about a locked room mystery based on true fact makes me shiver with excitement so much I can barely breathe So it s fair to say I went into this novel breathless I didn t et that back until the end of the book I almost fainted from light headedness Lots of chocolate necesary to recover Well that s my theory and I m sticking to itThis story is based on the true life mystery of the disappearance of the lighthouse keepers from the Flannan Isles I have always been fascinated by that Ches them He wants to ive them a chance to tell their side of the story But only in confronting their darkest fears can the truth begin to surfaceThe Lamplighters is a heart stopping mystery rich with the salty air of the Cornish coast and an unforgettable story of love and rief that explores the way our fears blur the line between the real and the imagin. What enjoying the overall storyline and was invested in finding out the ending so I could discover what truly happened to the missing lighthouse keepers but this unnecessary description of animal murder and child abuse is the main reason why I am ILLERAMMA Kathalu giving a rating of two stars to this novel But also the ending of the book wasn t strong enough to convince me toive this book an overall positive rating Content warningDeath of a child due to accidental drowningAnimal torture and murder that a young child is forced to watch An e copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher via NetGalley This review contains my honest thoughts and opinionsPublishing 4th March 2021 Picador For reviews and book related chat check out my blogFollow me on TwitterFriend me on Goodreads Thank you to NetGalley Pan Macmillan and the author for the chance to review I really liked the premise of this book when I reuested it from Netgalley This is based on a true story where all three keepers vanish from a remote lighthouse 15 miles from the shore The door is locked from the inside the clocks have both stopped at the same time the log records a mighty storm even though the skies have been clear all week So what happened I expected The Lamplighters to be full of intrigue and mystery However I found this was a novel that divided me I loved the storyline as told by the men isolated at the lighthouse with some American Literature Student Text great descriptions really setting the sceneood making it easy to visualise the isolation and both the power and the beauty of the sea But when the narrative changed to the women s viewpoint back on the mainland it didn t work uite so well for some reason their characters never really took developed and it felt a little disjointedPart of the problem in my humble opinion is that it tries to be a bit of everything A lot of the writing is truly beautiful the descriptions of the sea are incredibly emotive I also found the insights into the lives of the men captivating and interesting Unfortunately part of what made this so wonderfully descriptive is also its downfall I personally found there was just too many words far than were necessary I m sure others will love this book but for me it was a little disappointing Overall this is a mixed bag I can t help but feel it just needs a little bit work on it and it could become something excellent In December 1900 the three keepers of the lighthouse on Eilean M r one of the Flannan Isles in the Outer Hebrides disappeared without a trace The lighthouse itself was found to be clean and in ood shape with no indication of any struggle or unusual occurrence The only detail suggesting a hurried abandonment of the lighthouse was the discovery of one set of oilskins suggesting that one of the men unlike the others had left the lighthouse without them The Flannan Isles disappearance is one of the best known sea related mysteries The most probable and prosaic explanation is that two of the keepers might have been carried out by freak waves during a storm with the third suffering the same fate when he tried to assist his comrades However there is no lack of alternative theories ranging from suggestions of a double homicide and suicide to alien abduction The mystery has kept a hold on artists imagination In 1912 Wilfrid Wilson Gibson wrote the ballad Flannan Isle retelling the story with some artistic licence the detail of an overturned chair is Gibson s invention although it is often perceived to be true The 2018 movie The Vanishing is based on the story which is also referenced in the much lauded The Lighthouse of the following year directed by Robert Eggers of The Witch fame And as a lover of classical music I cannot fail to mention the host opera The Lighthouse by Sir Peter Maxwell Davies which reinterprets the mystery as a Gothic shocker featuring religious mania and a descent into madnessThe Flannan Isles mystery provides the inspiration for The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex Stonex draws from the real life incident just the bare bones of the story the unexplained disappearance Of Three Keepers From A Remote Lighthouse three keepers from a remote lighthouse a handful of the intriguing details such as the stopped clocks Other than that however she weaves her own tale and it is definitely a compelling oneThe Lamplighters transposes the events to 1972 and sets them in a rock lighthouse a fifty metre column of heroic Victorian engineering known as the Maiden standing out of the sea fifteen nautical miles off the Cornish coast The lighthouse is manned by three keepers Principal Keeper Arthur Black assistant Keeper William Bill Walker and Supernumerary Assistant Keeper Vincent Vinny Bourne Like their real life counterparts the trio o missing in December with no obvious explanation to their disappearance Twenty years later a writer of nautical fiction decides to write a book about this mystery The narrative alternates between two timelines some chapters are set in 1972 and are written from the perspective of the individual keepers others are set in 1992 and consist mainly of interviews with the author Through this approach Stonex teases out two different strands One the one hand there is the account of the male centred three member community of the lighthouse On the other hand there is the counternarrative of the women these men left behind whether during their spells at the "lighthouse or definitively following their disappearance Towards the end the novel "or definitively following their disappearance Towards the end the novel us with different possible solutions to the mystery including the one which it seems we should take at face value since it is recounted by an omniscient third person narrator Even then however an element of doubt remains We re not sure of the truth are we Isn t that the point Some mysteries just aren t meant to be known While the mystery element drives the narrative forward The Lamplighters is not primarily about that Its strength lies in the description of the complex relationships between the small cast of characters particularly the rivalry between Bill and Arthur and in parallel their wives Jenny and Helen I also enjoyed the atmospheric parallel their wives Jenny and Helen I also enjoyed the atmospheric of the way of life of the lighthouse keepers These are based on historical accounts iving the novel a salty tang of authenticity What I found less convincing are the attempts at including a supernatural element including puzzling references to a mysterious Silver Man in a novel which is primarily realist in approach Much as I enjoy supernatural fiction I felt that the very human drama of three keepers trapped on a rock out at sea at the mercy of the elements is than enough to ive The Lamplighters a Gothic flavour without the need to resort to hostly apparitions 45 Stars I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins Canada for this atmospheric and haunting book Its author Emma Stonex was inspired by the mysterious unsolved disappearance of three ligh. Hree men out on the tower The heavy sea whispers their names The tide shifts beneath the swell drowning hosts Can their secrets ever be recovered from the wavesTwenty years later the women they left behind are still struggling to move on Helen Jenny and Michelle should have been united by the tragedy but instead it drove them apart And then a writer approa. .